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Sewing Patterns, PDF Sewing Patterns, Sewing Videos Sewing Patterns, Easy Online PDF Sewing Patterns and Sewing Videos, for Beginners, the Best Sewing Pattern Downloads. Unless otherwise stated, all patterns are drafted in sizes 6-22 This is probably about the simplest form of garment you can imagine for your wardrobe. However it is the most useful and you will never tire of making it. The Jeans Sewing Pattern is easier to sew than you think. One of the very best coat designs. The man's cut shirt. A classic T-shirt shape. A classic Pencil Skirt Sewing Pattern is a must sew for anyone wanting a versatile, wearable wardrobe that is equipped for every occasion. Vest for every day Just a shift. The very useful Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern. A great shape for an elegant jersey dress. Trousers for smarter occasions perhaps. A classic jersey T-shirt shape. Just a simple t-shirt shape. Jersey shift with a stand collar. This is a very popular download. This soft tailored jacket is the easiest of jackets to sew. Another coat.

Marvelous Designer 4.5|CLO3D 4-03| MD3 Enterprise[2013, MULTILANG] muczika писал(а): havanalibere писал(а): Привет всем! Удалось ли уже кому-нибудь из вас изменить размеры модели? Работает, всё работает, модель нужно загружать другую, не ту что по дефолту грузится когда открываешь программу, на сайте пройводителя есть видео урок. Спасиба за ответ, ну где же взять другую модель? Я понял что вы простых путей не ищите, правильно, простой путь - удел слабых. eBay acquires PhiSix, which lets users try on 3D clothes virtually While online shopping can make buying the latest gear easier, there are some downsides -- like not being able to try on clothes. eBay appears to be all too aware of this issue, especially when it comes to item returns. In an effort to make it easier for shoppers and to cut down on returns, the e-commerce giant announced on Wednesday that it acquired 3D virtual clothing try-on company PhiSix. PhiSix is a computer graphics company that creates 3D models of jeans, button-up shirts, dresses, and other clothing from photos, pattern files, and other sources. "PhiSix's technology enables consumers to understand the fit and movement of clothes in an online shopping environment," eBay vice president of Innovation and New Ventures Steve Yankovich said in a statement. Not only can users see how an item will fit, but the technology also recommends sizes for people based on their measurements. PhiSix was founded in 2012 by former Intel research scientist Jonathan Su.

Dixie DIY: indie pattern company (my finished hot cocoa sweater pattern as it looks in Adobe Illustrator) Ok ladies and gents, get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in. We're getting deep into the seething underbelly of this pattern drafting thing. First we're gonna get that sucker on the computer then we're gonna draw up some charts and graphs and after that we'll gonna slice 'er open and check out all those crazy mathematical insides. Vague references to hog butchery aside, this is the tricky bit in the pattern company process and requires some attention. I'm assuming most of you know some basics about pattern making and terminology. Getting the base paper pattern on to the computer There are two ways (maybe there's more but I'm only writing about two) to digitize a pattern. Here's an explanation of how to do the scanner method. (a bodice piece that I'm going to digitize) I tape each piece on to my big grid cutting mat. From there I remove seam allowances if the paper pieces had them. (scaling in Illustrator)

Руководство для Marvelous Designer 2 и CLO3D - Хэлп на русском. Перевод с пояснениями от YN3. gizmodo Sabrina - Student Designer: "How to Calculate Your Bust Dart Size: The Formula that Takes the Guess-work out of FBAs and SBAs" When you look in Pattern-making books they usually have a table of standard measurements including either the bust dart width, or it's angle in degrees. These "standard measurements" are for a B-cup, which means that if you are not a B-cup, you have to draft the pattern and then do either a Small Bust Adjustment or a Full Bust Adjustment. But how do they get these numbers? What is a bust dart's function? So to find out the bust dart's width at the side seam,you measure your front from the neck point the red dot over the apex (the green dot on the drawing), and thence straight down to your waistline = F; (this measurement is the orange line in the picture)then measure from the red dot down your back to your waistline = B; (this is the red line)subtract B from F and you have your bust dart width, which is the difference between your front bodice length, and your back bodice length. Now for a little trigonometry. How to Find Your Bust Dart Angle for Patternmaking in Fashion Sabrina

3D Scanning, Hacking, and Printing in Art Museums, for the Masses «3D Printing. You've heard the term everywhere lately, from Popular Science magazine to tech blogs, to President Obama's State of the Union address. Advocates of this technology claim that 3D printers will revolutionize manufacturing, health care, education, design, space exploration, time travel, and countless other fields. While they may not help us travel back in time, 3D printers sure are neat, and new applications of these tools are being developed every day.» At the Met, we've been exploring ways that 3D technologies can be used by everyday visitors to enhance their museum experience. Knowing that not everyone has a 3D printer or amazing tech skills, my team and I are focusing on tools and activities that are accessible to a wide range of people. The first step in your journey is to get a digital model to play with. If you're visiting the Museum, it's not hard to make your own models using nothing but a digital camera and free program called 123D Catch.

How to Use Quarter Scale Patterns in Design Clothing Patterns 101 › Basic Pattern Drafting Techniques › How to Use Quarter Scale Patterns Small-sized patterns allow you to experiment without the use of cumbersome, full-sized patterns. (The images, above, are much smaller than a true quarter scale - get a printable set of the dress patterns or pant patterns (by clicking the blue links), glue them to cardstock, and use them over and over again!) You'll use these diminutive patterns to learn and practice pattern drafting techniques. When you learn the slash-and-spread technique, for example, you'll do a lot of tracing, cutting, and tracing again to get the shape you want. Why do that with a cumbersome, full-size pattern? With a small-sized pattern, you can practice the technique over and over until you feel comfortable - and each attempt will only use a single sheet of paper. When you are designing a new item, how do you know your ideas will work? How do you achieve the look you're going for? And it's fun! Time to get started!

3D Laser Body Scanner-Shanghai Shuzao electrical technology co., LTD 3D Laser body scanner scanning data Technical parameters : 1) scan head number: 4 2) camera resolution: 640X480 3) Scanning Method: linar Laser scanning 4) scanning range: 1000 mm x 800 MMX 2000 mm (high) 5): scanning accuracy is better than 1%; 6) scanning point space: 1~ 2.5mm( can be set) 7) the whole body scan points: 10~30 million. 8) scanning speed: 50~120mm/s adjustable, typically 10 seconds. 9) size : 2000mmX2000mmX2500mm Optional body measurement software(TC2), containing the following functions: * Can automatically measure more than 120 important human dimension * Scanning data visualization * Support for multiple scanning, such as standing and sitting * Automatic data processing * 3D visualization. Advantages. 1 full scan, no dead area; 2 laser also ring high speed scanning, scanning is not afraid of human; 3 fast scan, the scanning time of less than 20 seconds; 4. Applications: Human body measument virtual dressing 3D body scan and 3D printing