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Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories

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Scratch Offline Editor Do I have to download an app to use Scratch? No. You can also use the Scratch project editor in most web browsers on most devices by going to and clicking "Create". How do I connect the Scratch app to hardware devices? Squiffy - A simple way to write interactive fiction Squiffy is a tool for creating interactive fiction - that is, multiple choice games that focus on text and story. Players navigate through the game or story by clicking links. Sometimes these kinds of games or stories are known as gamebooks. Squiffy is free and open source. It creates HTML and JavaScript, so you can upload it to your own website, or you can upload your games for free to You can also turn your game into an app using PhoneGap.

Creating blended learning content What is blended learning? Blended learning provides a combination of face-to-face learning and dynamic digital activities and content that facilitate anytime/anyplace learning. With so many digital technologies available on both proprietary and free-to-use platforms, developing blended learning approaches can seem like a daunting task. Finding the right approach that meets the needs of your learners is challenging at a time when practitioners are increasingly being asked to do more with less. How does this differ from hybrid learning? As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of UK universities and colleges plan to offer some onsite teaching, but have also moved to a greater use of digital delivery.

My games - LOOK, ROBOT - LOOK, ROBOT [Feb 2018: Oh hey! I don’t update this website much any more. If you’re interested in keeping up with my current projects, check out my official business website instead – Rowan, Rook and Decard.] I write roleplaying games for a living. BigBench: Toward An Industry-Standard Benchmark for Big Data Analytics - Cloudera Engineering Blog Learn about BigBench, the new industrywide effort to create a sorely needed Big Data benchmark. Benchmarking Big Data systems is an open problem. To address this concern, numerous hardware and software vendors are working together to create a comprehensive end-to-end big data benchmark suite called BigBench.

Minetest - Open source voxel game engine (clone de Minecraft) Players Choose from Multiple Games There are many games to choose from. You could survive in a harsh environment, build creatively, or fight other players. Just download a game or connect to a server. Enormous Maps 30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling - Tech Learning Digital storytelling is a great way for teachers to encourage the creative use of technology in learning. The process can be used with almost any subject, and with the abundance of apps and tools available, there’s one that’s right for every classroom. 30hands Learning - A user-friendly iOS app with video tutorials to help users create a video story by adding narration to images. Animaker Class - A drag-and-drop tool for students that also offers features such as group management, an in-app messenger, and task tracking. Book Creator - A mobile (iOS/Chrome) app for putting together stunning eBooks and digital stories with text, audio, images, and video. BoomWriter - A safe site for students (teachers create accounts, no student email required) to create digital stories.

Jisc Digital Student Our original HE study identified six challenges for institutions in supporting and enhancing students’ digital experience, extended to seven after consultation. Our FE digital student study confirmed these seven challenges and identified some additional considerations particularly pertinent to FE. You can explore the seven challenges below. Each challenge page offers some key issues, potential solutions, institutional exemplars and further resources. Our guide Enhancing the student digital experience: a strategic approach looks at how institutions can address these challenges and develop digital environments which met students’ expectations and help them to progress to higher study and employment.

Grant Howitt is creating one-page RPGs HERE’S THE DEAL: I write one tabletop or live roleplaying game a month. It will be no bigger than one side of A4 paper (that’s one side of letter paper, for you American types) and I will do all the art, layout and design myself in pen. I'm Grant Howitt. 5 Enterprise Alternatives to Hadoop -Big Data Analytics News Hadoop’s progression from a large scale, batch oriented analytics tool to an ecosystem full of vendors, applications, tools and services has coincided with the rise of the big data market. While Hadoop has become almost synonymous with the market in which it operates, it is not the only option. Hadoop is well suited to very large scale data analysis, which is one of the reasons why companies such as Barclays, Facebook, eBay and more are using it. Although it has found success, Hadoop has had its critics as something that isn’t well suited to the smaller jobs and is overly complex.

CopyQ CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features. Overview CopyQ monitors system clipboard and saves its content in customized tabs. Saved clipboard can be later copied and pasted directly into any application. Screenshots Features

With this website you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript ... Similar to Break-Outs Edu by josepibarra Apr 14

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