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Petticoat Tutorial

Petticoat Tutorial
For the last year, I have been looking for a petticoat- I know this might sound a little strange but I wanted something frilly and white to go under my skirts or even be worn as a skirt and to pair with my extensive collection of knee high boots! I had a very specific "vision" of what I wanted in my head and finally gave up my search and decided it was time to just make one for myself (like everything else-if I can't afford it or find it- I MAKE IT!). Since I didn't have a pattern, I made my own from an old skirt. While I don't wear it anymore, I loved the shape and design which was a little bit A-line- just what I wanted for my petticoat! Start by cutting up an old skirt to use as a pattern (or use a pattern!) Cut out the pattern from fabric. (I used muslin for my petticoat) Cut out lots and lots of strips of fabric for the ruffles. To create the ruffles- sew a straight stitch down the edge of the strip. Pull the top thread until you have a ruffle the more ruffles the fluffier it will be!

Anthropologie Pratia Tank Top Tutorial February 6, 2010 1:59 pm Per popular demand, here is the Pratia tank tutorial! Start off with a t-shirt or tank top. What I did was get a larger t-shirt so I could gather it at bottom like the pratia tank. Measure your neckline and get a piece of chiffon that length and fold it in half. Pin it to the inside of your neckline with it peeking out. Since I cut the sleeves off my T, I wanted to finish the edges. Stitch it. I highly recommend interfacing where you are going to be adding the embellishments, otherwise it’s going to sag. For the flower pieces, here is the shape and dimensions I used. Fold your pieces in half and cut that petal shape out. I used the extra sleeve pieces, cream chiffon(the kind that won’t fray) and another grey jersey I had. How many do you need? Lay two petals on top of one another, as shown. I did a small ‘X’ shape to stitch them so they stay in place. Just add more, and more, and more, and more………(It’s time consuming. Here’s how it will look after. Now it’s done!

Charlotte Russe Inspired Skirt I fell in love with this skirt from Charlotte Russe: However, it was a little too short for my taste. I figured I could make one myself, so I did. 33K+ I know I don't quite have the legs of the 5'11" model. I'm stuck with my 5'2" legs and a crappy camera, but I'm still happy with how the skirt turned out. Do you want to make one for yourself, as well? Materials needed: - 2 1/4 yds cargo/khaki fabric - 1/2 yd tulle - Invisible zipper - Coordinating thread - Upholstery thread (optional) * All seams allowances 5/8" unless otherwise noted. 1. 2. - skirt (3 pieces) 16 3/4" x 26 1/4" (length of skirt - 5 1/4" seam allowances, waistband, and ruffle; bottom of skirt divided by 2 + 1 1/4" seam allowances) - waistband (2 pieces) 6 1/4" x 17 3/4" (hip measurement divided by 2 + 2 1/4" seam allowances and waistband angle) - ruffle (3 pieces) 9 1/4" strips fabric, (3 pieces) 5 1/8" tulle * Cut the skirt pieces first, then the waistband, then the ruffle pieces. 4. 5. Then cut along the drawn line. 6. 7. 8.

Gathered Summer Skirt - free skirt pattern Well, it took me a while, but it’s here at last. Do you remember I wrote a while back about a skirt I wore during the Cayman Islands first ever sewing meet up? Robin suggested I should sew a skirt like the one I was wearing, and immediately I knew it was a great idea and got to work. Summer is here at last. The design for this skirt was copied from a Ready To Wear skirt I already owned and loved. I think you’ll love it too. How to sew a Gathered Skirt for summer This skirt has 3 different tiers, a loose comfy fit and an elastic waist. Download the Gathered Summer Skirt pattern You can download the pattern and instructions for the Gathered Summer Skirt from my design account at Craftsy. Don’t go gathering mad! This skirt has a lot of gathering, over long pieces of fabric so do check out the earlier post about how to gather using dental floss – written totally in response to the trouble I was having with this skirt! Enjoy your new skirt! Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy

Sarah at Welcome to the Good Life WOO HOO! Call me a big nerd but my heart's pounding because i'm so excited and honored to be here!!! my name is Sarah and i keep a blog over at Welcome to the gOOd life. it's a diary written by me (and sometimes by my hilarious husband) of the good and the ugly as a wife, a stay at home mom, raising two kids under three-just a year apart, and also my weekly DIY sewing projects. so should we get on to my DIY project? picture from an anthropologie review blog. i think i literally gasped when i saw this top online. i instantly fell in love and knew i had to have it! i bought 2 white shirts, one in xs which is my size and one in large. i got the large shirt in round neck for more fabric while i got the xs in a scoopneck. you'll need: 2 shirts scissors matching thread pins estimated time: 1-2 hrs. project cost: very reasonable(mine was $8 for both shirts) skill level: advanced beginner to intermediate 1. take the large shirt and cut it into two pieces, a front and the back piece. 4. and you're finished!

Boho Maxi Dress This dress is an incredibly easy make. By now you may have realized that I'm all about the simple projects. I'm far from being a master seamstress, I just work with what I know and try to learn as I go. I've never actually owned a maxi dress before, but now I might be hooked. They're so comfy and they have the added benefit of hiding my neglected, less-than-hairless legs. Want to make one too?? Materials: 1 4/5 yd Extra Stretchy Jersey Knit (60"wide) (You want a lightweight knit. 1/3 yd Trim Fabric Dye I know that there are many of you out there who have a fear of sewing with knit. A couple of things to keep in mind when sewing with knit... Let the material go at it's own pace when feeding through the machineUse a zig zag stitch or a stretch stitch. Tutorial: Fold your panel of fabric in half along the 60" side. Because it was so huge, it was difficult to get a decent pic of this I drew up this nice little chart instead. Sew everywhere you see the white dashed line. Dye: You'll need:

Free sewing pattern - Summer Drape Top The latest release in my range of free sewing patterns and tutorials – the Summer Drape Top. Designed for softly draping knit fabrics, this blouse is easy to make, flattering, cool and strappy, with tummy covering draping and a rounded hemline in the front. And I’ve made it with wide enough straps that you should be able to wear a bra with only minimal straps peaking through at the back. The Summer Drape Top comes in a one-size fits most design. This is a long post including lots of photos, all about how to print and piece your digital pattern, cut your fabric and a full step by step photo tutorial on how to stitch your top. Where to get your free sewing pattern for the Summer Drape Top Download the Summer Drape Top Pattern You can download the pattern and instructions for the Summer Drape Top from my design account at Craftsy. Trouble downloading or printing? Constructing your PDF pattern. First time you’ve used a digital pattern? Once you have all 12 pieces, keep them in order.

Lace T-shirt Refashion tutorial | Craftaholics Anonymous Well, hello fellow craft addicts! I’m thrilled to be visiting over here in Linda’s lovely space. I’m from over at the Crafty Cupboard, where I like to share my fun projects. I mostly sew, but I love simple, easy décor projects too. (all of these lace-infused tops were found at ModCloth, my go-to-source for good knock-off ideas) I like to keep my shoulders and such covered, so that pretty much rules me out of the lace goodness without the undershirt beneath breaking up the loveliness. All you need to get the look is some stretch lace and a t-shirt (plus, you know, sewing stuff.). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. The great thing about a spruced-up tee is that it is suddenly OK for date night! And I already have the fixin’s for a few more of these shirts… I’m itching for a full-fronted lace shirt now! I’m so glad I got to hang with you today! Share and Enjoy Hi!

20 Minute Cinch Tee So I was looking through the clearance rack at Target the other day, hoping to find some cheap tees to dress up with reverse applique. I was frustrated to find that nearly all of their clearance rack tees were at least 3 sizes too big. I like to buy my shirts to be a little big, but not that big. So I had a thought. Why not just cinch in the waist so that I could have a cute tunic to wear with leggings (my new obsession)? And yes, it actually worked! Materials: Oversized Tee 1/2 Wide Elastic Matching Thread Tutorial: Measure elastic around the smallest part of your waist. Sew the ends together. Turn your tee inside out. Pull the tee through your elastic hoop. Pin elastic to the shirt at both seams. This is where it gets a little tricky. Now sew all the way around using a zig zag stitch. Don't fret about getting this absolutely perfect. And that's it! Pair with some leggings and boots for a cute, fall look! You can even add a little belt for extra cuteness (:

The Domesticated Skirt for tutorial, scroll down and "read more" I love being a girl. A wife. A mother. A homemaker. I’m proud of my job and this skirt is my salute to my chosen profession. Doesn’t that sound noble? Domesticated Skirt: a skirt for around the house, but way cuter than a house dress. And when your child wipes their nose and/or peanut butter encrusted face across your hip: just open flip around and you’re good to go. This is about as basic as sewing can get. tutorial after the jump The Domesticated Skirt tutorial I started with three coordinating cotton prints: two for the body of the skirt and one for the bias tape trim and ties. I went with some Darlene Zimmerman feedsack inspired prints from the Granny line by Chanteclair. This skirt is kind of one-size-fits-most, and I ended up needing about 3/4 yard of all three. I wanted it to be knee length. Then I measured my waist around, divided by two. With both the main fabrics folded, lay them on top of each other plum cut along that line, both fabrics

Joyful Ruffle Neck Top – Tutorial Last week I showed you the top I made for my MIL’s B-day, remember? Well today is My Mom’s B-day! So Feliz Cumpleaños Mamá!! And as part of the celebration, I will show you how to make this top! Maybe it can be the Mom’s B-day Top!! The process is not very complicated and if you are making one for yourself I will describe the measurements I took, so you can adapt them to fit you. For the top I used some left overs I had of red polka-dot Chiffon, and I wear the top with something under it because the fabric is see trough, but you can make it with your choice of fabric, so you can wear it alone. Top Front: The width for this piece is your bust, I added to my measurement 1 inch on each side for the folding, plus 1.5 inches on each side for comfort. [Click Images to Enlarge] I love this top, is so comfortable and the ruffles make me feel very girly Let me know if you make it I will love to see, Happy Sewing! * This tutorial is provided for personal, non-commercial use only.

Yoga Pants *This tutorial was featured for National Sewing Month 2012 at FaveCraftsBlog!* My love of yoga pants began way before I actually tried yoga. But now that I'm actually attempting some classes at the Rec, my obsession is only perpetuating. I know this might seem like an intimidating project but, it's honestly so much easier than most clothing projects. And did I mention they are the most comfortable thing I own? Wanna make some too? *Note* A serger is recommended but certainly not required for this project. Assume 1/4" seam allowances. Materials: A pair of well-fitting yoga pants (to copy a pattern from) 3/4 yd. 1/2 yd. RIT Liquid Dye (Optional) Tutorial: Pre-wash your fabric! Pick out your favorite yoga pants to use as a guide in this tutorial. Turn them inside out and find where all four seams of the pants come together. Pinch here and down the inseam of the pants so that you isolate one pattern piece of the pants. For whatever reason, the front pattern piece is always easier to trace. Sew.

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial I love to spice up dresses and jeans with long summer vest. In my last visit to Target I found a few very cool and super cheap items, I already showed you what I did with this dress. So now I wanted to show what I did with two T-shirts, I also used a little piece of lace for the back, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like lace. I really liked that the T-shirts were very soft and a thin material, thinner than normal cotton T-shirts. Do you like it? This was a very cool and not so complicated project, I recommend you to measure your back because in my case I ended up liking the back a little bit more tight than the full width of the back shirt, that is why I gather the extra material in the lace, as you can see on the pictures of the back, so before you finalize the back try it on and make sure you are comfortable with the width. I love how it looks with a belt on, it’s almost like a very thin cardigan =] * This tutorial is provided for personal, non-commercial use only.

Princess Seamed Bodice Pattern Generator | Creation | Cut Out Fill in the blanks and follow the directions to create your own waist-length princess seamed bodice! I have done something amazing! I have used Excel to create a princess seamed bodice pattern generator, and I'm letting anyone and everyone use it! You won't be able to change anything but the purple cells (to keep mean people from stealing it), but those are the only ones you need to be able to mess with. All you do is take your measurements, put them in the appropriate purple block, and follow the directions. This is not the last version I'm going to make. The software I used was Microsoft Office Excel 2007.