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Complete listing of The Academy for Ancient Texts. Ancient texts library.

Complete listing of The Academy for Ancient Texts. Ancient texts library.

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THE MESSAGE – Part Three Those who worshipped LUCIFER, had a “plan”! That plan was to eventually take over the entire world…, and to dedicate a ONE WORLD RELIGION to their own master. Lucifer (IN HIS TRUE FORM) has always been a REPTILIAN. In order to do this.., they literally needed to have EVERY SINGLE PIECE of ANCIENT AND ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE that was ever known and was being “protected” all over the world. World War I…, and World War II were the cover under which those very low vibrational men – Bankers/Illuminati/SatanWorshippers/Ritual Sacrificers….could actually “STEAL” the information that would allow them to actually change the fabric of reality.

The 10 Most Not-So-Puzzling Ancient Artifacts: The Ica Stones As we move on down the line of the 10 most not-so-puzzling ancient artifacts, we come to the Ica Stones. These are perhaps the most perplexing to me, since I don’t understand how anyone can look at these and think they are real. A bad day for Fred Flintstone These little gems range in size from cobbles to boulders, and depict a wide variety of images from humans co-existing with dinosaurs, to advanced surgery, and spaceships with advanced technology. BibliOdyssey Emporium - Cellarius Atlas (Harmonia Macrocosmica of 1660) Glorious oversized reprint of (arguably) the greatest celestial atlas ever produced. Product Description Stargazing: History's most beautiful constellation maps in XXL-format! This collection of celestial atlases by Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius (c. 1596 ? 1665) brings back to life a masterpiece from the Golden Age of celestial cartography.

IRISH LITERATURE, MYTHOLOGY, FOLKLORE, AND DRAMA Irish PlayographyIrish Writers OnlineStudy Ireland: Poetry - BBCIrish Women Writers - M. OckerbloomThe Irish and LiteratureLyra CelticaIreland Literature Guide2002 Irish Author RoundtablePoetry Ireland / Éigse ÉireannEarly Irish Lyric Poetry - Kuno Meyer Sonnets from Ireland - E. Blomquist Colum's Anthology of Irish Verse - Medieval Celtic ManuscriptsThe Book of KellsCarmina GadelicaCELT Irish Electronic Texts Internet History Sourcebooks Update Information 2006: In 2006 the Internet Medieval Sourcebooks and associated sourcebooks are undergoing a major overhaul to remove bad links and add more documents. 1. This project is both very large and fairly old in Internet terms.

Mansfield Park - Bookmarks - Book Drum Page 52. " Sir, it is a moor park, we bought it as a moor park " Engraving of Moor Park, Hertfordshire (1787) - Credit: James Goadby The Moorpark apricot is a variety of apricot (often described as fuzzless) first cultivated in the gardens of Moor Park in Hertfordshire. Ten Archaeological Enigmas from Across the Globe One of the best things about archaeology is uncovering places, artifacts, and human remains that answer long-held mysteries about our past and our origins. But frequently discoveries are made that do not solve ancient puzzles, but simply raise more questions to be answered. Here we feature ten such discoveries – from indecipherable manuscripts to Frankenstein mummies, and incredible artifacts from unknown civilizations. Some of these mysteries will one day be solved as science and research techniques progress, others will keep their secrets hidden forever. The Unknown Origins of the Longyou Caves

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne See Margaret Cavendish (1661–1717) for the later Duchess of Newcastle of this name. Margaret Cavendish Segment from Frontispiece for several of her books in the 1650s and 1660s. The Blazing World Portrait Cavendish was a poet, philosopher, writer of prose romances, essayist, and playwright who published under her own name at a time when most women writers published anonymously.

British Library’s Catalog of Illuminated Manuscripts Generous Permissions The British Library began the digital catalog in 1997. Currently the catalog provides a digital record of 4,231 different manuscript, and includes 35,661 images those manuscripts, with a searchable database. The images were scanned following the best digital practices, and include provenance, metadata, and in many cases, detailed images. Today they announced extraordinarily generous permissions for use of those images: SAC 1682-1796 PREVIOUS SAC 1682:1725; Petrine era (Muscovy became empire) 1682je:1689; Sofiia reigned as Regent 1689au27:Nerchinsk Treaty with China 1696:1725; Peter I, the Great 1697:Siberia. Expansion to Kamchatka Peninsula 1697mr:1698su; Defining 3 directions of expansion 1700:1721; Sweden, Russia & the "Great Northern war" 1703:Beginning of Petrine transformation 1724:Petrine economy, two critiques 1725ja28:1762je28; Between the "greats" 1730ja19:Empress Anna rejected limits on her power 1741jy:Russian expedition discovered "New World" 1755:Moscow University founded 1762je28:1796; Catherine II, the Great 1762jy03:Serfs suffered, but what about landlords? <>1680:1730; Southern New World colonies (future USA) | In this half century, black slaves became the backbone of a profitable agricultural economy tightly connected with growing globalized markets for tobacco and a world-wide slave trade, all of which had entered world history and expanded so dramatically over the previous century and a half

The Lost City of Heracleion Discovered! It’s not everyday archaeologists uncover a lost, ancient city, let alone one of such importance and significance. A city shrouded in myths and legend, the lost city of Heracleion (Pronounced “Hera-klee-on”… or perhaps “Hera-see-lee-on”… which is more fun, but probably less accurate) has recently been found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria. The city was first rediscovered by French Archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio and his team who first saw signs of it in 2000, and began a long geophysical survey of the ruins and environment. Since it’s discovery, many ancient statues and artifacts have been recovered, as well as much information about who we are, and where we came from in our early Greek & Egyptian Origins.

7 Books That Will Change the Way You See the World : Waking Times Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff WriterWaking Times “You want weapons? Go to a library. Books are the best weapons in the world.” –Doctor Who Books have a way of capturing us that movies and documentaries simply cannot compare to. Welcome to the Online Library of Liberty Advanced Search Today the OLL has… 1,692 titles, 466 authors, and 1,185 essays in 24 categories