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Spagyrics — School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Alchemy and Medical Astrology in Clinical Herbalism (lecture from 2016 Breitenbush Herb Conference) This class covers some of the critical components in regards to how incorporating western alchemy and medical astrology can radically enhance your practice of holistic herbalism.

Spagyrics — School of Evolutionary Herbalism

When we talk about holistic herbalism, I often see the word holistic spelled “whole-istic”- to be truly holistic we have to think about the wholeness of people and plants.… Watch Video & Read More 7 Plants, 7 Planets (Renaissance Medicine Conference 2016) Spagyrics and alchemy. Musings Brigid and her Dandelions This week marks the ancient Celtic time of Imbolc, the festival marking the midpoint between the winter Solstice and spring Equinox.

spagyrics and alchemy

Catholics celebrate the feast of St. Brigid during this time, which connects back to the more... continued » Flora and Fauna : Animal Energies in Plants. Spagyrics and alchemy. The Three Philosophical Principles. The three philosophical principles of alchemy are considered the working units of this system.

The Three Philosophical Principles

It is the holy trinity of the universe. They are primary organic functions that exist within all of manifest creation- be it material or non-material. Understanding these principles assist in understanding the underlying patterns behind all things. Our minds are under their influence, as well as our physical bodies and emotional states. LA GUIA DE USUARIOS DE SALVIA DIVINORUM. FECHA DE VERSION: Mayo 14, 1999 El autor de esta guía, "Sage Student", desea permanecer anónimo.


(Montaje en HTML por Daniel Siebert / Traducción al español por Jeí) Información adicional sobre Salvia divinorum puede ser encontrada en: ¿POR QUE HA RECIBIDO USTED ESTA GUIA? Quizá un amigo le dió un corte de Salvia divinorum, o talvéz usted compró hojas secas, o una planta viva. Fasting = Dream Vividness : LucidDreaming. Calendario Lunar Mes Marzo 2017 (España) Devotees on “Hekate Soteira” The Enigma of the Green Man - Theories and Interpretations. Introduction: Many theories and interpretations have been proposed over the years, none of them definitive.

The Enigma of the Green Man - Theories and Interpretations

Green Man - Wikipedia. Types[edit]

Green Man - Wikipedia

Hekate: Goddess of Magic (Sorita d’Este) “Like the Thessalian witches, who, as they say, draw down the Moon from heaven…” [Gorgias, 380 BCE] For many modern Pagans, Witches and Wiccans, Hekate is primarily thought of as a Goddess of the Moon who is closely linked to all things magical and although there is a historical precedent for these principles, the historical Hekate is most certainly a more complex, multifunctional and remarkable deity.

Hekate: Goddess of Magic (Sorita d’Este)

Ankou - Wikipedia. This article is about the personification.

Ankou - Wikipedia

For the ingredient, see red bean paste. Background[edit] This character is reported by Anatole Le Braz, a 19th century writer and collector of legends. Lunations: Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 2016-2017. Lunations: Eclipses 2017 Current & Upcoming Eclipses On this Page: Understanding eclipses – overview New!

Lunations: Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 2016-2017

Cosmogeny of an Animistic Mystic. A mystic is “a person who believes in the possibility of attaining insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy” (source). s an animist I believe everything in the Universe possesses souls and is sentient.

Cosmogeny of an Animistic Mystic

I believe the Universe itself is a massive sentient being and all within it are pieces of this great being just as our bodies are composed of individual organs, systems, bacteria, and parts, each distinctive from the other, but working in united harmony for the body they compose. The Tale of the Three Brothers. The Tale of the Three Brothers was a fairy tale often told to wizard children. Believed to be written by Beedle the Bard, it was published as part of a collection of his works called The Tales of Beedle the Bard . While most wizards viewed this story as one that teaches children morals, such as humility and wisdom, others believed that the story refers to the Deathly Hallows, three highly powerful magical artefacts coveted by generations of wizards.

Many also believed that the three Peverell brothers were the inspiration for the story, and that they first obtained the artefacts known as the Hallows. Any one who manages to possess all three hallows was said to be a Master of Death. Story. Fandom powered by Wikia. Voldemort: "You do not seek to kill me, Dumbledore? Above such brutality, are you? " Albus Dumbledore: "We both know there are other ways of destroying a man, Tom. Merely taking your life would not satisfy me, I admit" Voldemort: "There is nothing worse than death, Dumbledore!

" Albus Dumbledore: "You are quite wrong. . — Lord Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore discussing death[src] Can Psychological Type be a Barrier to Individuation? - Practical Insights. This article was first published in ‘TypeFace’, the quarterly magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT), Vol. 25(4), 14-18, and is reproduced here with the permission of BAPT Introduction It is a widely held belief that Isabel Briggs Myers’ type theory is very similar to C.G.

Jung’s, and that he endorsed her development of the MBTI® instrument. However, Jung had serious concerns about the popular presentation of his theory (Myers 2012a) and the letter apparently supporting Isabel Briggs Myers was not written by him and did not reflect his opinion (Myers 2012b). Jung on the Transcendent Function - Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences.

Sue Mehrtens is the author of this and all the other blog essays on this site. Transcendent function – Jungian definition. Ego inflation - PsychonautWiki. Liber LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figurâ אדני - Technical Libers of Thelema - The Libri of Aleister Crowley - Hermetic Library. Ah! My Lord Adonai, that dalliest with the Magister in the Treasure-House of Pearls, let me listen to the echo of your kisses. Renacimiento Gótico. El Awen y el Oðr - Renacimiento Gótico. Letter from Hardscrabble Creek. Hedge-Riding/Crossing - Bitter Witch. Herne – V.K. Jehannum. Books, Music on Celtic Mythology Tarot Fairy Magic Underworld RJ Stewart. New! Proyecto. Un proyecto (del latín proiectus) es una planificación que consiste en un conjunto de actividades que se encuentran interrelacionadas y coordinadas.[1] La razón de un proyecto es alcanzar las metas específicas dentro de los límites que imponen un presupuesto, calidades establecidas previamente y un lapso de tiempo previamente definido.[1] La gestión de proyectos es la aplicación de conocimientos, habilidades, herramientas y técnicas a las actividades de un proyecto para satisfacer los requisitos del mismo.[2] Consiste en reunir varias ideas para llevarlas a cabo, y es un emprendimiento que tiene lugar durante un tiempo limitado, y que apunta a lograr un resultado único.

Surge como respuesta a una necesidad, acorde con la visión de la organización, aunque ésta puede desviarse en función del interés. El proyecto finaliza cuando se obtiene el resultado deseado, y se puede decir que colapsa cuando desaparece la necesidad inicial o se agotan los recursos disponibles. PROYECTO. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Understanding the Buddhist Hell Realm. By Barbara O'Brien Updated October 09, 2015. The Conjure House. 6 Strategies for Integrating the Shadow. From our earliest experiences, we learn from our environment that certain emotions and behaviors are best kept under wraps.

Bad faith (existentialism) A critical claim in existentialist thought is that individuals are always free to make choices and guide their lives towards their own chosen goal or "project". The claim holds that individuals cannot escape this freedom, even in overwhelming circumstances. For instance, even an empire's colonized victims possess choices: to submit to rule, to negotiate, to commit suicide, to resist nonviolently, or to counter-attack. Although external circumstances may limit individuals (this limitation from the outside is called facticity), they cannot force a person to follow one of the remaining courses over another. The Moon Cycle and The Menstrual Cycle. Details Parent Category: Women's Voices. Green Man - Wikipedia. Types[edit] Green Man - Wikipedia. WITCH. Jungian Archetypes lexicon. A Tale from the Hekate Course, and some light reading… HERMES - Greek God of Herds & Trade, Herald of the Gods (Roman Mercury)

How To Sync Your Menstrual Cycle With The Moon - mindbodygreen. Belobog - Wikipedia. High Alchemical Perfumery. Where the Starry Bull thiasos gathers. View topic - Hekate Devotion. Mitos, Monstruos y Leyendas: Ankou. Shop The Bone Room. Diana - Goddess of the Moon and Hunting. Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans, by Ivo Dominguez, Jr: A Review.