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Quick fix grocery bag

Quick fix grocery bag
We had grapes this weekend. So? They were really good. Seedless white grapes and they came in one of those plastic bags, with cuts all over to make it stretchy. Hours after we had the grapes, while in the kitchen, my eye fell upon the plastic bag again. It was just a glimpse, but enough for me to hear it scream: please, make me! I found a shirt - an old favorite but hopelessly stained one (bleach* near the bottom hem). In case you want to give this super fast and easy grocery bag a try as well, keep on reading as I wrote down some instructions for you. What you need: - an old T-shirt- scissors- matching thread- a button- a piece of ribbon- sewing machine Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Take one sleeve and cut to size, such that the folded bag fits inside the sleeve (make sure to add seam allowance). As with all of my tutorials, please note, this tutorial is intended for personal use only. * the bleach stains ended up the in hem and one of the boxed corners!!

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DIY Reusable Farmer's Market Bags from Child-sized T-shirts When the weather is still cool and Spring is right around the corner, I allow myself to daydream (just a little) about summer. I don’t dwell on the humidity or the bad hair/makeup…and focus on Saturday mornings, when the farmer’s markets roll into town. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience. Like so many other eco/cost-conscious shoppers, I love to bring my own tote bag(s) to carry my bounty home. AND, I have the most amazing reusable fruit/vegetable produce bags…just not enough of them to carry everything I purchase from the farmer’s markets. Baby Bjorn Slip Cover Tutorial Have a Baby Bjorn carrier that could use an update? Or how about having the convenience of having a cover that can be slipped off and thrown in the wash? I bought a Baby Bjorn with my first baby, and loved using it with both of my boys.

Tutorial: Patchwork Wristlet Thank you to many of you who requesteda tutorial on this pouch. This wristlet,measuring approximately 6 3/4" x 5",has some fun features including three insidepockets for cards and a chap stick and a littleloop outside the pouch that holds a key chain.I have been making tons of these pouches justbecause this project is simple, easy, quick, fun,and quite addictive, so I hope you enjoy this tutorial. We start off with twenty four 2 1/4" squares.(Once again, seam allowance of 1/4" isincluded unless otherwise noted.)Twelve of them will be one side, andthe other twelve go to the back side. We now take the twelve squares that come toone side of the pouch. Then we'll makepatchwork strips of columns.

Long Overdue Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial I realized this afternoon that I basically explain this technique to an Etsy Labs visitor at least once a day, but had never put the instructions online. So, here it is. Fusing! Plastic! Stackable Scrap Bucket Pattern All posts may contain affiliate links. It is no secret that I love my scraps. Well today, I am going to share a fun project that will not only use your scraps but help you store them going forward.

How to make a quilt... kind of. Remember this post? Well, I finished before Christmas! My first quilt ever! This is what I did... feel free to make fun of me. Here's the short backstory: My sister was pregnant with baby #3 and to everyone's surprise, it was a boy... her 3rd boy! gathered clutch tutorial A huge thanks to Dana and Disney for doing such a great job of rounding up all sorts of wonderful mother's day projects! Materials needed: 1/4 yard each of three coordinating fabrics (you'll definitely have scraps leftover)8" zipper (you can always purchase a longer zipper and shorten it, just follow the directions on the packagescraps of medium weight fusible interfacingCutting the pieces: For the main exterior, cut two pieces, one 5.5" tall by 9" wide, and one 5.5" tall by 13" wide (this will be the gathered front) Pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for exterior pieces of clutch: (2) 5.5" tall by 9" wide For the front band, cut one piece 4" tall by 9" wide. Seriously, the most time consuming part for me is always picking out my fabrics and cutting them, the rest goes together pretty easy, so let's go! Take the front band piece and fold it in half the long way (right sides together) and sew together using a 1/2" seam allowance.

DIY - Soda Can Purse - The Go Green Blog I love this purse made from recycled soda cans. It is so cute and of course eco-friendly. Supplies Needed: Soda CansStapler & StaplesPurse TemplateKnife & ScissorsRulerCopierNaugahyde or Similar FabricGlueWireNail or Hole Punch Step 1 - Trace out a purse shape (including the handles) onto paper, you just need the two large sides. Neat Ripple Pattern Ahhhhhhhh look at all those hooky ripplesome ripples, aren't they glorious? I love crocheting this pattern, its relatively simple, rhythmic and soothing, but playing with colours in this way is also energising, exciting and a lot of fun. Well to me it is any road. there's something magical and mesmerising about the way the ripple effect makes the colours sing and dance next to each other, and it's a pattern I can see myself coming back to time after time.

Sewing the Handle (my favorite bag strap method) (Sidekick Sew-along Day #7) - Sew Fearless Over the last few weeks, I have been working my way through the Sidekick Mini Suitcase pattern, sharing any extra tips that didn’t make it into the pattern directions, and answering questions. The printable pattern and complete directions for the suitcase are available for purchase here. Today in the sew-along, we make the suitcase handle! This method of strap-making is a mash-up of techniques a la Amy Butler and The June Bride. No frustrating tube turning, or ugly lumpy corners here.

Enchanting Chai Sachet Enchanting Chai Sachet Blend black tea leaves with spicy essential oils for a sweet sachet steeped in love. As seen in Crafts 'n Things magazine Ipad Case Tutorial (For Personal Use Only) My husband and I are Mac fanatics, so when the Ipad first made its appearance I knew it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our home. The only problem… the cases are not my style. Video Podcast: How to Make a Handbag out of a Recycled Book » Curbly I have a penchant for purchasing stuff that’s cool, but for which I don’t have specific plans or use. Case in point: I have piles of pulp and sci-fi novels from the 40s-60s. The art and colors are amazing, and the language provides for ridiculous quotes for ages.