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Directory of Free Sewing Patterns, Tutorials and Projects

Directory of Free Sewing Patterns, Tutorials and Projects

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DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN - Looks Taking its cue from the title of one of Pedro Almodovar’s films about desire and control, 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' offered SHOWstudio viewers the chance to dress British Model Liberty Ross in a live interactive photoshoot showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2005 collections. Inspired by live pornographic video chats widely available on the web, 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' shifted control from the image-maker - first to the model, and then ultimately to the viewer. Ross documented herself and her work through a series of galleries and interactives leading up to the shoot in June 2005. During the editorial itself, the SHOWstudio audience acted as 'virtual stylist' to Liberty Ross, choosing pieces from a wardrobe of garments selected by stylist Jonathan Kaye around nine key themes, but determining their own look for Liberty.

How To Turn Your Dress Ideas Into Reality By Making A Custom Pattern Jenna! You continue to astound and amaze us with your just do it your own damn self awesomeness! As stated below - this is really pattern draping, but the BEST source I've found for actual flat pattern drafting using slopers (the basic building blocks of every garment pattern piece) is "The Theory of Fashion Design", by Helen Brockman. It's from 1965, and is a super fantastic source of the hows and whys of how the elements of a design work together, and then how that all translates into your drafted pattern pieces.

Make my Week #23 - sweatshirt restyle like my new mustard blazer? here is what it used to look like: an XL men's sweatshirt (who had the good fortune of being a delightful colour!) gather here, snip there... surprisingly it worked, is comfy, 15 tips from industrial sewing Today, we have a very special guest post from local sewing legend, Sharon Blair. Sharon runs Portland Sewing, where she and her faculty teach a wide range of classes including industrial techniques. I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon recently and asked her to fill us in on some tips home sewers can take away from industry practices. -Sarai

How to Make a Kitty Hat (for Humans!) October 5th, 2012 Email 56 users recommend Some simple sewing and embellishing can turn a recycled sweater into this supercute hat! Tutorial: The Jersey Skirt This skirt is so easy! I made these three in less than an hour yesterday. For a child's skirt, you can probably use a t-shirt that you have lying around, but for an adult skirt you'll need to get your hands on some jersey yardage. Sleeves, Necklines, Collars, and Dress Types I’ve recently ventured into drafting patterns starting from my basic bodice and skirt sloper. The fit issues are minimal, since the sloper is made skin tight. Design ease is added as you go along.

Sun Painting (with Setacolor) Instructions Sun Painting or Heliographic Art is a process whereby certain fabric paints are applied to fabric and while still wet, objects like stencils, leafs, feathers etc are placed onto the wet fabric. It is then placed in the sun. the outlines of the objects are transferred to the fabric. Setacolor Fabric Paint is what we recommend, the Transparent colors only. 1) Machine wash your fabric to remove sizing, then thoroughly dry and iron smooth. 2) Mix all colors (2 parts water to 1 part paint) Be sure to mix enough paint ahead of time! 3) Gather supplies: foam brushes, paints, saIt, and any items to be used to create designs like natural items). 4) Spread fabric over a smooth waterproof board and wet it with clean water using a foam brush or spray bottle. Once wet the material will "stick" to the smooth, waterproof painting surface.

20 Ways To Improve Your Sewing Improve your sewing by marking things that matter Prioritize pattern size for a better fit Learn the difference between topstitching and edgestitching by Barbara Emodifrom Threads #79, pp. 38-40 Upcycled Boy Hats Today's tutorial comes from last week's SYTYC entry for the "recycled" theme. I loved this theme and had a hard time narrowing down options. I think refashioning and upcycling is ridiculously fun. ROCKER-CHIC Featured: Purple Label Zip Skirt Everybody’s getting into the rocker-chic zipper skirts. You will need: 2-way stretch fashion fabric, 45” wide (spandex blend)1 separating zipper (equal to desired skirt length less 1 inch [25mm])India stay tape, ¼” [6mm] wide (approx. the waist measurement + 6” [15 cm])Matching polyester threadSchmetz Stretch Needle®Kraft paper

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