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Free Quilting Tutorials

Free Quilting Tutorials

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25 things to do with Fat Quarters Why are fat quarters so tempting? Do they tempt anyone else? I mean, fat quarters are for quilters right? And I don’t even quilt, but I still find myself buying them! Today I am going to show you 25 things you can do with fat quarters other than quilting. (Be sure to check out 25 Things to Do with Fabric Scraps too.

a string quilt block tutorial – paper pieced method I’m so blown away by all the wonderful comments on my string quilt, now aptly named ‘Kaleidoscope’ (many thanks to Kerri who was the first to suggest it, followed by 9 others of you who had the same thought!) I think it’s just perfect. And now, a quick tutorial – I had a few requests for a tutorial on making this type of quilt, so I figured I’d oblige (it’s the least I can do, right?). This shows the paper piecing method, which is my preferred method.

5 Circle Quilt Patterns to Try Whether you choose appliqué or pieced circles for your quilting projects, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment after quilting circles! Inevitably, your non-quilting friends will ask, “How did you do that?” Raw-edge appliquéd quilt: One of the simplest forms of circle quilts is a raw-edge appliqué design, which washes up with a softly frayed edge. The Indie Chic Circle Quilt by Liz of Simple Simon & Company is one example of this technique. Hexagon Tutorial with PLASTIC TEMPLATES 'Hexagon' tutorial everyone has been asking for... So here goes... I do a lot of my sewing in the car while traveling... so I rough cut my pieces out while in the car as well. I cut the templates 3/8" larger all the way around the template.

Scalloped Edge Basket Tutorial Sherri from Thread Riding Hood designed these little baskets, complete with a PDF pattern and full tutorial! They’re perfect for gift-giving, for organizing and we also think they’d make lovely little Easter baskets. Learn more about Sherri in her introduction, and have fun with the baskets! Binding Tutorial I receive many queries regarding quilt binding, specifically machine stitching the binding, and would like to clarify a few technical, but not difficult, binding matters. I almost always make continuous cross-grain binding, There are several very informative tutorials available online which are clear and easy to follow. I particularly like the instructions given by Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts in her quilt binding tutorial which can be found here. I do have a few of my own tips, things that work well for me: To determine the length of continuous binding needed I measure the quilt top and side, multiply by two, and add at least 25 inches. I am always rather overly generous here.

1.414: every quilter’s magic number Numbers. I confess a love/hate relationship with them. They are so unyielding; so absolute. The mathematic principles that decree my checkbook should balance refuse to yield to my creative genius. I usually get three different totals when I add up my withdrawals and subtract them from the deposits. Hexagon Tree Skirt – Tutorial – ModernHandcraft Hi friends! Continuing my Hexie Holidays projects with today’s tutorial showing you how to create a lovely Hexagon Tree Skirt! This tutorial uses the same basic steps of applying hexies to your project as my Hexagon Mini Quilt. Materials needed:

Making Mini Quilt Blocks With Just a Little Bit of Basic Math Do you have a wishlist of quilting projects you’d like to make? Does it seem like that list is constantly getting longer? In the past, quilters stitched faster and slept less in order to make as many of their wishlist quilts as possible. But recently, we’ve found a new solution: mini quilts! Making mini versions of our favorite quilt patterns allows us to make these beautiful quilts faster, and display them easily. Several pattern makers, including Thimble Blossoms and Jaybird Quilts, have started releasing mini quilt patterns.

I Dance in Circles Making this quilt felt a little bit like dancing. It is full of color and movement, and just the right touch of sexy. But don't be scared of all those curves; I assure you -- not a single pin or template was used in their construction. In case you don't remember me, I'm Tracey; I blog at traceyjay quilts. And for this quilt, I dance in circles.