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Looxcie Camcorder: Capture Unexpected Moments

Looxcie Camcorder: Capture Unexpected Moments
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Researchers Create Flexible Memory Device | Gadget Lab After flexible displays, the memory chip is the latest electronic component to get twisted and bent. Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a flexible memory device that they say is inexpensive and can be easily manufactured. “We have fabricated a lightweight memory device,” says Nadine Gergel-Hackett, one of the researchers on the project, “that uses transparencies seen in overhead projectors as the material for its flexible sheet.” Flexible components are a promising new area for electronics makers who envision using them for bendable, flexible, rollable, or merely curved devices that contain electronic circuits. Though some flexible components have already been created, it’s been a challenge to create a pliable memory chip that is inexpensive to produce, says Gergel-Hackett. Gergel-Hackett and her colleagues took polymer sheets and deposited a thin film of titanium oxide on their surfaces. Photo: Flexible memory prototype

MY - Citizen Journalist Malaysia According to Steven Gan, the chief editor and co-founder of Malaysiakini, there is an increasing trend of violence towards journalists in Malaysia. This is evidenced by the dozens of journalists who were either beaten up, detained or had their equipment confiscated during last Saturday’s Bersih 3 Rally in Kuala Lumpur. Gan was speaking to a congregation of journalists from various Medias and supporters who had gathered in front of the Malaysiakini headquarters this morning to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day 2012. Loading ... Map Data Map data ©2014 Google, MapIT Map Flexible electronics An Olympus Stylus camera without the case, showing the flex circuit assembly. Tightly assembled electronic packages, where electrical connections are required in 3 axes, such as cameras (static application).Electrical connections where the assembly is required to flex during its normal use, such as folding cell phones (dynamic application).Electrical connections between sub-assemblies to replace wire harnesses, which are heavier and bulkier, such as in cars, rockets and satellites.Electrical connections where board thickness or space constraints are driving factors. Applications[edit] Flex circuits are often used as connectors in various applications where flexibility, space savings, or production constraints limit the serviceability of rigid circuit boards or hand wiring. A common application of flex circuits is in computer keyboards; most keyboards use flex circuits for the switch matrix. In LCD fabrication, glass is used as a substrate. History[edit] Flexible circuit structures[edit]

17 killed in Butuan City fire Loading the player... BUTUAN CITY, Philippines—An inferno at a three-story garment store in this southern Philippine city before dawn Wednesday killed 17 employees, most of whom were women who were asleep and trapped on the top floor, officials said. The number of casualties was previously placed at 13 but police scouring the gutted building along Montilla Boulevard found four more bodies, Superintendent Martin Gamba, Caraga police spokesman, said. The blaze, which started shortly before 4 a.m., reached the general alarm before it was put out at 6:15 a.m., said Gamba. Store employee Mylene Tulo, who escaped with two co-workers, said she was roused from sleep as the fire spread rapidly in the third-floor office where they slept. Amid the inferno and yells for help, she managed to dash out with her colleagues. “We wanted to rouse others from sleep, but the fire was already too strong,” a stunned Tulo said.

ZigBee En principio, el ámbito donde se prevé que esta tecnología cobre más fuerza es en domótica, como puede verse en los documentos de la ZigBee Alliance, en las referencias bibliográficas que se dan más abajo en el documento «ZigBee y Domótica». La razón de ello son diversas características que lo diferencian de otras tecnologías: Su bajo consumo.Su topología de red en malla.Su fácil integración (se pueden fabricar nodos con muy poca electrónica). Visión general[editar] La relación entre IEEE 802.15.4-2003 y ZigBee es parecida a la existente entre IEEE 802.11 y Wi-Fi Alliance. La especificación 1.0 de ZigBee se aprobó el 14 de diciembre de 2004 y está disponible a miembros del grupo de desarrollo (ZigBee Alliance). ZigBee utiliza la banda ISM para usos industriales, científicos y médicos; en concreto, 868 MHz en Europa, 915 en Estados Unidos y 2,4 GHz en todo el mundo. ZigBee vs Bluetooth[editar] ZigBee es muy similar al Bluetooth pero con algunas diferencias y ventajas para domótica:

Ustream is pissed about DDOS attack, may launch Russian site tomorrow Ustream is undergoing what chief executive Brad Hunstable says is the “largest and most coordinated DDOS attack Ustream has ever seen” today, and the team is pissed. The attack is rumored to be an attempt to censor a Russian citizen journalist reporting on protests in the county. “We’re a business, we lost a lot money today,” said Hunstable (pictured above) in an interview with VentureBeat. Above: Live video of protests in Russia on Ustream’s homepage A denial of service attack is when an individual or group of individuals attempt to access a website at hyper speeds, clogging up the network and eventually bringing the tired website down. Hunstable is not taking this lying down, however. “We’re going to huddle up late tonight and take a step back and figure out what we can do differently,” Hunstable said. The team got a tip-off from a Russian user who revealed two names of suspected attackers. Brad Hunstable image via

Hobby Engineering Home Page Ustream outage due to DDoS aimed at citizen journalist | Security & Privacy Ustream was hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack today that apparently was designed to interfere with the streaming of video from antigovernment demonstrations in Russia, the CEO of the live streaming site told CNET. "We are 100 percent confident that they were targeting a specific channel on Ustream of a Russian citizen journalist. This is the third time in the last six months that a specific Russian citizen journalist was directly targeted through this complex and highly adaptive attack," Brad Hunstable, co-founder and CEO of Ustream said in a phone interview from Budapest. "We get DDoS attacks all the time and we fight them off. It's not a big deal. But this is adaptive beyond anything we've seen." The attack started around 2:30 a.m. "What we saw today were systematic attempts, method after method, up to seven methods," Hunstable said, adding that it was the largest attack the site has seen in its more than five years in operation.

Welcome How citizen video journalists in Egypt are 'pushing at traditional journalism' | Online Journalism Features Activist and citizen journalist Salma Said was shot in the face, arm, pelvis and legs When Salma Said was shot she was armed with a video camera. She is an activist and part of a "citizen video journalism" collective in Egypt called Mosireen, which was the most-viewed non-profit YouTube channel in the world in January. The group started in the wake of Egypt's revolution which began on 25 January last year and saw the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak 18 days later. Members of the collective see themselves as performing an essential storytelling role: providing coverage of police brutality and filling a media "vacuum". "There isn't a free media," founder member Omar Hamilton told me during a visit to the collective's workspace in Cairo. Salma Said was attempting to tell the story of a demonstration, where protesters had gathered following the deaths of at least 79 football fans in a stadium in Port Said on 1 February, when she was shot. X-rays showing the pellets in Salma Said's legs.

Liquidware : Open Source Electronics MY - Citizen Journalist Malaysia Last month, in April, residents from various housing estates around the vicinity of Taman Desaria in Penang, staged a protest against hillside development near their area. According to them, these projects will endanger their lives, due to potential landslides the likes of Bukit Antarabangsa which claimed the lives of 48 residents. This month, in May, the residents once again gathered again to continue to put pressure on the state government, demanding that it should put a stop to these impending projects. Section 25(1) Act 172, of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976, grants the state govt the power to halt these projects. Will the state govt exercise this law in the interest of public safety ? Video by, Lim Boo Seng, Citizen Journalist. Penang Loading ... Map Data Map data ©2014 Google, MapIT Map

THERMOELECTRIC POWER MODULE SELECTION PURCHASE At present we manufacture thermoelectric power modules constructed with Aluminum flame sprayed hot side contacts. Listed TEG power modules can operate at temperatures of 320°C (608°F) and are the highest temperature Thermoelectric Power Modules available with limited exposure to higher temperatures without degradation. In stock TEG modules are lapped, (same thickness). Enabling multiple power modules to be applied to the same surface resulting in the same contact force when the plates are compressed for excellent assembly results and TEG power generation results. All of our Thermoelectric Power Generation Modules come with hot side ceramic plate already attached as a floating plate. Affixed with high temperature RTV silicone seal and free floating to reduce the stress imposed by the Delta Temperature (DT) across each TEG module! Options : Custom cold side slitting ideal technique for multi-temperature cycling and reduced stress on the module couples.. Examples :