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Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawers

Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawers
Well folks I think I have been talkin' about this tutorial for about a year, so I finally pulled it out. There are millions( ok maybe not millions, but a whole heck of a lot) of variations and add ons but I was trying to do the simplest one first. Materialsthreadsewing machine1 yd stretch elastic or fold over elasticpaper for pattern(paper bag or newspaper)scissorsold t shirt or any knit materialpair of underwear to cut and make pattern from Make your knickers !! 1. Cut or fold your undies so you can make your pattern. 2. Lie the pieces as flat and symmetrical as possible on your pattern paper(I Try to use the manufactured straight edge of my paper as the center fold line, This way I know that line is straight) Trace around your fabric piece leaving about 1/8-1/4 " edge. This pattern may take a bit of tweaking to get the way you like so use up and the oldest ugliest t-shirts on your first pair then you can make adjustments to your pattern from there 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 13. 14. 15. 16.

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T-Shirt Underwear I know you've got them, lurking in drawers, the back of the closet, in the "giveaway" pile: those T-shirts that are, for various reasons, both unwearable and indispensable. They are too small, too big, too short, have a stain, a hole, or some other flaw, and yet you cannot bear to part with them. I took my old t-shirts and gave them new life. How to sew a fagoted seam A fagoted seam is a decorative seam that joins two pieces of fabric together with a space between them and a row of hand stitching. It’s a very pretty detail seen most often in vintage clothing. It’s easy to incorporate this kind of seam into any patterns you make that have a yoke, or any other simple seam. In this case, I’m making a silk blouse with a V-shaped yoke. So the two pieces fit together, forming a V-shaped seam. For the hand stitches, I used some perle cotton that matched my fabric, but you could use embroidery floss, heavy silk thread, maybe even very narrow silk embroidery ribbon.

Free Pattern: Rosy Ladyshorts description Frou-frou meets everyday in these easy-to-make lace boyshorts that sit at the hips. The legs and waist are finished with elastic lace trim for softness. Designed for a lightweight 4-way stretch lace with 60-70% stretch. How to Make a Smocked Tube Top Jersey knit tube top smocked at the bust with multiple rows of elastic thread. The circumference of the top (unshirred) is 8-9" (20-23 cm) larger than the bust measurement. The finished top is 21" (53 cm) long, including 4.5" (11 cm) of smocking at the bust, and hits below the hip. Jersey knit or lightweight woven fabric Elastic sewing thread Cut 2 rectangles from your fabric as shown in Diagram 1. For the length, measure from above your bust down to your desired hemline, and add 1.5" (38 mm) for seam allowances.

XOX SKIRT Featured: Victoria Secret Peasant Skirt You’ll ♥ this easy-to-sew skirt…XOX. You will need: Approx. 1 ½ to 3 yds. of fashion fabric (depends on fabric weight and width)Coordinating threadHeavy-duty topstitching/upholstery thread Waist – measure around narrowest part of torso (just above navel level) Hips – measure around the fullest part of the seat, about 8” [20cm] below the waistline. For beginners underwear If you are not good at sewing, it may be difficult to make basic hanty. Because the front part is divided. You need not use a handkerchief. There are lots of types of cloth. Making a kilt [From Bobbie Suttie, images copyright Jan Bruyndonckx and used with permission] A Kilt is basically a pleated, wrapped skirt. The back half of the kilt is pleated, the front half (apron) is the made of two overlapping panels. A true kilt is completely handmade.

How to make classic boxer How to make classic boxer Made of non-stretch cotton. There are slits at the sides. Arrange design and trimmings as you like. Patterns How to make a jumper pouffe MaterialsA very large jumper, with a front body area at least 56cm x 74cm and an arm 42cm around. If you can't find one this big, buy two. Make the pattern pieces (steps 1-7) before you go jumper hunting 120cm x 120cm of cotton fabric for lining; an old bed sheet would be idealSewing threadLots of stuffing such old pillows, towels, clothes, bedding etc, or you can buy foam pieces or polyester fibre fillTwo A2-size pieces of thin paper, such as newsprint Tools50cm piece of string RulerTape measureSewing machine Scissors Dressmakers' pins Final size 60cm x 26cm

Lace underwear making Patterns Click Pattern file. Print on 2 sheets of A4 paper and cut out. Materials Another Mexican Peasant Blouse/Dress « Nicely Done May 14, 2008 by redpajamamama This dress is very different from the older blouse. The seams are unfinished, the yoke is one piece, the fabric is different, and there are no gussets. It is very comfortable to wear and would be easy to reproduce since most of the pieces are rectangles, squares, or variations of squares. The body portion is attached to the yoke with tucks. This gives a slimmer line and is certainly easier to sew.

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