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NYU Professor Uses Micro Cabin to Grade Papers. On July 10, 2014 Deek just emailed me about this micro cabin ‘study pod’ that he just finished for an NYU professor who plans on using it in his property in New Jersey so I wanted to share it with you here.

NYU Professor Uses Micro Cabin to Grade Papers

It’s a peaceful place where he can grade papers and read. And it completely opens up to nature. On top of that, Deek used recycled materials that he saved from other projects over the years on the back wall that you can see in the photo below. Mobile Micro Cabin and Office by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. On March 15, 2016 This is a mobile micro cabin and office built by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

Mobile Micro Cabin and Office by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

He uses it to travel and vacation in. $15,000 Tiny House Means Simple n' Cheap Living. Solar powered, Super insulated - Tiny House Listings. Garage-Built Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer. On October 11, 2016 This is Melissa’s fully-furnished converted utility trailer for sale.

It’s located in Lake Worth, Florida and she’s selling it for $8,500. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Images © Melissa Cipriani Highlights $8,500No bathroomTwin sized foldup bed with memory foam mattress (extremely comfortable!!) Please learn more using the resources below. Resources. Converted Utility Trailer for Sale: $8.5K. The Scrap House. Thursday the 30th, Loftey.

The Scrap House

Yesterday we got the fourth wall up without breaking it. And that was a really weak pun, sorry. Anyway… we have our three windows and the front door framed in, and the bathroom walls are up. Today we ran a 2×6 across the middle of the house, and a 2×4 across the back. Then we ran 2×4 joists using the lumber from the fences that are pictured in the truck in my last post. The Little Red House – Tiny House Swoon. Il voulait voir le monde, alors il a acheté une remorque. Puis ensuite... Voici ce qu'il a fait ! Vous aimez voyager ?

Il voulait voir le monde, alors il a acheté une remorque. Puis ensuite... Voici ce qu'il a fait !

Life Pod. Casa que pode ser transportada a qualquer lugar custa apenas US$ 1.500 – CicloVivo. Simple Living in a 96 Sq. Ft. Salsa Box Tiny House. On May 24, 2014 I’ve been wanting to introduce you to ShelterWise‘s 96 sq. ft.

Simple Living in a 96 Sq. Ft. Salsa Box Tiny House

Water Tank Tiny House You Can Tow with a Bicycle. On August 19, 2014 Right now I want to show you this incredible and lightweight Taku-Tanku tiny house on wheels created by Stereotank and Takahiro Fukuda that you can tow with a bicycle, on foot, or even with a boat.

Water Tank Tiny House You Can Tow with a Bicycle

It’s great because it’s designed to be made from two 670 gallon water tanks which of course can be recycled. And, it’s really easy to assemble, too. The tanks are connected by a rectangle of wood. Silver Tears Woodie Teardrop Camper. It Looked Like An Old Van, But The Smoke Stack Made Me Curious... I'm Glad I Saw Inside! Here at LittleThings, we see our fair share of mobile tiny houses.

It Looked Like An Old Van, But The Smoke Stack Made Me Curious... I'm Glad I Saw Inside!

We have featured an impressive assortment of tiny houses on wheels including Airstreams, Winnebago’s, buses, trucks, boats, and adorably petite abodes equipped with four spinning tires. We’ve even seen an impressive camper with walls that fold out, expanding the square-footage by a significant amount. Yet, we have never seen a tiny home-on-the-go like this interesting van. It started out as an old, everyday van, but once Dipa Vasudeva Das, a man in the Eastern Europe, got his hands on the mammoth motorcar, he flipped it into something quite remarkable: a traveling home that includes all the creature comforts of home.

The best part? The Terrapin: Tiny Handmade Wooden Camping Trailer. Who would want to tow a big plastic factory-made camper around when they could have a charming hand-crafted tiny home?

The Terrapin: Tiny Handmade Wooden Camping Trailer

The Terrapin by Casual Turtle Campers is a compact and comfortable place to camp with a design inspired by the small trailers of the 1950s and ’60s. Mounted to a 5’x8′ trailer frame and weighing in at 1,360 pounds, the Terrapin is portable enough to go nearly anywhere but spacious enough for a dinette that transforms into a double memory foam bed so it’s comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. Five windows, power outlets, a storage chest and a small counter give it a homey feel that’s often missing in typical camper trailers. The windows let in lots of natural light and fresh air so you can take in the sights, sounds and smells of your chosen surroundings. Human Powered Mobile Home for $150 or Less. I have seen tiny houses built by nine year olds, and I have seen tiny houses built by churches, but this guy takes tiny houses to a whole new level.

Human Powered Mobile Home for $150 or Less

These bicycle houses can go anywhere. You can live debt free, and you can travel from homestead to homestead. With this house, you have the ability to work for yourself. You have the ability to work anywhere you want. Life Pod - A 112 Square Foot Tiny House That Costs $15,000. This tiny dome-shaped house has been created by designer Michael Weekes. Called Life Pod, the unit contains a total of 112 square feet (10.4 square meters), and houses everything you’d need (and more) to get by for a life on the road. The Life Pod is 13.5 feet long and has a diameter of 8 feet (4.1 meters by 2.4 meters). Walden. A 98 square feet tiny house on wheels in Aurora, Oregon. Built and shared by Graham Berry. Walden. Nomadic Water Bed on wheels lets you camp on urban rivers. Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate Daniel Durnin created Water Bed, a minimalist mobile shelter that lets you reconnect with nature in an unexpected way.

The floating nomadic structure serves as a type of sustainable localized micro-tourism that combines the convenience of a hostel with the mobility of a tent, allowing users to comfortably camp on urban rivers as short-term accommodation. The compact Water Bed embraces the outdoors with large operable windows and is set on wheels so that it can be easily towed with a bicycle. Inhabitat first saw Durnin’s Water Bed at SustainRCA 2015, a visionary showcase of exceptional work by RCA graduates at London Design Festival 2015.

The Water Bed’s minimalist design was created in contrast to the busy and ever-chaotic urban landscape. Envisioned as an escape from the stresses of city life, the Water Bed encourages users to find temporary respite in and reconnect with the city’s existing waterways and wildlife. Jay nelson. Lightweight Bicycle Micro Camper: Tow with Your Bicycle. This lightweight bicycle micro camper made to be towed by bicycle is called The Wide Path Camper. And it’s actually set to go into production and become available in early 2015 with a price of about $2,500, according to this article on Gizmag. It weighs about 88 pounds unloaded so it’s relatively lightweight and actually has tons of features like storage, windows, seating, bed, and more.

Imagine using it with the help of electric power on your bicycle along with solar panels to help keep charged on the roof of the camper. I'm a tiny home owner. And it's really, really tiny! I am the proud owner of this tiny home! I was planning on building a tiny home on my own but yesterday I went on craigslist and found this beauty for $950!

That’s less than my friends in New York City pay for a months rent. She’s almost exactly what I wanted. Camper Kart is a Tiny Home That Pops Out of a Shopping Cart. We've all seen the men and women who live out of shopping carts in cities throughout the world, but imagine if they could add one of Kevin Cyr's awesome pop-up tents to the mix. The Camper Kart is a portable home that boasts a cozy-looking bed, a lantern and even storage space. The earth-friendly shelter is made largely out of recycled materials that could potentially give the world's less fortunate a sheltered, private space in which to lay their heads at night. Kevin Cyr recognizes that although some people choose to construct tiny houses out of a deep love for the environment, hundreds of thousands of people around the world don’t have the resources to build their own home – no matter how small it is.

It weighs very little, features mesh walls that allow the tent to breathe and it folds down into a wooden box made of what appear to be recycled pieces of wood. Stereotank's Taku Tanku is a Tiny Mobile Shelter Made From Recycled Rainwater Tanks. New York-based architects Stereotank have an established practice designing interactive installations and oversized musical instruments and have often used recycled rainwater tanks in their work. 28-Sq-Ft Bicycle Caravan is a Portable Home for Your Inner Bohemian. Australian Man Builds Tiny, Solar-Powered Retreat Using Almost 100% Recycled Materials. Teardrop Trailer Ideas. Widepathcamper – Ny dansk produceret cykelcamper. For første gang i mange år, kan vi nu prale med at der igen produceres 'campingvogne' i Danmark.

Vi er selvfølgelig lidt nysgerrige, og får skabt en kontakt til iværksætter og idémanden til projektet. Mads har sat os stævne, på Gammelmark strand camping. Pladsen ligger dejligt lige ud til vandet og med udsigt til Sønderborg, så lige her,bag ved hækken, har Mads og kæresten cykelcamperen stående. Mens de sidste rester fra morgenmaden ryddes væk, gør vi klar til at høre mere om dette spændende projekt. Mads Johansen har udviklet denne campingvogn, helt fra bunden, og det er måske gået op for de fleste, at vi ikke snakker om en stor campingvogn til at spænde efter bilen. Det er ikke bare lige at opfinde en cykelcamper, og så sætte den i produktion, der er rigtig mange ting, som skal undersøges.

Mads har undersøgt sagen, og derfor opfylder cykelcamperen lovens krav. Cykelkärra är ett hus på hjul. Melissa’s 1947 Tourette Teardrop Restoration. Guest post by Melissa. Relax Shacks Builds a Micro Reading Pod for NYU Professor. Photo: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of is in the process of completing a micro home for an NYU professor to use as a reading and study pod. The pod is built mostly from recycled, repurposed and salvaged materials. Teenie Tiny House. Trekker Trailers Tiny House. Rolling Bed. Sealander. Gnomadik Micro Cottage. Tiny Truck Camper. Tiny Tiny House. Gnomadik Micro Cottage (Part 2) Red Rocket Tiny House. Traveling Carpenter’s Home Away From Home. The Nest. Bicycle Micro Gypsy Wagon. Tricycle House. Electric Camper: Tiny Geometric House on Wheels.

Adorably Tiny Study Cabin Was Built for $400 Using Recycled and Salvaged Materials. Bike Campers! 8 Ultra-Mobile Pedal-Powered Shelters - WebEcoist. Small Trailers Houses Decorating Small Trailer House – Home Constructions. Historic Shepherds Huts - on the move. Rocky Mountain Tiny House. Gnomadik micro cottage. Gnomadik. It's A Very Cute And Innovative Micro Cottage On Wheels... Man in Japan Builds Micro DIY Tiny House on Wheels. Cube-Shaped Cloud: Lightweight Tricycle-Pulled Mini-Home. Portable tiny house built from recycled water tanks can be towed by a bicycle.