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Laro's Art Box

Laro's Art Box

vertfluo De vieille choses, ces travaux on déjà presque une année , je testais alors le potentiel de flash en terme de colo et de rendu. C'est toujours amusant de voir les différentes directions que l'on prend en fonction des périodes, je pense qu'aujourd'hui mon travail est plus simple sur la forme mais je ne désespère pas de reprendre à un moment mes activités de designer .Enfin entre nous tout ça n'est avant tout qu'un prétexte pour faire vivre ce blog...

Bill Cone-Pixar lighter-pastel studies DYNAMO ✮ Le blog officiel de la Grenouille Noire Et hop, l’Invitation officielle au vernissage de mon exposition à Paris chez Arludik Galerie le 10 AVRIL! j’espère vous y voir À trés bientôt ————— Here’s the official invitation for the opening of my exhibition in Paris at Arludik the 10th of APRIL! Hope to see you there See you very soon 2 weeks ago Tags : THE BLACK FROG | EXHIBITION | ART | ORIGINAL | SELL | Comments : REMINDER, MAGGOT ISSUE #6 — the last instalment of the series — WILL BE OUT ON THE 1RST OF MARCH — YES, THAT’S TOMORROW !!! :) 1 month ago Tags : MAGGOT ISSUE6 | DYNAMO PRESS | DYNAMO COMICS | THE BLACK FROG | COMICS | GRAPHIC NOVEL | MAGGOT | Comments : Maggot Issue #5 is out on paper!!! The hardcopy of issue #5 is available for SALE and it can be yours! To get your very own copy now (why wait) just click on the picture Enjoy the read. Order print $ 7.60 2 months ago Tags : MAGGOT ISSUE5 MAGGOT | GRAPHIC NOVEL | COMICS | THE BLACK FROG | THE DYNAMO PRESS | DYNAMO COMICS | Comments : TADAAAAAA!!!

THINGS the meat shop ! A little bit of lore from saltenpepper : In the world of saltenpepper, all meats grow in the wild or in farms, for every vegetable, tree, or fungus, exists a variety that gives a type of meat ! The brushes are kyle ‘s ones, I use the basic 80 ! i’ve been having trouble drawing women figure for the longest time so i decided to tackle my flaws and started trying a little bit, there is a couple of photo studies, but most of it is trying to understand structure on a fit/aethletic woman ‘s body from scratch, next step is drawing other type of body types. Pictures are put from latest to earliest some animation i made on some music i made, because it ‘s been a while i haven ‘t done it ! saltenpeppergame: Hey, it ‘s our project with garrett hanna ! - The Online Operations of Paul Richards Dave Rapoza NEWS CATFISH DELUXE FabienZambo et Colosselle (le 13-02-2014) Fabien (le 06-02-2014) GobiMY TUMBLR IS ALIVE!!!! (le 15-01-2014) Donc allez vous y abonner (Ici!) So Follow it (Here!) Lien / Original Post : Fabien (le 08-01-2014) FabienBazar ! Ca fait un moment que je n'ai pas pu poster grand chose, mais je bosse et je ne peux pas encore montrer ce que je fais (mais ce sera pour très bientôt !). PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum) Login Register CGSociety Society of Digital Artists The Society The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. Contact | Privacy | Advertising | About CGS in Share 92 © 2002-2013 | The CGSociety - All rights reserved. Powered by vBulletin Copyright ©2000 - 2013, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

M. Puncekar Illustration ARTIST-ILLUSTRATOR