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Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich

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Erle Stanley Gardner Website 03/30/2007 was the last update Ventura, California Featuring the Erle Stanley Gardner--Raymond Burr Library & Museum: The World's Most Significant Archive of Personal and Professional Papers, Scripts, Photographs, Costumes, Mementos and Memorabilia in private hands, from the man who created Perry Mason and Mr. Perry Mason, himself. The Erle Stanley Gardner Museum will shortly be open at 748 E. Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001 in the Bank of Books building.

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel This is a summary page linking to hopefully what will be a complete set of reviews of the Ellery Queen novels. To provide myself with some boundaries, I’m only going to consider the books that deal with Ellery himself or that were definitely written by Fred Dannay and/or Manfred Lee – the list of books follows and I would appreciate it if anyone better informed than me feels that I’ve missed something out or included something that I shouldn’t of. It’s based on the Wikipedia bibliography and the only omission that I’ve made is A Study In Terror as it sounds tangential at best. Links to reviews will appear as they are created. Obviously this is going to take a while to fill up, so be patient. Novels Featuring Ellery Queen

The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey This is the eulogy Alec Johnson, Anne’s eldest son, read in the funeral service held for Anne McCaffrey November 26th, 2011. For nearly 60 years it’s been my distinct honor to be Anne McCaffrey’s eldest son. And it is with equal measures of joy and sorrow that I accept the honor of addressing you now as we celebrate the life and mourn the passing of the Queen of Science Fiction. I’m joined today by my brother, the author Todd McCaffrey, and my sister, Georgeanne, her husband, Geoffrey, and their son Owen. My daughters Eliza and Amelia couldn’t be here, nor was Todd’s daughter Ceara able to join us.

RitaMaeBrown 17th July 2013 Adam Smith born in Edinburgh 1990 Dear Reader, Are you breathing while you read this? I’m glad one of us is. Mid-nineties and humidity also in the 90s. Right now there is a thunderstorm of Biblical intensity raging. Ah yes, the joys of summer. Elizabeth Peters Synopses of Amelia Peabody Books Crocodile on the Sandbank - (Excavation season 1884-85) When strong-willed Amelia Peabody's studious father dies, Amelia decides to use her ample inheritance to travel. After rescuing a gentlewoman (Evelyn Barton-Forbes) in considerable distress, the two become friends and Amelia hires Evelyn to be her companion on the next leg of her trip, which takes them to Egypt. There Amelia encounters mysteries, missing mummies, and Radcliffe Emerson, an opinionated archaeologist who doesn't need a woman's help to solve the mystery--or so he thinks. The Curse of the Pharoahs - (Excavation season 1892-93) When Lady Baskerville's husband Sir Henry dies after discovering whay may be an undisturbed royal tomb in Luxor, she appeals to eminent archaeologist Radcliffe Emerson and his wife Amelia to take over the excavation.

Cozy-Mystery.Com Rae Foley (aka Elinor Denniston, Dennis Allan, & Helen K. Maxwell)MR. POTTER MYSTERY Series: Death and Mr. Reading Writing Rachel Rachel Hawkins was born in Virginia and raised in Alabama. This means she uses words like "y'all" and "fixin'" a lot, and considers anything under 60 degrees to be borderline Arctic. Before deciding to write books about kissing and fire (and sometimes kissing while on fire), Rachel taught high school English for 3 years, and is still capable of teaching you The Canterbury Tales if you're into that kind of thing. She is married to a geologist, which means that they have incredibly strange dinner conversations ("So today at work, I wrote a chapter where killer fog, like, ATE PEOPLE." "Huh. Well, I was chased by an angry reindeer while trying to map parts of Norway."

Fern Michaels - New York Times best selling author The Tiki Goddess Series by Jill Marie Landis ~ Mystery Series Book 4 of The Tiki Goddess Series The drinks are hot, but Em's alibi is ice cold. A marauding monkey, a mysterious murder, middle-aged hula maidens, and mugs full of Mai Tai's. Just another day in Tiki Goddess Paradise . . . Joanna Carl Hatrack River - The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card