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Crayon Roll

Crayon Roll
I have been looking for a crayon roll/holder tutorial but can’t seem to find one. I have found plenty of these little holders for sale but no directions. So here is my version. And if anyone finds/has other instructions, let me know and we can link them. **These instructions were created for my daughter’s long erasable crayons that are almost twice as long as a standard crayon. You’ll Need: 2 pieces of fabric – 14 x 21 and 8 x 21 (inches)1 piece of ribbon – 20 inches long, give or take.Matching thread **All seams are to be made at 1/2 inch. First, cut out your pieces of fabric… And then fold them in half, lengthwise. Then on the smaller piece of fabric, make a seam right along the fold, close to the edge. Then open up the larger piece of fabric and lay the smaller one on top, matching the two raw edges of the smaller one with the one raw edge of the bigger piece. Sew along all 3 sides (not the fold) leaving a 4 inch gap at the bottom, so that you can turn it right side out. Related posts: Related:  Creativite / RécupSewing

DIY / tutos - DIY étiquette en… - DIY Nuage en 1… - DIY / tuto… - DIY / tuto --- box… - C'est l'avent… - DIY / PQ rolls une… - DIY / tuto étoile… - DIY porte-clés… - tuto sapin au… - DIY & tuto ange en… - le test gomme à… - DIY broche en cuir Jeudi 5 septembre 2013 4 05 /09 /Sep /2013 10:48 Monsieur Bosch et moi on est copain, (j'aime cette marque depuis que je bricole) J'ai donc la chance de pouvoir tester un nouveau pistolet à colle en forme de stylo, il est petit, léger et maniable, cet outil est génial car il est sans fil, les avantages du Lithium et du collage à chaud. Le Gluepen est toujours disponible et prêt à l'emploi. (à condition de le mettre à recharger) De plus la colle chaude permet un temps de collage très court et peu de pression d'attache. Le Gluepen permet de travailler proprement car pas de colle qui coule et le débit de est réglable facilement par la pression faite sur la gâchette. Ultra rapide et ultra simple d'utilisation: on insère le bâton de colle, allume l'appareil et on attend 15 secondes - il est prêt à l'emploi. J'ai testé une façon de fabriquer des petits moules pour fimo, Je fait couler la colle chaude sur un petit sujet que j'ai préalablement recouvert d'une fine couche de vaseline. super facile à faire,

DIY Geek Shoes, I Want To Make ‘Em – D E F E C T I V E G E E K S These geeky DIY (Do-It-Yourself) shoes started showing up on my Pinterest page and I thought they were pretty rad. I would love to make some myself but I know I’m too much of a lazy bastard to even get around to it. Still, I decided to use the power of Google search and comply a list of tutorials of these fashionably, nerdy shoes. I love these Batman flats! You can find the how-to instructions on this website: Cut Out and Keep. These R2-D2 inspired shoes are actually painted by nerdporn on! Geekfemme on blogspot has a bunch of photos from a nerdy-shoe-making party she hosted. From that same party,’s Clone War heels turned out super cute. I also discovered her blog post on these incredible Doctor Who shoes (that I can never own) by Lonely-Soles.

hungry caterpillar line art 720 × 241 - DIY Cereal Box Gift Tags With Christmas right around the corner, there are a million things to do in the way of decorating, list making, gift buying and travel planning. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve resolved to have a handmade holiday. Because DIY projects can be a bit of an investment and a little more work, I like to focus on ones that will serve me year round (while staying season-appropriate). What’s more Christmas-appropriate than a gift tag (…besides a Christmas tree)?? In addition to sprucing up pretty packages, I plan on using these for all kinds of decor. You’ll Need Cereal BoxesScissorsA paper punch in the shape of a gift tag – this would save you a lot of time and guarantee perfect alignment, but you can cut your tag shapes by hand if you prefer! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. TIP: If you’re making faux-gifts to decorate with, use unbleached muslin for wrapping. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! you might also like

stamp tutorial (Hearts Afire, 12" x 12", hand-carved stamps on heavy watercolor paper, 2007) (This tutorial can also be purchased as an e-book from both and Barnes and Nobel.) Every artist needs primary source material. Primary source material is original images, sketches, drawings and photographs that the artist herself has generated without the aid of any outside sources. In other words, the shot you snapped of light reflecting off water, the sketch you made of your kitty, or the watercolor landscape you painted a few years ago is your primary source material. Finding PSM becomes challenging (and often disheartening) if you're an artist like me who doesn't draw. That very fact alone nearly stopped me dead in my tracks years ago, when the desire for making art began to bubble inside me in earnest. So how does an artist who can't, don't, or won't draw get original imagery into their art? Let's get to it. Corrugated Cardboard Stamps What You'll Do: To Clean: wipe gently with a damp cloth Voila!

hungry caterpillar line art 720 × 241 - 600 × 323 - 1200 × 1049 - 1200 × 1607 - DIY / tutos - DIY champignons en… - DIY / tuto galon… - DIY / tuto… - DIY petits cintres… - DIY tie and dye - DIY p'ti stamp - Coccinelle en… - DIY & tuto noeud en… - DIY & Craft petits… - DIY mini cupcake en… - DIY et tuto étoile… - doudou en crochet… Vendredi 12 avril 2013 5 12 /04 /Avr /2013 10:18 Chez nous on perd sans cesse les élastiques et chouchous, c'est à se demander où ils se cachent car on les retrouve jamais, c'est un truc de fou quand même, je sais pas vous? Bon bref, j'ai des collants et leggings qui étaient prêts à partir à la poub, mais comme toujours avant de jeter je réfléchis et me pose la question... puis-je recycler? hihi ça peut durer un instant. Et là pour le coup, le côté stretch des collants surtout les épais m'ont donné une idée, en coupant de larges rondelles de saucisson ça doit bien faire des élastiques. j'en coupe un bout pour voir aux ciseaux et test sur ma splendide crinière. Mais c'est super! rooo comme je suis contente de moi, vite faut que je dépose le truc avant Nabila à moi la richesse!! je fais la petite danse de la victoire yep! sous les yeux ahuris de ma fille qui soupire de désespoir. pffff tant pis même pas honte. Je prends l'APN, me colle à la fenêtre pour le tuto je tranche dans la matière avec plaisir, ooooo

Most inspiring pictures and photos - Log in Username PasswordForgot password ? creative Inspiring images © All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. hungry caterpillar line art 720 × 241 - 600 × 323 - 1200 × 1049 - 1200 × 1607 -

Tutorial ...heute bekam ich ein ganz feines Päckchen zugeschickt und zwar von.. Tchibo. Ja, da gibt es nicht nur Kaffee... sondern auch solch tolle DIY-Utensilien für Hobby-Näher(innen) und ich darf an einem kleinen Nähwettstreit teilnehmen und für euch eine kleine DIY-Idee umsetzen... Romantisches Kosmetiktäschchen Und so geht's: Ihr benötigt: 2 x Stoff für außen, 13 x 23 cm 2 x Stoff für innen (die Größe ergibt sich später, ca. 21 x 18 cm) 2 x Stoff für das schmale Oberteil, 5 x 18 cm 2 x Bügelvlies zur Verstärkung 11 x 21 cm 2 x Bügelvlies zur Verstärkung 3 x 16 cm Reißverschluss ca. 18 cm lang Satinband Ein Knopf Stoff für die Rosette (ca. 10 x 10 cm) Alle Stoffteile und das Vlies ausschneiden und das Bügelvlies auf den Außenstoff bügeln (evtl. Am großen Außenstoff an einer Längsseite die Mitte markieren und jeweils 2,5 cm von der Mitte lins und rechts eine Markierung machen und an dieser den Stoff in die Mitte falten. Den schmalen Stoff an dieser Längsseite feststecken und festnähen.

Reversible Coffee Cozy Mandy's Krafty Exploits Pages This Blog Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Reversible Coffee Cozy Well, this project seemed easy - but I just couldn't get it! - Two coordinating fabrics (1/4 yard each)- Insul-Bright (1/4 yard)- 2 buttons - Elastic- Standard sewing equipment (Machine, rotary cutter/mat, tracing paper, pins)- Cozy pattern or cardboard cozy to traceFor the fabric, I traced around a cardboard cozy I already had and added 1/4" all the way around. Make a loop with your elastic and lay the loop side on the right side of the fabric and on the inside on the fabric. Lay your fabric right sides together, making sure the loop is in between them and all you see is the tails of the elastic. Pin!!! Take care to clean up an Insul-Bright "dust" from your machine - it can be nasty! Flip it right side out. I hadn't cut off the corner yet, but if you look closely at the bottom, you can see where I left a gap for flipping. Iron it and sew a top stitch all the way around. Email ThisBlogThis! 2 comments:

DIY No-Sew Portable Travel Dinosaur Playmat with Free Printable Template Disclosure: I was compensated by Oscar Mayer for this post and the creation of this kit. I was not swayed in any way by compensation! As always, I only take sponsored post opportunities that I love. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. When I was asked to be a part of Oscar Mayer's new #Sanewich campaign, I was thrilled. Whether it's a car appointment, a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment, or any of a multitude of other daily-life appointments, our kids often need to spend a fair bit of timing waiting in waiting rooms. To start, let's take a closer look at our Waiting Room Kit! This is what our DIY playmat looks like all rolled up. And unrolled. Another view of the natural wildlife. As an extra precaution against boredom, you can also include a dinosaur activity book in your Waiting Room kit. And having snacks handy is always a win with the littles. Are you ready to make a Dinosaur Playmat now? You'll need the following: Sharp scissors Hot glue gun Ribbon scrap 2.

Loose Leaf Tea? Make Your Own Tea Bags! Like many of you, I LOVE loose leaf tea. However, I'm always looking for cute and creative solutions to use my tea. These D.I.Y. tea bags are super cute. I think they would make amazing gifts! Here's how you can make your own... Supplies needed: Coffee filters, Scissors, Sewing machine, Loose tea leaves, Stapler, Embroidery thread, Paper for tags (construction paper, old book pages, etc.), Optional: Spices (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, ground ginger, etc.) Step 1 - Cut two coffee filters into a rectangle. Step 2 - Stitch the filters together on three sides, leaving one of the smaller sides open. Step 3 - Fill the teabag with the loose tea leaves. Step 4 - Stitch the top of the tea bag closed. Step 5 - Fold down the corners, placing a 3-4in. piece of embroidery thread under one of the flaps. Step 6 - Fold the tip of the tea bag down, and use a stapler to hold it shut. Step 7 - Cut paper tags and glue, stitch, or staple them to the ends of your embroidery thread.

Lined Canvas Diaper Box You can find almost anything on Pinterest…it’s true. Upon wasting my time searching the other day, I found a fantastic tutorial on upcycling diaper boxes. Hmmm…what could I do with this? Oh, yes – toys scattered all about our living room floor: check, a desire to get said toys put away when not in use: check, cute fabric laying there staring at me: check! I decided to take on this project! I changed some things from this tutorial I found, but you could use either hers or mine. What you’ll need Diaper Box Canvas fabric (1 yard covered two diaper boxes) Measuring tape Spray adhesive Craft glue Scissors (or rotary cutter and mat) Here’s how Cut the flaps off of your box. Measure the outside width and length of the box. Width Length Cut your fabric Mine was 25 x 31 Center your box on the canvas. Measure out from corner of the box (to the corner of your fabric) 2 inches and mark it with a pin. Don’t forget to cut the 2 inches from the pin toward the box. Semi-finished product