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Standard Yarn Weight System

Standard Yarn Weight System
* GUIDELINES ONLY: The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle or hook sizes for specific yarn categories. ** Lace weight yarns are usually knitted or crocheted on larger needles and hooks to create lacy, openwork patterns. Accordingly, a gauge range is difficult to determine. Always follow the gauge stated in your pattern. *** Steel crochet hooks are sized differently from regular hooks—the higher the number, the smaller the hook, which is the reverse of regular hook sizing

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Be My Baby Pattern Wrap yourself up in the Be My Baby's warm embrace this winter. This non-bulky sleeve-sweater hybrid has the simple shape and form of a scarf and at the same time the practical functionality of a sleeve. Super cozy and comfy, the Be My Baby is ridiculously multi-functional. Pair it with a top for effortless style on milder days or wear it under your winter coat to stay extra warm. The Be My Baby sleeves are knitted using Sugar Baby Alpaca and the scarf section is knitted using a combination of Sugar Baby Alpaca and Shiny Happy Cotton This design requires: 8 x Balls of Sugar Baby Alpaca, 4 x Balls of Shiny Happy Cotton, two pairs of needles.

Borough Mittens : Knitty Winter bis 2011 Using long-tail cast-on, CO 30[36] sts. Distribute sts as you prefer and join for working in the round. Work in Garter Stitch until work measures 4 inches from cast-on edge, ending with a knit rnd. Establish rib pattern: Size Medium: P2, k2, [p4, k2] to last 2 sts, p2. I used to like row-by-row instructions. They told me what stitches to make, and I made them. It was very simple. JPF Crochet Club where Crocheting is Just Plain Fun Daily Scavenger Hunt Game Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014 Item: You are hunting for an Easter Basket. Clue:You will find it in the Pillow patterns. Grasfleckenbylilalu: stashbusting - skihase [free pattern] would you trust me, if i told you that i prepared this post in december? i really have to work on my time management the hat itself is simple and easy to knit i had a few skeins of merino 70 laying around and i

Free Doily Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version For the love of it: Women on farms take knitting online - ABC Rural Updated Women spanning four generations of the wool industry are fulfilling their love of knitting by taking part in a home grown online venture. I imagined they would tell me I had rocks in my head Annabel Scott, founder, Wool with Love "Wool With Love" is the brainchild of Yass New South Wales born and bred farm girl Annabel Scott, who now resides on her own family farm, just outside of Cootamundra. Frustrated that she could not find any woollen clothes for her young children, Mrs Scott wondered if she could empower older women living on nearby farms to knit jumpers which could be sold online to the masses. "We've got small children of our own and last year it was really hard to come across a good quality knitted jumper," she said.

Improv: Basic pattern for a top-down seamless sweater When I first published my top-down tutorial in early 2013, I’d only been knitting for about 17 months, hadn’t yet struck on my basted knitting theory, and didn’t take much care with the tutorial photos. In the interim, I’ve published many related posts about various details of the process. And I also never imagined how popular the tutorial would be or how many countless sweaters would be knitted from it! So in 2016, I felt like I owed it an update — factoring in some deeper thinking and linking — which is now in place. (And which also feeds into the Top-Down Knitalong!) I also realized what was missing was a short and sweet outline/pattern for how to knit a seamless top-down sweater — without all the explanation and elaboration — which would be sufficient for sweater knitters who’d simply not done it from scratch before, while also serving as a gateway to the full tutorial for those who need it.

July Free Pattern! Ok, here it is! The free crochet pattern for July! Again , please read and follow my copyright info....THANKS! Also, this pattern has not been tested, so if you find any errors, please contact me and let me know so that I can fix it. Queanbeyan's guerrilla knitters get crafty QUEANBEYAN is set for a warm and woolly makeover this October as a group of not-so-renegade residents gear up to 'yarn bomb' the town. Queanbeyan resident Lori Mancell is organising a 'yarn bomb' which will see parts of the town covered in knitted creations. Photo: Kim Pham. Public artworks and outdoor structures will be be covered in colorful displays of knitted or crocheted wool for a limited period as part of the 'yarn bomb'

Nyssa Shawl : - Deep Fall 2014 CO 25 sts. Setup row [WS]: K15, pm, k2, pm, k8. Increase section: Row 1 [RS]: Work Chart 1 to first marker, k to next marker, m1, slip marker, work Chart 2 to end of row. 1 st increased in stockinette section. Row 2 [WS]: Work Chart 2 to first marker, p to next marker, work Chart 1 to end of row. Row 3 [RS]: Work Chart 1 to first marker, k to next marker, work Chart 2 to end of row. SMART CROCHET - Simple filet crochet projects. Part1. Starting your work. Simple filet crochet projects. (LESSON 2, part 1) SO MUCH YARN, SO LITTLE TIME!: Socktoberfest feature: The Latvian Twist Cuff How to make a Latvian Twist cuff. I think this is a beautiful detail on socks, and would look equally as lovely on gloves or a hat. For this particular project, I am using 3 colours and a knit 4 twist repeat. You could use whatever colour combination and make your twist longer with more stitches knit inbetween, or shorter with less stitches knit inbetween. The cuff is worked back and forth on long needles (or circs) then switch to your double pointed needles or magic loop and join in the round. Cast on with CC1 (contrast colour)With main colour, knit 2 rows.