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The World's Largest Poetry Site - Discussion & Poem Contests

The World's Largest Poetry Site - Discussion & Poem Contests

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The Romanian Uranium Murder Mystery dinner theatre script CLUELES: I am Inspector Clueles' of the INTERPOO [Inter-P Double O]. You haven't heard of INTERPOO? It is the International Patrol of Offenses. I am following one of the biggest scams of all time. There are these people in , a small country just South of the What is so funny? 4 Must-Have Attributes of Amazing Product Managers On a January day fresh out of grad school, I was transitioning into the world of work. I had accepted a role overseeing a B2B video web series run by a small consultancy. I was this project’s first full-time hire, which involved everything from growing subscribers and HTML editing to scripting interviews and analytics management. When it came time to figure out a title for my new role, I suggested that I be a digital strategist. The boss considered my idea for a moment.

The World of Dante Teachers of Dante's Comedy will find a range of materials intended to facilitate the teaching of the poem. They include a video demonstration, which introduces users to the chief components to the site and how to access them; a list of suggested activities; additional readings on the poem and on the artists whose work is included; links to other sites; and a survey. The activities work particularly well if teachers show students how to access the various materials, especially the information available on the combined text pages and search page.

Kennings - Kids on the Net What is a kenning? A kenning is "a concise compound or figurative phrase replacing a common noun". It comes from the Anglo Saxon era, where swords had names like "death-bringer" or "wound-maker". You can create a lovely "riddle poem" by describing something in different ways on the different lines.Start reading below. Kids on the Net - the children's writing website celebrating 10 years online! - publishes many kennings from young writers all over the UK and the world.

140,000 Free eBooks: SEARCH OPTIONS (165,000+ eBooks, eTexts, On-Line Books, eDocuments) Why not just do a Google search instead of looking here? This is more direct, indexes collections specifically, and won't throw out red herrings. Memphis Univ School Library " astonishing number of electronic books...from an equally astonishing number of sources ... impressive. Free Novels, Free Mysteries, Free Romances, Free Adventure Novels Click on the titles below to download these wonderful free novels and great reads . . . Science fiction novelist Cory Doctorow makes all his books available free via his website. As he notes, “The biggest threat to an author's livelihood isn't piracy, it's obscurity.” Absence of Faith by Anthony Samuel Policastro

Mission In short, the Center's mission is to: Inform citizens about how money in politics affects their lives Empower voters and activists by providing unbiased information Advocate for a transparent and responsive government We pursue our mission largely through our award-winning website,, which is the most comprehensive resource for federal campaign contributions, lobbying data and analysis available anywhere.

David Rakoff's 'Wedding Toast' Poem from This American Life Nathan, at one of the outlying tables,his feet tangled up in the disc jockey's cables,surveyed the room as unseen as a ghost,while he mulled over what he might say for his toast.That the couple had asked him for this benediction,seemed at odds with them parking him here by the kitchen. That he'd shown up at all was still a surprise,and not just to him, it was there in the eyesof the guests who had seen a mirage and drew near,and then covered their shock with a 'Nathan, you're here?'And then silence, they'd nothing to say beyond that.A few of the braver souls lingered to chat.They all knew - it was neither a secret nor mystery -that he and the couple had quite an odd history.Their bonds were a tangle of friendship and sex,Josh, his best pal once, and Patty, his ex.

E. E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummings was born at home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 1894. He began writing poems as early as 1904 and studied Latin and Greek at the Cambridge Latin High School. He received his BA in 1915 and his MA in 1916, both from Harvard. His studies there introduced him to avant garde writers, such as Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound.

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