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Há pouco tempo meu irmão encontrou minha pasta antiga de desenhos. Nela tem muita coisa, inclusive meus primeiros desenhos feitos ainda em 98 (vou postar alguns depois). Tem também dezenas de estudos e alguns trabalhos um pouco mais definidos, como estes acima, que fiz com lápis grafite para servir de base para pintar no Photoshop. Eu não tinha o hábito de datar os trabalhos por isso não sei dizer precisamente quando foram feitos, mas sei que foi por volta de 2003/2004.

Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume These are very beautiful drawings! Although I am sad to see Belle looking so unlike herself. On a different note: I’d love to know what the reference was for the period costuming for each Princess. design I’ve had this new product line in the works for awhile so I’m pleased it’s finally seeing the light of day! These program fans are the ideal accessory for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Not only are they practical, but they look great in photos and will make a wonderful keepsake. The handles are real timber with a lovely grain. To make them super sturdy just like a real fan, my printer and I had to test a lot of different options and we finally decided on a duplexed format, that is, two sheets of heavy-weight stock stuck together. These babies don’t bend in the breeze!

Captain As the models in this image will be used for a still frame, the topology contributing to their appearance will not require deformation for the purposes of animation. As a result, reduction of the geometry (that determines the model’s topology) can be Decimated, as opposed to being retopologized, for Realtime Viewport interactivity during texturing. The above image is a test render to depict the textures applied to certain models for a Color Pass. Surreal Photography by Sarolta Bán Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1982, Sarolta Bán discovered her passion in digital photo manipulation. She created amazing surreal pictures by combining ordinary elements, giving them various stories, personalities. View the website Awesome Series of STAR WARS Disney Mashup Art Artist James Silvan has created this fantastic series of Disney-inspired Star Wars art celebrating the Disney and Lucasfilm merger. The art includes Belle and Beast as Leia and Han (and Leia and Chewy), Dumbo as an X-Wing, Timon and Pumbaa as R2-D2 and C3PO, Donald Duck as General Grievous, Lilo and Stitch as Luke and Leia, and a couple more fun designs!

Illustration Archive You may have noticed that bees have been popping up here and there and the Fox is Black recently. Why? Quite simply: they’re important, not only to our own well-being but for that of the greater Earth too. Unfortunately in recent years their numbers have been dropping and their environments disrupted. Barnes & Webb of London have come up with a wholly creative solution that attempts to mitigate the issue. Classic Movie and TV Characters Reimagined as Cartoons Here's a great collection of pop art, created by artist Justin White, featuring several characters and scenes from classic movies and TV series reimagined as cartoons. These illustrations are a part of White's first solo art show, called Rated G, taking place at Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles this Friday. I'm sure you'll recognize most, if not all, of the films and shows represented here. I've included 13 of my favorite pieces from the show, but you can head on over to /Film to see many more of them.

Meg Park - Sketch Blog I really wanted to include more jungle creatures in my student film. Unfortunately, massive time constraints and the fact that the story didn't really call for it meant that I had to scrap the idea. Maybe this is what they could've looked like! I made these in Adobe Illustrator. I use it constantly at work, but I don't use it much it for my personal things. Aron Draws Hi there, and thank you so very much! The internet is pretty dang amazing. I first met my best friend Kyle online, and he taught me a whole lot! It’s pretty amazing for me to think I might not have met him or any of my other wonderful friends (or moved out here to Burbank) if it hadn’t been for the internet. I learn a lot from people online, I get to help out a lot of people online, and the internet helped my work get seen and it’s how I got offered a job at Disney.

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls It's been a while since I shared more portraits, so here's a new batch for your eyeballs. Previous collections can be viewed here, here, and here. As always, you can get your own custom portrait via the link below!