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250 Sq. Ft. Expanding Tiny House RV with Slide-Outs. On September 19, 2016 This is a 250 sq. ft. expanding tiny house RV with slide-outs.

250 Sq. Ft. Expanding Tiny House RV with Slide-Outs

It’s built by Tiny Idahomes in Nampa, Idaho. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Highlights 250 sq. ft.Featured at the Tiny House Jamboree in ColoradoFor sale for $68,995Holding tanks3 slide outs2 x 4 constructionBoard and batt siding Please learn more using the resources below. Resources. First Tiny House with an RV Slide-out Feature? Eco-Built Homes. Sylvan Go. Unboxed: Surprisingly Spacious Flat-Pack House on Wheels.

The renderings are as matter-of-fact as the design: a no-nonsense, use-all-spaces approach to mobile and quickly-deployed housing by Mehdi Hidari Badie.

Unboxed: Surprisingly Spacious Flat-Pack House on Wheels

The non-directional configuration contains all of the basics centered around a core volume of space – supplementary wings on either side and raised decks front and back. Adjustable metal legs support the primarily wood-and-glass frame structure, adaptable to different ground conditions when the wheels are raised. Solar panels are a clearly dominant feature, providing full energy self sufficiency as well as shade and shelter for the outdoor areas. Archive Cai (tm) House. Nick Hurt of Cambridge, VT has created a cabin he calls the Cai ™ House.

Archive Cai (tm) House

This is a portable cabin. Nick is in the process of getting his business off the ground and wanted to share his design here on the Tiny House Blog. The cabin pictured here is a prototype cabin and is not for sale. Nick will work with you to create your cabin and finish it the way you want it. Nick has his cabin on Ebay and you can contact him at cnhconsulting(at) Nick describes his prototype cabin below: Definition- a two story 420 square foot portable, energy efficient, low impact, self sufficient structure that can be set up by one person in 6-8 hours. Where transformer toy meets housing- Everything stores neatly inside during transport and unfolds into a cute little house that can be folded up to be transported again.

The prototype shown in the photos is not insulated and was constructed for personal use. Intended uses- 1. General Information- 1. Cai (tm) House Folded Living Area Loft Floor Plan. Unboxed: Surprisingly Spacious Flat-Pack House on Wheels. Rugged All-Terrain Trailer Home for Off-Road Adventures. The more you bring, the more you have to carry, which is why most people leave many amenities behind when they take a trip away from the beaten path.

Rugged All-Terrain Trailer Home for Off-Road Adventures

This new version of the classic teardrop trailer lets you slip a little more luxury into your travels while still exploring the unknown. Extra space deploys from one side, allowing the slim profile to unfold into a larger living area. Likewise, a tent pops up on top for sleeping, leaving more storage space in the main compartment.

The Moby1 XTR manages to fit in plumbing for running water, and solar panels for energy when deployed in a remote setting – no need to park and plug on the grid. Over-sized wheels and rugged-frame construction with sturdy built-ins help enable this little micro-home to go just about anywhere if you have the vehicle to pull it. Mobile Home De Markies: Timeless Modular Travel Camper. It says something about a design (particularly for a fast-paced mobile house) when someone can look at it three decades later and still marvel at the simple, efficient and effective use of materials and space.

Mobile Home De Markies: Timeless Modular Travel Camper

Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk, the name of this classic award-winner means ‘The Awning’ – a fitting description of the fold-down mechanism at the heart of its ingenuity. On the road, it folds up to look like any other camper, but once on site, it deploys to have a footprint three times the size of the main volume, simply by having the walls turn into floors on either side. Add a few pieces of furniture to these auxiliary spaces and they become functional overflow for living and sleeping, while the core functions remain housed in the central area. Mobile Transformer: Futuristic Tent + Truck + Trailer Home. This is far from the first cool architectural concept to seek a new form of nomadic living, but it is an impressively daring, comprehensive and versatile one.

Mobile Transformer: Futuristic Tent + Truck + Trailer Home

The idea borrows strategically from familiar typologies and recent histories, but blends these influences into something uniquely forward-thinking. Unlike many portable housing plans, for instance, the distinction between driving and living space is fundamentally blurred in this work by Maynard Architects. Passenger and driver seats become swiveling lounge chairs in the midst of a mobile living room, preventing unnecessary divisions of labor and functional duplication. Along the same space-saving, multi-functional lines, all key vehicular components (drive train, engine and gearbox) are tucked neatly under this pair of front seats.

As footprints go, this one is small – the size of a normal truck that is highway-worthy and can be parked in most conventional spaces, too.