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Circos Table Viewer - Circular Visualization of Tabular Data

Before uploading a data file, check the samples gallery to make sure that your data format is compatible. Your file must be plain text. Your data values must be non-negative integers. Data must be space-separated (one or more tab or space, which will be collapsed). No two rows or columns may have the same name. Column and row names must begin with a letter (e.g. Need help? If you are using the size, order or color options below, make sure your input file has the appropriate content (see samples 5-9). Don't have a data file? Current load is 0/5. Do not use this tool on confidential, sensitive or otherwise expensive, inflammatory or incriminating information (use the offline tableviewer which has a tutorial). 9.oct.15 Updated to use Circos 0.68. 7.sep.12 Updated to use Circos 0.63. 12.mar.12 Updated sample images. 7.mar.12 Fixed cookie bugs. 14.feb.12 Fixed bugs caused by Mac and DOS line ends. 8.feb.12 Fixed bugs caused by stale cookies. 3.jan.12 More image settings. 23.apr.10 Archive added.

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Excel Tutorials Walk through the analytical process one technique at a time. Newest Tutorials Import and Merge Datasets Isomap Publié par : Arnaud Velten Business Commando | janvier 9, 2010 Seems like too much detail for me, but that may be what he wants to convey. Source : Like this: J'aime chargement… Sankeymatic ⇓ Inputs: ' Type a list of Flows, like this: ' SOURCE [AMOUNT] TARGET ' Examples: Wages [2000] Budget Interest [25] Budget Budget [500] Taxes Budget [450] Housing Budget [310] Food Budget [205] Transportation Budget [400] Health Care Budget [160] Other Necessities ' After all your Flows are entered, use ' the controls below to customize the ' diagram's appearance. ' For even finer control over presentation, ' see the Manual (linked above). ⇑ Size, Spacing & Shape: ⇓ Colors... ⇓ Labels & Units... ⇓ Advanced...

Using Graphics to Report Evaluation Results "People 'consume' information in different ways and presenting information graphically can help clarify evaluation results. While some find text easy to digest, others find that graphics - bar charts, pie charts, illustrations and photographs - can simplify complex information, emphasize key points and create a picture of data. Graphics can also tell a story, showing proportions, comparisons, trends, geographic and technical data and, in the case of photographs, putting a 'human face' on a project. This booklet gives a brief overview of how to choose among common types of graphics and ensure that they accurately represent your data."

Susnpot Drawings Galileo's Sunspot Drawings In 1612 during the summer months, Galileo made a series of sunspot observations which were published in Istoria e Dimostrazioni Intorno Alle Macchie Solari e Loro Accidenti Rome (History and Demonstrations Concerning Sunspots and their Properties, published 1613). Because these observations were made at appoximately the same time of day, the motion of the spots across the Sun can easily be seen.

Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery! More examples are available on If you want to share an example and don't have your own hosting, consider using Gist and The power of the link. Create a free account Sign up with FacebookSign up with Twitter Or Sign in & Start Sharing Sign in with FacebookSign in with Twitter By creating an account, you agree to Bitly's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Week 30: Presenting data effectively Last week I was lucky enough to be involved in a series of workshops by Stephanie Evergreen on presenting data effectively. I've walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to choose the most appropriate chart, which tool will create it, and how to improve the chart's design to more effectively communicate my message. There are many ways to visualise data and depending on that data, some ways are more appropriate than others. For example, if I want to visualise parts of a whole, my first thought would be to use a Pie chart. Pie charts are great when the segments of data are few and have distinguishable values. About John Snow John Snow is an iconic figure in epidemiology and public health, best known for his work on cholera, for a famous map, and for organising the removal of a pump handle in Soho. Less well known are his important contributions to anaesthesia and to epidemiological methods, and his engagement in public debates of the time. The breadth and depth of Snow’s activities provide a model for population researchers concerned not only with sound method but also with bringing their results to public benefit. Indeed, though epidemiology is often described as the study of health-related aspects of populations, its methods are applicable to studies of virtually anything in populations, and disciplines which now acknowledge the methods and terminology of epidemiology range from education to crime science and economics. Snow was born in York on 15 March 1813, one of eight children in a family of modest means.

Fizz, A Social Network Visualization on Datavisualization Fizz is a social network visualization that provides a playful view on your own social graph and what’s currently happening. It’s one of the first two projects of the new visualization super group called Bloom. After your connect the application with Facebook or Twitter, your social graph gets mapped in a colorful bubble diagram. Big circles are people, small circles are their status updates.

Color schemes Color Rule AnalogousMonochromaticTriadComplementaryCompoundShadesCustom Set as Base ColorSet as Base ColorBase ColorSet as Base ColorSet as Base Color Name Primary Website Edward Tufte is a statistician and artist, and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. He wrote, designed, and self-published 4 classic books on data visualization. The New York Times described ET as the "Leonardo da Vinci of data," and Business Week as the "Galileo of graphics." Office Timeline: Download Office Timeline Erica B. Business Lead For years, I’ve used a tedious cut-and-paste approach to laying out timelines and schedules for important meetings. I was searching for a better way and eventually found Office Timeline. What a god-send! It’s a snap to add or adjust timelines and schedules.