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Discover Robert Burns - The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Discover Robert Burns - The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
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Joseph Conrad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joseph Conrad (born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski;[1]:11–12 Berdichev, Imperial Russia, 3 December 1857 – 3 August 1924, Bishopsbourne, Kent, England) was a Polish author who wrote in English after settling in England. He was granted British nationality in 1886, but always considered himself a Pole.[note 1] Conrad is regarded as one of the greatest novelists in English,[2] though he did not speak the language fluently until he was in his twenties (and always with a marked accent). While some of his works have a strain of romanticism, his works are viewed as modernist literature. Early life[edit] Nowy Świat 47, Warsaw, where three-year-old Conrad lived with his parents in 1861 Though the vast majority of the area's inhabitants were Ukrainians, the land was almost completely owned by the Polish szlachta (nobility) that Conrad's parents belonged to. Because of the father's attempts at farming and his political activism, the family moved repeatedly. He stayed with us ten months...

Robert Burns - Ellisland was Burns' home in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland Гессе, Герман — Википедия Ге́рман Ге́ссе (нем. Hermann Hesse; 2 июля 1877, Кальв, Германия — 9 августа 1962, Монтаньола, Швейцария) — немецкий писатель и художник, лауреат Нобелевской премии (1946). Биография[править | править текст] Детство и юность (1877—1895)[править | править текст] Герман Гессе родился в семье немецких миссионеров. С ранних лет детей воспитывали в духе пиетизма, царившего в доме Гессе. Дом семьи Гессе-Гундертов в Кальве, где писатель провел детские годы. Тюбинген — Базель (1895—1904)[править | править текст] С октября 1895 года Гессе работает стажером в книжной лавке Хекенхауера в Тюбингене. Книжная лавка Хекенхауера в Тюбингене, где Гессе работал в 1895—1899 В 1899 году на сэкономленные деньги Герман публикует небольшую книжку под названием «Романтические песни», включающую в себя стихи написанные до 1898 года. С осени 1899 года Гессе работает в книжном магазине Райха в Базеле. Гайенхофен — Индия — Берн (1904—1914)[править | править текст] В 1912 году Герман и Мария с детьми переезжает в Берн.

Robert Burns: Alexandria Burns Club Information on the Scottish Poet D. H. Lawrence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Herbert Lawrence (11 September 1885 – 2 March 1930) was an English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter who published as D. H. Lawrence. His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity and instinct. Life and career[edit] Early life[edit] D. The fourth child of Arthur John Lawrence, a barely literate miner, and Lydia (née Beardsall), a former pupil teacher who, owing to her family's financial difficulties, had to do manual work in a lace factory,[3] Lawrence spent his formative years in the coal mining town of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. The young Lawrence attended Beauvale Board School (now renamed Greasley Beauvale D. Early career[edit] In March 1912 Lawrence met Frieda Weekley (née von Richthofen), with whom he was to share the rest of his life. Exile[edit] Later life and career[edit]

BBC Two - Writing Scotland - Robert Burns Walter de la Mare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Life[edit] De la Mare was born in Kent at 83 Maryon Road, Charlton[4] (now part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich), partly descended from a family of French Huguenots, and was educated at St Paul's Cathedral School. He was born to James Edward de la Mare, a principal at the Bank of England, and Lucy Sophia Browning (James' second wife), daughter of Scottish naval surgeon and author Dr Colin Arrott Browning. The suggestion that Lucy was related to poet Robert Browning has been found to be incorrect. In 1892 de la Mare joined the Esperanza Amateur Dramatics Club where he met and fell in love with Elfrida Ingpen, the leading lady, who was ten years older than he. De la Mare's first book, Songs of Childhood, was published under the name Walter Ramal. De la Mare suffered from a coronary thrombosis in 1947 and died of another in 1956. The imagination[edit] De la Mare described two distinct "types" of imagination – although "aspects" might be a better term: the childlike and the boylike.

Robert Burns - Biography Maxwell Perkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William Maxwell Evarts ("Max") Perkins (September 20, 1884 – June 17, 1947), was the editor for Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe. He has been described as the most famous literary editor.[1] Life and career[edit] After working as a reporter for The New York Times, Perkins joined the venerable publishing house of Charles Scribner's Sons in 1910. Its publication as This Side of Paradise (1920) marked the arrival of a new literary generation that would always be associated with Perkins. It was through Fitzgerald that Perkins met Ernest Hemingway, publishing his first major novel, The Sun Also Rises, in 1926. The greatest professional challenge Perkins ever faced was posed by Thomas Wolfe, whose talent was matched only by his lack of artistic self-discipline. Perkins was noted for his courtesy and thoughtfulness. Perkins died on June 17, 1947 in Stamford, Connecticut. Further reading[edit] Biography, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius (1978), written by A. References[edit]

Robert Burns Tribute - Burns Supper, Haggis, Poems and more Born in Alloway, Ayrshire, in 1759 to William Burness, a poor tenant farmer, and Agnes Broun, Robert Burns was the eldest of seven. He spent his youth working his father's farm, but in spite of his poverty he was extremely well read - at the insistence of his father, who employed a tutor for Robert and younger brother Gilbert. At 15 Robert was the principal worker on the farm and this prompted him to start writing in an attempt to find "some kind of counterpoise for his circumstances." It was at this tender age that Burns penned his first verse, "My Handsome Nell", which was an ode to the other subjects that dominated his life, namely scotch and women. When his father died in 1784, Robert and his brother became partners in the farm. However, at the point of abandoning farming, his first collection "Poems- Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect - Kilmarnock Edition" (a set of poems essentially based on a broken love affair), was published and received much critical acclaim.

Фаулз, Джон Роберт — Википедия Биография[править | править вики-текст] Родился в семье преуспевающего торговца сигарами Роберта Фаулза и его жены Глэдис (урождённой Ричардс). Джон окончил престижную школу в Бедфорде, где был старостой класса и проявил себя хорошим спортсменом, играя в крикет. В 1950—1963 гг. Ещё студентом в Оксфорде Фаулз испытал сильнейшее влияние французских экзистенциалистов — Сартра и Камю. В 1970-х Фаулз стал пересматривать свои взгляды на экзистенциализм. Здоровье Фаулза основательно подорвал инсульт, поразивший его в 1988. Библиография[править | править вики-текст] Романы и повести[править | править вики-текст] Эссе[править | править вики-текст] «Аристос» (англ. Поэзия[править | править вики-текст] «Два стихотворения», русский перевод А. Фаулзу также принадлежат сборник стихотворений (1973) и ряд переводов с французского языка, в том числе переложение сказки «Золушка», переводы романа Клер де Дюра «Урика» и средневековой повести «Элидюк». Фаулзоведение[править | править вики-текст]

Robert Burns Robert Burns was born into a farming family at Alloway in Ayrshire in 1759. He died in Dumfries at the early age of 37. Yet in that short time he had taken the Scottish literary world by storm, and had secured a place for himself in history and in legend. This site is based on material by or relating to 'Scotland's Bard' which is held by the National Library of Scotland (except where otherwise stated). Special features are pages giving highlights of the Library's significant resources — whether original letters or poems (see manuscripts pages) or important books. Downloading images Without written permission, you should not download images featured on this site for anything other than temporary personal use. Robert Burns by Alexander Nasmyth.By permission of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Нобелевская премия по литературе 1914 год. Премия не присуждалась. - французский писатель, общественный деятель, учёный-музыковед. 1915 год (присуждена в 1916 году) «За высокий идеализм литературных произведений, за сочувствие и любовь к истине». Карл Густав Вернер фон Хейденстам (Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam) (1859 - 1940)- шведский писатель.1916 год «Виднейший представитель новой эпохи в мировой литературе». Карл Адольф Гьеллеруп (Karl Adolph Gjellerup) (1857 - 1919)- датский поэт и писатель. 1917 год «За многообразное поэтическое творчество и возвышенные идеалы». Хенрик Понтоппидан (Henrik Pontoppidan) (1857 - 1943)- датский писатель-романист. 1917 год «За правдивое описание современной жизни Дании». 1918 год. Карл Шпиттелер (Carl Friedrich Georg Spitteler) (1845 - 1924)- швейцарский поэт.1919 год (присуждена в 1920 году) «За несравненный эпос "Олимпийская весна"». Пожертвовал премию в пользу голодающих России. Грация Деледда (Grazia Deledda) (1871 - 1936)- итальянская писательница. 1935 год. 1940-1943 год.