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Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows

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Luis Abreu: Why and How to avoid Hamburger Menus We now have data that suggests Sidebar menus—sometimes called Hamburger Menus/Basements—might be causing more harm than good. Here’s some public data: One thing to have in mind is that this is a nuanced issue. I’ve observed these issues in user testing and others have also gone through the same realization. How to ask for design feedback “Oh, it's good.” “I like it. It looks nice. Good colors, dude... I gotta get back to work in a minute.” I bet you’ve heard feedback like that before. - The musings of a digital media librarian Yesterday evening, U.S. Archivist David Ferriero delivered the I.P. Sharp Lecture, hosted by the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. His talk was entertaining and interesting. The final third of his speech discussed the modern world of Library, Archive and Museum careers, stating that it “takes a village” of professional skills. Here’s a picture I took of his slide:

Touch Gesture Reference Guide The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces. The guide contains: 1) an overview of the core gestures used for most touch commands 2) how to utilize these gestures to support major user actions 3) visual representations of each gesture to use in design documentation and deliverables 4) an outline of how popular software platforms support core touch gestures (below). Download Touch Gesture Reference GuideTouch Gesture Cards For wireframes and mock-ups:Visuals only (PDF)Visuals only (EPS)Visuals only (OmniGraffle Stencil)Visuals only (Visio Stencils)How to Guide (Visio) Touch Resources

Understanding Web UI Visual Hierarchy More than being creative, a good artist must also consider subtleties like composition, colors, size, what to include, and — perhaps more importantly — what to leave out. That’s no easy feat, which is why we hold the masters like da Vinci and Van Gogh in such high regard. Web UI designers must do the same. As discussed in Web UI Best Practices, a website is a form of visual art in its own right, and follows many of the same rules as more traditional artforms. It is the science of aesthetics, mixed with the principles of business, and an extraordinary website interface must feel effortless yet enticing.

This Door is the Epitome of User Experience Design — My User Experience Journey This Door is the Epitome of User Experience Design So why do most software companies struggle to adopt its brilliant formula? It’s a door Visio Stencils for Information Architects Visio Stencils for Information ArchitectsApr 7th, 2005 The Visio stencils on this page are free for downloading and using. They are designed to aid the work of Information Architects.

design & emotion - Marco van Hout Donald A. Norman is a professor emeritus of cognitive science at University of California, San Diego and a Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University, but nowadays works mostly with cognitive sc ience in the domain of usability engineering. He also teaches at Stanford University and is a member of the editorial board of Encyclopædia Britannica. Norman’s earlier books deal mostly with usability or with cognitive psychology, but Things That Make Us Smart also makes a few remarks of critical nature regarding our society, in particular Norman dislikes the content-less nature of television and bad museum exhibits.

How to Become a Video Game UI Artist This interview is part of our Quest for Your Career series. Each week, we focus on a specific job in the video game industry by interviewing an expert in the field. You'll learn what they do, how they got started, and find out whether it's a good job for you. Meet Tamara Knoss, UI/UX Artist This is Tamara, and she hopes you don’t notice her work.

The science behind Netflix’s first major redesign in four years Back in March, a developer named Renan Cakirerk wrote a small piece of code that made a big impact on Netflix. Cheekily named "god mode," it addressed one of the most annoying aspects of trying to use Netflix in your browser: scrolling through the company's ever-growing list of movies. Once enabled, it would simply give you one, big list. Instead of sitting there, holding your mouse in anticipation, you could simply find the title you wanted and get on with watching.

Efficiently Simplifying Navigation, Part 1: Information Architecture Advertisement Navigation, as crucial as it is to the user experience, is merely a means to an end — the end being to consume content. This is why users have very contrasting expectations about content and navigation. While content is supposed to be unique, surprising and exciting, navigating to it is supposed to be as simple and predictable as possible. This series of articles, divided into two parts, is a four-step guide to efficiently simplifying the navigation experience, by analyzing the type and amount of content as well as choosing and carefully designing the right type of navigation menu. Four Steps To The Ideal Navigation System

User Interface Conference 15 - November 8-10, 2010 - Boston, MA Purchase Now For $229 Audio Sample Learn about content strategy (5:46) Kristina Halvorson discusses messaging: how to define and build it. Why design for mobile first? (7:45) Luke Wroblewski explains constraints to consider when designing for mobile devices. Changing the corporate culture (7:23) Kim Goodwin shows how an entire organization affects the user experience.

Animating your UI designs in Keynote in 7 simple steps Motion in UI design isn’t new—but it’s definitely the next thing you should be getting familiar with. The future’s bright for those who can design and guide people with motion. To get you started, I’ll show you how to mock up the animation in the video below using Apple’s Keynote.

18 Web Growth Hacks You’ve Never Seen 1. Zapier Landing Page Hack – Zapier has a landing page for every integration pairing they have AND don’t have. This is not only good for user onboarding, but great for SEO and getting new users to imagine the power of Zapier without even using it.

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