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s Blog - Archive - Recent This article is a review about the Rigging Automation and Tools Development Class that I took at back in Fall 2013, it’s my personal experience and I would like to share it with the students who are looking to enroll in this class. So what you will read in this article is not meant to be a tutorial, it’s just a review of what you will expect at AnimSchool’s Automation Class, and I will include some hints I’ve learnt within it. First off, I’m coming from artistic background, so I don’t have any programming experience from a university or even from a studio! Five years ago, I’ve learnt MEL scripting by myself; which was like a nightmare for me, I just used it to run several Maya functions that makes my work process a little bit faster! After that, I’ve did knew somehow that Python is much easier to learn than MEL, so I start searching for good tutorials around the net and I found that Chad Vernon; the guy who made the cvShapeInverter script! (more…)

Руководство для Marvelous Designer и CLO3D — !РУКОВОДСТВО CLO3D | MD Archive Ограничивающий Объем окружает каждую часть аватара и имеет форму цилиндра. Точки Расположения размещаются на Распределении Ограничивающего Объема (по поверхности цилиндрической формы). Так как каждый конец цилиндра Распределения Ограничивающего Объема привязан к каждой точке-манипулятору на аватаре, то Точки Расположения могут быть легко перемещены в новые позиции после изменения размеров или позы аватара. Распределение Ограничивающего Объема может быть добавлено, удалено или отредактировано, как Точки Расположения. Задача Показать, добавить, удалить, разместить, открыть и сохранить Распределение Ограничивающего Объема. Расположение Object Browser > Arrangement BV > Add, Delete, Fitting, Open, Save Функционирование Чтобы увидеть Распределение Ограничивающего Объема, Кликните на маленькую кнопку со стрелкой (рядом с кнопкой «Показать Аватар» на панели инструментов в Окне Аватара и выберите пункт «Показать Распределение Ограничивающего Объема (Show Arrangement Bounding Volume)»

Technology - FreeD How does it work The proprietary freeD™ technology, which stands for Free Dimensional Video, will enable the next evolutionary step in video and the moving image. Up until now, video, broadcasting, and film has consisted of cameras capturing two-dimensional image data, which is essentially a sequence of changing flat “pixels” that represent reality. These images are then processed by either post-production facilities, or by ever-growing consumer applications, and end up transmitted and shared digitally. Our technology works by capturing reality not as just a two-dimensional representation, but as a true three-dimensional scene, comprised of three-dimensional “pixels” that faithfully represent the fine details of the scene. This information is stored as a freeD™ database, which can then be tapped to produce (render) any desired viewing angle from the detailed information. About The Cameras We are currently using cutting-edge technology with Teledyne Dalsa Falcon 2 cameras.

eBay acquires PhiSix, which lets users try on 3D clothes virtually While online shopping can make buying the latest gear easier, there are some downsides -- like not being able to try on clothes. eBay appears to be all too aware of this issue, especially when it comes to item returns. In an effort to make it easier for shoppers and to cut down on returns, the e-commerce giant announced on Wednesday that it acquired 3D virtual clothing try-on company PhiSix. PhiSix is a computer graphics company that creates 3D models of jeans, button-up shirts, dresses, and other clothing from photos, pattern files, and other sources. "PhiSix's technology enables consumers to understand the fit and movement of clothes in an online shopping environment," eBay vice president of Innovation and New Ventures Steve Yankovich said in a statement. Not only can users see how an item will fit, but the technology also recommends sizes for people based on their measurements. PhiSix was founded in 2012 by former Intel research scientist Jonathan Su.

The World's Best Photos of dwarapala Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies. All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them. Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: tags(keywords); Flickr photography groups; Flickr users, their contacts, and favorites; free text; the Flickr Explore algorithm for interestingness.

Marvelous Designer 2 Здравствуйте,... попалась мне в руки замечательная, просто гениальная программа Marvelous Designer 2... мне не на фабрике работать, а нужно просто про быстрому... смоделировать одежду(программка будет очень полезна студентам дизайнерам одежды)... за 15 минут, даже новичок, только что открывший программу сможет сделать несложную модель.......Приведу небольшой пример. Скачаем, установим, запустим программу.Видим маникен в одежде, он нам не нужен, нажимаем создать новый файл.На "рабочем столе"(это та половина, которая в клеточку) рисуем прямоугольник, инструментом Creat Rectengle Pattern.В панели Property Editor(это самая правая) видим Material нажимаем под ней Global Map, откроется окно выбора изображения(так по сути текстуру выбирают) открываем лекало, масштабируем Edit Texture (T) .Выбираем инструмент Create Polygon Pattern (A) и обрисовывает выкройку,чтобы делать плавные линии ставьте точку и удерживайте Ctrl. когда всё соедините, нажимаем Rearrange All Patterns ,

Workstation for Hire - 256 GB RAM dual 8core @2,7 GHz N. Purple, im set the price as you, and that JUST because im not want go down and create competition, im set i so that if one of us is overloaded or with long reconstruction front that the other can help clients and not steal clients..... My personal digging intro prices of it, show that could bring price much much lower as are now, and my idea was for repeating customers bring discounts up to 75 %.. My idea is to HELP people with big projects because still is not ready NET reconstruction. Im personaly have pointed AGISOFT team how to solve it in elegant way, so sooner or later our WS will be not necessary ( few months ) then..... Agisoft helped me reconstruct few of my models on ULTRA for free, to get better understanding to my workflow and correcting it, so i pay it back for them with help to others become better and better and use Pscan to its limits...... My idea is to give people some advice on workflows on it own datasets, what actually doing already.....

gizmodo 模型手办雕像3D(404图)_@指尖逐艺梦收集_花瓣人文艺术 修持是为了帮助你,让佛法和你的人是分不开的。例如修持「菩提心」,并非在我们的心之外另外追求一个东西;若修行之道和自己的烦恼、自己顽强的心变成两条路的话,就不正确了。 「法」的原始意义就是「修整、调理自己的心」,「修行」就是「不断改变、修整的一种过程」。——大宝法王噶玛巴 Learn Marvelousdesigner free another hijab tutorial texture credit goes how to create a hijab in marvelous designer 7clo enterprise 3.2 Subscribe my channel- my videos- facebook- how to create a realistichijab in clo enterprise 3.2 tag:md6.5,MD 6.5,marvelousdesigner,marvelous designer,clo3d,Marvelousdesigner6,marvelousdesigner5.5,marvelousdesigner4,learn marvelous designer free,crack,install,marvelousdesigner 6.5 free download,3d clothes modeling software,marvelous designer software,Download Marvelous,3d clothing design software,marvelous designer models,marvelous designer tutorial,marvelous designer training,marvelous designer course