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Sewing Patterns, PDF Sewing Patterns, Sewing Videos Sewing Patterns, Easy Online PDF Sewing Patterns and Sewing Videos, for Beginners, the Best Sewing Pattern Downloads. Unless otherwise stated, all patterns are drafted in sizes 6-22 This is probably about the simplest form of garment you can imagine for your wardrobe. However it is the most useful and you will never tire of making it.

Dixie DIY: indie pattern company (my finished hot cocoa sweater pattern as it looks in Adobe Illustrator) Ok ladies and gents, get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in. We're getting deep into the seething underbelly of this pattern drafting thing. First we're gonna get that sucker on the computer then we're gonna draw up some charts and graphs and after that we'll gonna slice 'er open and check out all those crazy mathematical insides.

Stretch fabrics and fit Recently, I received an email from Carole. Carole just got herself a brand new Wiggle skirt pattern and she had a question: “Does this pattern really need a fabric with 50% stretch? Would it work with a fabric that has 20% stretch? Would I have to use a larger size to compensate for the difference in stretch, or add some ease to the pattern?” What an excellent question. Applying Golden Section Concepts to WW2 Suits « 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World I’m making the View 2 Jacket from Advance 2960 for Sherry’s RTW Tailoring Sewalong. Thanks to miserly cutting, I (probably) have enough fabric left to make a slim skirt. I already have an a-line skirt with an inverted front pleat so I won’t use the pattern’s skirt.

well-suited: Pattern Puzzle - The Pocket Drape Last Saturday we all enjoyed a fab conversation about the #PatternPuzzle. As a bonus Julie's friend, Lynn Hoffman, shared a fashion history connection with our puzzle and an 1880's polonaise jacket. When posting the sketch of the puzzle I included images of the historic reference. It is interesting to see how Lynn made the pattern shape connection with the drape and waterfall of these historic garments. The design for this puzzle is in fact 15 years old. Asymmetric skirt This is the first adaptation from my Basic Pencil skirt pattern I made a few weeks ago. It’s all about showing you how easy it can be to start from there and create the skirt of your dreams. I like asymmetric shapes but as keeping it easy is always my intention, I used a draped front you can close with hooks. You don’t need to install complicated zippers or buttons and I think sewing on a hook is very relaxing.

Be My Baby Pattern Wrap yourself up in the Be My Baby's warm embrace this winter. This non-bulky sleeve-sweater hybrid has the simple shape and form of a scarf and at the same time the practical functionality of a sleeve. Super cozy and comfy, the Be My Baby is ridiculously multi-functional. Pair it with a top for effortless style on milder days or wear it under your winter coat to stay extra warm. The Be My Baby sleeves are knitted using Sugar Baby Alpaca and the scarf section is knitted using a combination of Sugar Baby Alpaca and Shiny Happy Cotton

Шьём легко и просто GoldenGala выкройка полочки будет выглядеть примерно, как на фото ниже ....только с небольшими изменениями ( красный пунктир ).... на фотохостинг → ещё , похожий вариант только с другим рукавом и без закруглённых снизу полочек на фотохостинг → Рукав. Базовую выкройку рукава разрезаете ,как на фотографии , раздвигаете = получаете рукав -крылышко For the love of it: Women on farms take knitting online - ABC Rural Updated Women spanning four generations of the wool industry are fulfilling their love of knitting by taking part in a home grown online venture. I imagined they would tell me I had rocks in my head Annabel Scott, founder, Wool with Love "Wool With Love" is the brainchild of Yass New South Wales born and bred farm girl Annabel Scott, who now resides on her own family farm, just outside of Cootamundra. Frustrated that she could not find any woollen clothes for her young children, Mrs Scott wondered if she could empower older women living on nearby farms to knit jumpers which could be sold online to the masses.

Queanbeyan's guerrilla knitters get crafty QUEANBEYAN is set for a warm and woolly makeover this October as a group of not-so-renegade residents gear up to 'yarn bomb' the town. Queanbeyan resident Lori Mancell is organising a 'yarn bomb' which will see parts of the town covered in knitted creations. Photo: Kim Pham.