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Best 'Game of Thrones' quotes - INSIDER. EVERY major GAME OF THRONES death EVER drawn with hand! (SPOILERS) Then and now: 'Game of Thrones' characters from season one - INSIDER. Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Offs in Development – Here’s What They Could Be About. We’ve been hearing rumblings of HBO wanting a Game of Thrones spin-off for years now, but with the network’s flagship series ending in 2018, those rumblings have been getting louder.

Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Offs in Development – Here’s What They Could Be About

And now they’ve reached a dull roar…and by dull roar, I mean it has been revealed that not one, but four spin-off series are currently in development, with four different writing teams leading the charge. I know that Game of Thrones has never been shy about running its characters though with a dozen sharp blades before sewing their severed head onto the body of their dead Direwolf, but this is a different kind of overkill. Deadline has the details, noting that Game of Thrones series creators and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be credited as executive producers on any spin-offs, but won’t have any involvement in the writing (possibly because they are tired). HBO was cagey about the details for each potential series, only noting that each would “explore different time periods of George R.

Game Of Thrones: Most Shocking Deaths…So Far. King Tommen This might have been the one oversight in Cersei's master plan (or maybe not).The tragic end to one of the show's few good souls, Tommen Baratheon shocked fans by plummeting to his death from the red keep after witnessing the explosion of Cersei's plan goes off without a hitch, save for one, and it's massive: Tommen Baratheon, first of his name, giving new meaning to King's Landing as he tosses himself out of the Red Keep and plummets to his death.

Game Of Thrones: Most Shocking Deaths…So Far

It's a terribly tragic ending for one of the few good souls in Game of Thrones, albeit one who was routinely manipulated by minds greater than his. Ramsey Bolton File this one under "couldn't have happened fast enough".Ramsey Bolton met an end fit for a bastard. After his army was defeated in the Battle of the Bastards, Sansa Stark made sure Ramsey's hungry dogs got the meal they deserved. Interview With Linguist David Peterson. The Common Tongue is spoken in Westeros, but that's not the case across the Narrow Sea.

Interview With Linguist David Peterson

Missandei's translations for Daenerys and her entourage are the work of David Peterson, the linguist who created Dothraki, High Valyrian and multiple dialects of Low Valyrian. By his own estimate, Peterson has crafted over 5,000 words. Peterson shares the unique challenges of creating languages for the show, writing dialogue for Dany and what 'Monty Python' has to do with Meereen. HBO: How did the culture of Essos influence you the languages you created? David Peterson: Two major factors come into play. The second factor is their level of technology. HBO: Was your process similar for creating Valyrian?

David Peterson: Valyrian is a very different type of language. In that sense, it's been difficult for me. That isn't the same with the Low Valyrian speakers. HBO: Can you give an example where High and Low Valyrian differ? Jon Snow and Maester Aemon "Kill the boy and let the man be born. " Maester Aemon and Sam - Love is the death of duty. Aemon Targaryen reveals his identity to Jon Snow. Game Of Thrones GIF. The ultimate Game of Thrones guide to the US election — Quartz. So far, 2016 has read much like a George R.R.

The ultimate Game of Thrones guide to the US election — Quartz

Martin novel. Long wars have raged on all fronts, leaving thousands of people to die and hundreds of thousands more displaced. Economic hardships collided with natural disasters. One by one, our cultural heroes have passed in shocking and unexpected ways. And one of the most shocking and polarizing US presidential campaigns of the past century is reaching its finale. When I first read that reality-television personality and self-professed business tycoon Donald Trump was running for president of the United States my initial reaction was… Followed by confusion. Disbelief. Amusement. Fear. The Most Satisfying Moments 'Game of Thrones' Has Ever Seen. Unusual Marital & Sexual Practices in Game of Thrones (ASoIaF) Game of Thrones has hacked our history. There is no disguising George RR Martin’s sources when he wrote Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones has hacked our history

He’s quite open about it. History, he says, is “endlessly fascinating ... the wars and battles and seductions and betrayals ... so many things that you’d be hard pressed to make up”. So, “I don’t make it up; I take it and I file off the serial numbers and I turn it up to 11.” The TV fantasy drama series that shocks and appals in equal measure returns to UK screens on Monday, with millions of fans in eager anticipation. Chief among the historical stories that Martin has turned up to 11 are, of course, the 15th-century Wars of the Roses. There are parallels that can be made between our favourite Game of Thrones characters and their real-life equivalents: Robert Baratheon, for example, bears more than a passing resemblance to King Edward IV – a formidable warrior who had degenerated by his death at the age of 40 into debauchery, inactivity and obesity.

“Game of Thrones” : the show finally discovers its true heroes. The following is a recap of the season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones,” and it contains spoilers galore.

“Game of Thrones” : the show finally discovers its true heroes

The end of last night’s season six premiere of “Game Of Thrones,” which featured Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) taking off her magical choker to reveal her real, aged body underneath, provides the audience at home with a naked body of a type not seen often by any television audience—that of a naked elderly woman. Melisandre is not even just elderly; she is ancient, a hollowed out near-corpse that is being kept alive just by the fiery magic of the Lord of Light and her own hectic willpower. To quote BuzzFeed’s Rachel Sanders—“the most horrifying reveal the GoT writers can imagine is saggy boobs”—this is an encapsulation of how silly “Game of Thrones” can be when pitching its revelatory moments at the viewer. But I also found it to be an intriguing twist. It’s easy to make jokes about an old naked woman, but seeing Melisandre unmasked and unglamored is to see her truly undone, too.

Game of Thrones Season 6: The Battle of Winterfell. From Game of Thrones to The Revenant: the best battle scenes of all time. From Spartacus’s battles with the Romans to Maximus Decimus Meridius’s ruthless destruction of the Teutonic hordes in Gladiator, Hollywood has always been obsessed with showing humanity in monumental, monstrous conflict.

From Game of Thrones to The Revenant: the best battle scenes of all time

The Meaning of Names (Part II) : asoiaf (GOT) Departure.