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Teaching Style Inventories

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Intakenews_march11. TPI - Teaching Perspectives Inventory. SAILS - Teaching Styles Assessment. Teaching Styles Assessment <p><span><b>Sorry!

SAILS - Teaching Styles Assessment

You must have Javascript turned on to continue. </b></span></p> This assessment is designed to help you become more aware of your preferred teaching style(s). You may want to notice if your teaching style matches your preferred learning style. A TYPOLOGY OF TEACHING STYLES IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS - BENNETT - 2011 - British Journal of Educational Psychology. Grasha Riechmann.

Who knows the contact of Grasha-riechmann? we just want to ask for permission to adapt their questionnaire. thanks :) – giamarie

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Office of Academic Programs, Office of Academic Programs, UNCG.