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Brittney Lee design I’ve had this new product line in the works for awhile so I’m pleased it’s finally seeing the light of day! These program fans are the ideal accessory for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Not only are they practical, but they look great in photos and will make a wonderful keepsake. The handles are real timber with a lovely grain. To make them super sturdy just like a real fan, my printer and I had to test a lot of different options and we finally decided on a duplexed format, that is, two sheets of heavy-weight stock stuck together. These babies don’t bend in the breeze! They’re currently only available in the Regency style as shown, but of course custom design is always available. ceremony , design , garden , keepsake , novel , outdoor , program , Regency , unique , wedding

Жизнь в стиле Chicago Booth - Секс-символы 80х Случайно наткнулся на ссылку - не мог не обратить внимание, увидев фотографию Алисы Селезневой (точнее девочки Натальи Гусевой (Мурашкевич), которая ее сыграла). Было интересно прочитать репортаж, многое было ожидаемым, но я был приятно удивлен Машей Старцевой из "Приключения Петрова и Васечкина". Мне, признаться, в детстве она не очень нравилась, и, как правило, кумиры детства не хорошеют со временем (как хрошее французское вино =), но Ингой Ильм я был приятно поражен, и вот почему: Вот она - простая и робкая Маша Старцева, которая не особо мне нравилась в детстве Но теперь я полностью изменил свое отношение к Инге Ильм (именно она играла Машу Старцеву) =) И, что самое интересное - вот ее LJ Tags: Удивительное рядом Mike Roshuk Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume These are very beautiful drawings! Although I am sad to see Belle looking so unlike herself. On a different note: I’d love to know what the reference was for the period costuming for each Princess. - As far as I know, the German “Snow White” was published in 1812 with the rest of the Grimm’s collected works; even her supposed ‘real’ influence lived in the 18th century. - In reference to another comment: women of the Powhatan nation usually wore kneelength skirts, but oftentimes did not wear shirts at all (although higher status women did use deerskin to cover up, so Pocahontas may have done so too) . -Cinderella is a much much older story than the 1860′s; even the Perrault version, upon which the Disney movie was based, dates back to the late 17th century. - Aladdin was collected and added to 1001 Nights in the early 18th century, and ostensibly took place in China; Disney of course ignored this. -The Little Mermaid was published by Andersen in 1836, which is pretty close.

Clifford Design / Illustration / Photography - Home Rape, Murder and Genocide: Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International When soldiers talk about the war, words like "death" and "killing" are hardly ever used. And why should they be? It's obvious that the important thing is the result, not the work itself. A construction worker, as Neitzel and Welzer point out, wouldn't talk about stone and mortar during his lunch break. Many of the transcribed conversations have the feel of party banter. The prisoners aren't interested in having heart-to-heart talks with each other. At least as revealing as the stories the prisoners tell each other are their reactions to what they are hearing. The soldiers seldom talk about dying, and they rarely discuss their own feelings or fears. No Distinctions Men love technology, a subject that enables them to quickly find common ground. The victim is merely the target, to be shot and destroyed -- be it a ship, a building, a train or even a cyclist, a pedestrian or a woman pushing a baby carriage. "Did they all drown?' "Yes, they're all dead." "How big was it?" "6,000 tons."

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