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Klout. Yogi Furniture. MANteresting: A Pinterest for men. Men don't pin things; they nail them, according to new male-oriented social bookmarking site, MANteresting.

MANteresting: A Pinterest for men

As Pinterest has taken off, its growth has been primarily driven by its overwhelmingly female user base. Grammy Music Inculsive Action. » The Ape Man Chronicles Part 1: Unveiling the Heart of Darkness » Fierce Wisdom. A long time ago, Apeman was happy to swing in the trees with Apelady, eat bananas, and have a rompus time all ‘round til the end of his days.

» The Ape Man Chronicles Part 1: Unveiling the Heart of Darkness » Fierce Wisdom

Then, something changed — he got tired of swinging and wanted more! His creative appetite was no longer met by his ape man life. So he migrated off the trees and started building cave dwellings and homes for his ape family. He began to craft tools and implements for hunting, while the ape ladies gathered together and did ape-lady things. Soon they had fires for cooking, rudimentary clothing, painting, crafting and group activities, and the ape peoples’ lives were happy and bountiful. But Apeman still was not satisfied — he wanted more… He learned to farm and grow crops, and soon civilizations of cultured ape people were popping up everywhere.

Students protest yoga pants ban. Several students at a Houston high school said they were punished for wearing yoga pants to school.

Students protest yoga pants ban

The students attend Memorial High School. A Spring Branch Independent School District spokesperson said the rule is clearly stated under the dress code section of the student handbook. To protest the yoga pants rule, students created a Facebook page encouraging students to wear the pants to school on Thursday. Some students said they were given in school suspensions for wearing the tight-fitting pants. However, school officials said they may have given out detentions but not suspensions. Accidental photographer: Making pictures of 'our own personal little gods' Renewable Energy Netw. Chris Christie on punishing drug users: If we’re going to be pro-life, let’s be pro-life all the wayPosted on Thursday April 17, 2014 "[T]he life of the drug addicted teenager who has been arrested for the sixth time is just as precious as the lives of any one of my children.

Renewable Energy Netw

" The encore ObamaCare victory lap after the not-a-deadline-extensionPosted on Thursday April 17, 2014 "Anger, and denial, and all that stuff. We're not at acceptance yet. " Eric Cantor: Obama and I totally had an angry conversation about immigration yesterdayPosted on Thursday April 17, 2014. May 2008. The Auction Publicity website reports that,"Two-Day sale at Philip Weiss auctions realizes a record $5.2 million as rare stamps, Peanuts comic strips and more bring dizzying prices.

May 2008

" The auction took place last weekend, May 17-18, in Oceanside, New York. According to the write-up,"The key to the weekend’s success was Part 2 of The Newport Stamp Collection, which featured some of the most rare and coveted philatelic U.S. examples in existence. " It goes on to say, "Part 1 of The Newport Collection made headlines when, on February 9, an unused 1869 24-cent inverted stamp, #120, one of only four known, soared to $1.271 million. Adorable Tool Tank Totally Out-Cutes Your Swiss Army Knife. See how 4 compact vacation homes take on new forms for the modern age. Nature inspires hillside studios for artistic homeowners in Northern California.

The roof's role in both the landscape and architecture of the site and design is a unique aspect of this project. Because of the necessary terracing, the roof of the lower cabin (the yoga studio), is the initial site experience. The green roof is really the curb appeal of the property — the first facade of the design. Hook took this opportunity to treat the roof as a canvas, more so than a typical green roof, and designed it as a living piece of art, full of succulents and other plants found throughout the project.


Here's What People Look at on Facebook Brand Pages. Saudi Arabian Woman Beheaded For "Sorcery" In a horrific practice of “justice,” Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser, a Saudi Arabian national, was executed on Monday, after being convicted of practicing sorcery, which is banned in the ultra-conservative kingdom, the interior ministry said.

Saudi Arabian Woman Beheaded For "Sorcery"

Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar was executed in the northern province of Jawf for “practising witchcraft and sorcery,” the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency. Second Execution For “Sorcery” Recently The execution is the second of its kind in recent months. In September a Sudanese national was beheaded in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina after being convicted on “sorcery” charges. He had allegedly confessed after being tortured and was tried without a lawyer. Islamists Call for Lesbian's Death (Video) An Islamist group called for a Muslim lesbian author to be killed and invaded a discussion on Islam in Amsterdam last week.

Islamists Call for Lesbian's Death (Video)

A December 8 debate, which included the Canadian Muslim lesbian author Irshad Manji and MP Tofik Dibi on a panel, was disrupted when extremists from the group Sharia4Belgium stormed the event, held at the De Balie theater in Amsterdam. The mob threw eggs and called for Manji’s neck to be broken. The group of about 20 men and boys arrived halfway through the evening, chanted slogans and pelted the audience with eggs. The Republican War On Women: It's Not Just About Abortion [VIDEO] Gutting social safety net programs, removing child care subsidies, cutting off access to family planning, destroying the unions that fight for jobs that are predominately held by women.

The Republican War On Women: It's Not Just About Abortion [VIDEO]

These activities are happening nationally, and they are happening state by state. But in North Carolina, there is an even more insidious plank in the Republican’s War on Women platform: an attempt to make it more difficult for female politicians, most of them Democrats, to get reelected. “…Republicans drew nearly a dozen Democratic women out of their legislative districts in an effort to eliminate our voice in the General Assembly. In their efforts to make sure that the most capable voices fighting for women in the General Assembly are silenced, they have waged an all out war on our Democratic women in elected office.”

But these women aren’t taking this lying down. Watch the video below: Rana Florida: Creative Spaces: New Lives for Abandoned Buildings. Raf Simons To Dior: Report. Could it be -- Christian Dior has finally chosen a new designer??

Raf Simons To Dior: Report

According to Women's Wear Daily, the day is indeed getting closer. Raf Simons, currently creative director for Jil Sander, is reportedly in talks with Dior to become the storied house's next couturier.