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Fitting and Pattern Adjustments

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Pocket Measurement Cards - Twig + Tale.   Seamwork Magazine. For slow-sewing adherents, our dream wardrobe includes staples that we reach for over and over.

  Seamwork Magazine

Excellent fit elevates an average garment into staple territory. Achieving that level of fit can require multiple attempts to get it right. If we want to sew in a way that minimizes our impact on the earth, how can we take waste out of the fitting process? By applying the 4 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) to this problem, we can identify multiple opportunities to do just this. Consider the Source Upcycled Muslins Some of us started sewing with thrifted fabrics, and even if you’re now buying yardage from a fabric store, there’s no reason upcycled materials can’t still be part of your repertoire.

All-Natural Muslins All-natural fibers came from the earth and thus can be returned to the earth. Sewing Tip: The ABCs of Fitting. Note how shortening the pattern's length changes its major width placements and makes other changes necessary.

Sewing Tip: The ABCs of Fitting

Photo: Rosann Berry This sewing tip was originally featured in Threads #173 (June/July 2014). When fitting any pattern, remember your ABCs. L comes before W in the alphabet, and when fitting and altering garment patterns. That means always adjust length (L) before making changes to width (W). By first altering a pattern for correct length placements (bust, waist, and hip levels), you ensure that width changes are made in the correct places. The Thing About Sister Sizing Is... - Madalynne - A Lingerie and Sewing Blog.

The thing about sister sizing is… every bra maker and their mother has written about it.

The Thing About Sister Sizing Is... - Madalynne - A Lingerie and Sewing Blog

Amy of Cloth Habit, The Lingerie Addict and even Victoria Secret have had a word or two on the subject. Well, I’m joining the (cool) club and chiming in, mostly how you can use it to find your sister size if you don’t exactly fit into a particular band/cup size on the Madalynne X Simplicity 8229. What is Sister Sizing? One of my favorite bra making aphorisms is “fuzzy side up, picot edges inside.” It was even worthy of an Instagram post.

Sister size refers to different bra sizes that have the same cup volume even though the band size and cup letter are different. Sister Size DownThis means one size smaller for the band and one letter bigger for the cups. Sister Size UpThis means one size larger for the band and one letter smaller for the cups. Perfectly Fitted Knits   This chart is a great starting place, yet different varieties of knit can differ in recovery and drape due to fiber content.

Perfectly Fitted Knits  

Selecting Your Size Select your size from the measurements listed on the back of your pattern. Don’t worry that some of the finished garment measurements are smaller than your body size. Remember—knit garments are often designed with negative ease because the garment will stretch to fit. If you’re in-between sizes and unsure of which one to choose, I’d recommend choosing the larger size. No Ruler, No Problem. When I really, really want to start a sewing project, I will, to paraphrase Tim Gunn, find a way to make it work.

No Ruler, No Problem

I'll even turn vintage toys into sewing tools, as I discovered last week. It was "Project Runway" premiere night, and I wanted to cut out a pattern while I watched. But I just started working as assistant editor here at Threads magazine, and I'm in the process of moving from upstate New York to Connecticut. I came here with just a carload of things, because I get to stay in the Taunton Press' guest house until I find a new place. My commute is less than 100 yards! It's fantastic to be surrounded by sewing enthusiasts, to see and study beautiful garments every day and have notions, books and sewing machines at the ready. Jalie 3138 leotard-How color block a leotard. Jalie 3138-Les ajustements/Adjustments Les patrons Jalie sont une ressource essentielle pour les vêtements de sport spécialisés entre autres.

Jalie 3138 leotard-How color block a leotard

Je me découvre un plaisir fou à le décliner en plein de versions différentes. Voyez ici d’autres maillots de gym que j’ai fait pour les jumelles. Jalie Patterns are a key resource for sportswear patterns. I ‘am having so much fun to decline them in many versions. Cette fois, c’est ma grande Juju qui a besoin de renouveler sa garde-robe. Bomber Jacket Sew-along: Fitting the Raglan Sleeves. T167 Sleeve Armhole Worksheet. How To Do A Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) For Fitted Knit Patterns. Okay guys, this post has turned into a pretty long and reasonably epic one and that's because there's not actually a lot of information out there on doing Full Bust Adjustments on fitted knit patterns.

How To Do A Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) For Fitted Knit Patterns

There are lots of tutorials for FBA's on wovens, but not knits - which I suppose comes down to the fact that knits are much more forgiving. That being said, I completely understand that for some of you, an FBA may be needed, even on a stretchy knit like Bronte. I would always do a muslin to check if you can get away without doing one first though, and one thing you may want to consider trying first is cheating the extra room you need in the front by grading up a size or two in the bust on the front pattern piece only, and then adding length at the 'Lengthen/shorten' line on both pattern pieces.

  Seamwork Magazine. Dear Seamwork Team, I have been sewing for a while and am still confused by how to use the finished measurement chart.

  Seamwork Magazine

Should I use this in place of the body measurement chart when choosing my size? Which chart is best to use? Thanks, Muddled by Measurements Dear Muddled by Measurements, The Bra Series: How to find the perfect fit (.)(.) 18th August 2016 You guys gave so many interesting/funny/insightful comments on our question about bras, that we decided it was worth doing a little series on the subject.

The Bra Series: How to find the perfect fit (.)(.)

Not just one post but a couple, mainly because there’s just so much to cover – literally (or, not so literally for you smaller busted ladies out there). Turns out it’s not just me that finds it hard to get my hands on a comfortable, supportive and great looking bra – it appears that so many of you are in the same boat. Q&A: Proper Sequence for Pattern Adjustments. Q: I need to adjust a dress pattern that's too large.

Q&A: Proper Sequence for Pattern Adjustments

It's a vintage shirtwaist style with an interesting shirred feature at the front vertical darts. It fits at the waist and below, but the bodice needs to be reduced. It's too wide in the shoulders, too big around the bust and across the back, and it is too long from the shoulder to the waist because I am small-busted. COME SEW LUTTERLOH WITH ME: Paper pattern fiting, this is a must watch video! I've always been fond of the products and information I've gotten from Palmer/Pletsch Melissa Watson has online this great video on Paper fitting. The Lutterloh patterns are prefect for a paper fit! 13 Essential Fitting Tips & Tricks.

In garment sewing, obtaining accurate measurements is critical in achieving the perfect fit. This collection of 13 techniques, tips, and tricks will help you create beautifully fitting clothes in no time. You'll learn the ABCs of fitting and have access to a printable measurement chart. Instant Fit Check Trace your shoulder slope onto the back of your cutting mat to keep it handy when adjusting new patterns.

View Post How to Measure Up Use our printable measurement chart and instructions to guide you through the process of taking and recording accurate body measurements View Post. Tutorial: Narrow Shoulder Adjustment. Good afternoon, lovely ones! Back in January, when we asked for content suggestions, we had several requests for tutorials on shoulder adjustments. In theory, picking a size based on your high bust should give you a proper fit through your shoulders, but that’s not always the case. Shoulders are one of the largest areas of variance on the human body.

Women with the exact same measurements everywhere else can have a huge range of shoulder measurements, thanks to genetics and lifestyle. To properly fit your shoulders, you can either pick a size based on your shoulder measurement, then adjust everywhere else, or adjust for shoulders on a pattern that fits your high bust.