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Various Mammals

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Bizarre Horns of the Animal Kingdom. We at Weird Animal Question of the Week got a bit heady recently looking at photos of awesome animal headgear and took the author’s prerogative to ask, “What are some different types of horns?”

Bizarre Horns of the Animal Kingdom

Horns evolved independently in many animals to meet similar needs—first as weapons, and then as defenses against rivals, says Don Moore, director of the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Horns likely initially inflicted body blows, but became larger and more elaborate as they absorbed blows to the head.


Hispaniolan solenodon. The Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus), also known as the Dominican solenodon, or agouta, is a solenodon found only on Hispaniola, the island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Hispaniolan solenodon

It was first described by Brandt in 1833. A similar but smaller species, Marcano's solenodon (S. marcanoi), once lived on the island, but became extinct after European colonization. Baby Rhinos Cry When Their Milk Runs Out! World's Weirdest - Pangolin. Chèvres en équilibre. Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered. You could call it one of the world's longest games of hide and seek.

Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

For more than 20 years, the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a type of tiny, mountain-dwelling mammal with a teddy bear face, had eluded scientists in the Tianshan Mountains (map) of northwestern China. People have seen the furry critter only a handful of times since it was discovered by accident in 1983. In fact, people have spotted only 29 live individuals, and little is known about the animal's ecology and behavior. Manatees in The Bahamas. Orphaned baby rhino Gertjie refuses to sleep alone. Gertjie was rescued from the wild on 7 May by staff at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) in South Africa after he was found next to his mother's body.

Orphaned baby rhino Gertjie refuses to sleep alone

Now almost four-months-old, he is slowly being weaned off his night feeds and is building up his strength with daily walks. Staff at the centre, which focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable or endangered animals, said the baby rhino did not want to leave his mother's side and was “crying inconsolably” before being sedated and transported to the HESC. In a statement released shortly after discovering the rhino, the HESC said: "A three-month-old baby rhino, anticipated to have been born on [or] around the 19 February, was brought to the HESC after being found next to his dead mother who had been tragically and brutally poached for her horn. Kitten meets Hedgehog. Reproduction in Mammals. Most mammals, excepting Monotremes and Marsupials, are placental mammals.

Reproduction in Mammals

Yaks, rabbits, cows, hippopotamuses, bats and humans all fall within this category. Bontebok are Incredibly Handsome 'Extinct in the Wild' Creatures. Photo: Nico Smit photo: Ecoprint Habitat: South Africa & LesothoStatus: Least Concern.

Bontebok are Incredibly Handsome 'Extinct in the Wild' Creatures

The 5 Coolest Pets Humanity Has Bred into Existence. Scientists love themselves some genetic engineering.

The 5 Coolest Pets Humanity Has Bred into Existence

Hyena, Jackal and Lion. New Carnivore Discovered. Cute baby Benjamin the orphan pygmy goat at Pot House Hamlet in Yorkshire. Sugar Gliders. 6 Terrifying Platypus Facts. A humorous list detailing some of the strange qualities posessed by the platypus.

6 Terrifying Platypus Facts

Photo: Mammals. Hyenas cooperate more easily than chimpanzees. Spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) could show chimpanzees a thing or two about working together, according to a new study.

Hyenas cooperate more easily than chimpanzees

Hyenas, prodigious hunters, pull down prey together. Christine M. Helpful Hippo rescues Helpless Animals. Visitors to a safari camp close to where the film Out Of Africa was shot stood in awe as they witnessed the annual wildebeest migration.

Helpful Hippo rescues Helpless Animals

Baby otter plays with stuffed walrus. Angry ram strikes again! All on RAMCAM. Cutest Animal Ever: Baby Hedgehogs. Foosa. Female Kangaroos have three vaginas. Plush Cow. 2inShare Here are fluffy hornless breed of cattle which are bred on the Lautner farms in the U.S. state of Iowa. Animals are bred for sale (prices range from 5 up to several tens of thousand of dollars), and often win at various exhibitions. Share and Enjoy. Thompson's Gazelle. Giraffe Silouette. Zebra and Wildebeest in the Serengeti.

Bongo Calf. Manatee Mother Protects Her Calf. Saola Caught in Asia. 16 September 2010Last updated at 14:59 By Katia Moskvitch Science reporter, BBC News There may only be a few dozen of Saola left in the wild. Civet dung secret to Indonesia luxury coffee. Okapi Mother & Calf. Crocodile meets his match with hungry hippos. These amazing pictures show the moment a brave crocodile meets his match after straying into a maze of hungry hippos. The rare scene was captured on camera by a stunned wildlife photographer who witnessed the battle of the beasts in Serengeti national park in Tanzania. A huge fight broke out between the two heavyweights of the animal kingdom after the hasty croc found himself too close to a mother and her young.

Bath time for African pygmy hedgehogs! Cows go on Grass for the 1st time this year. Charging Rhino (1910) Eastern pygmy possum. Saiga Antelope. Lesser Mouse-Deer. Baby Bongo with stick. Random photo. Pigs living alone on an island in the Bahamas. C’est une histoire assez extraordinaire et qui donne de merveilleuses photos. L’île aux cochons ou Big Major Cay (nom officiel), est dotée d’une source d’eau naturelle et est abritée par un chapelet d’îles voisines qui la protège des vagues provoquées par les tempêtes tropicales. Sur cette île, des cochons ont été introduits par des marins de passage qui pensaient qu’ils feraient une bonne source de nourriture. Cependant, les marins ne sont jamais revenus et maintenant tous les porcs vivent par et pour eux-mêmes avec l’aide des plaisanciers. Les porcs sont intelligents et nagent pour récupérer en partie l’excès de nourriture des yachts qui passent au large. Alors qui a dit que les cochons étaient bêtes et sales?

Zebras on the Move. Goat Stampede of Cuteness. American Bison jumps on trampoline. Man Chased By Cow. Getting chased by a Giraffe.