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Teaching Style Inventories

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Intakenews_march11. TPI - Teaching Perspectives Inventory. SAILS - Teaching Styles Assessment. Teaching Styles Assessment <p><span><b>Sorry!

SAILS - Teaching Styles Assessment

You must have Javascript turned on to continue. </b></span></p> This assessment is designed to help you become more aware of your preferred teaching style(s). You may want to notice if your teaching style matches your preferred learning style. A TYPOLOGY OF TEACHING STYLES IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS - BENNETT - 2011 - British Journal of Educational Psychology. Grasha Riechmann. Note from Developer: This is an adapted form left over from an uncompleted project.

Grasha Riechmann

I no longer maintain it, but it is here for you to experiment with. As Grasha was reported as saying later in his life, I am no longer convinced that the survey measures much besides its preconceptions. Still, you may find that the questions lead you to think about teaching and learning in new ways. If you want to use this form in your work, download it and find someone who can do the following things, which are simple for anyone who knows how: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Office of Academic Programs, Office of Academic Programs, UNCG.