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CRISPR-VR: Explore Sickle Cell and Genome Editing - Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) Dynamoid. Immune Defense by MelanieAnns. Immune Defense is a strategy game about molecular immunology for big kids and grown ups (ages 10+).

Immune Defense by MelanieAnns

Players use various white blood cells to fight off real pathogens, using real surface proteins and signaling molecules. This is science games like science games should be. This is what scientists dream about, not what you memorize in Bio 101. I wanted the player to feel confident at all times and to be engaged in the feeling of exploration. The beginning levels accomplish this well, they draw players in, giving players the opportunity use the powerful Neutrophil cells to eat bacteria. The cells are accurate in size and look like they would under a light microscope in a classroom. Credits.Credits.Credits.Credits.Credits.Credits.Credits.Credits. This version of Immune Defense came with me from DC to Seattle in 2013. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations.

Plague Inc: Evolved på Steam. Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

Plague Inc: Evolved på Steam

Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero' - now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. Plague Inc. is so realistic that the CDC even asked the developer to come and speak about the infection models in the game! Game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics.”- Ali S. Khan, CDCOver 120 million players have been infected by Plague Inc. already. Niche - a genetics survival game på Steam. About This Game Niche - a genetics survival game is a fresh blend of turn-based strategy and simulation combined with roguelike elements.

Niche - a genetics survival game på Steam

Shape your own species of cat/fox/bear/dog-like animals based on real genetics. Keep your animals alive against all odds, such as hungry predators, climate change and spreading sickness. If your species goes extinct the game is lost and your evolution needs to start anew. Key Features: Living, dynamic world to test your survival skillsBreeding system based on real geneticsOver 100 genes to shape your speciesProcedurally generated worlds and animalsFive biomes featuring different predators, prey and flora to exploreGame mechanics inspired on population genetics Games/books that inspired us: SporeDon’t Starve The Creatures SeriesWarrior Cats Educational aspects:

Universe Sandbox on Steam. “Universe Sandbox is in active development, but it's already a fully-featured, stable, and smooth-running space simulator.

Universe Sandbox on Steam

Tyto Online for Schools: BETA - Tyto Online. Today we’re excited to be able to announce that we have launched a new set of teacher tools for a new version we’re calling Tyto Online for Schools.

Tyto Online for Schools: BETA - Tyto Online

Try the beta now! The new for Schools teacher tools include three main sections: Explore & Plan, Track Progress, and Manage Classes. Our goal is for teachers to be able to seamlessly use Tyto Online across their entire school year, aligning with each unit of content. Teachers can assign quests for quick 15-20 minute applied problem solving as students learn science, or have the kids dig into the sandboxes where they’ll learn through experimentation and can be used as a basis for motivated classroom discussion about these topics.

For example, most players begin the ecosystem sandbox by placing too many apex predators at once, which leads to an ecosystem collapse as the predators quickly eat all of the prey animals and then starve. Explore & Plan This is my personal favorite right now. Track Progress Manage Classes What’s next? Getting Access. Tyto Ecology on Steam. About This Game In Tyto Ecology, you have the power to create your own biodome and fill it with life!

Tyto Ecology on Steam

Start with an empty biodome as your canvas, then create a rich, diverse ecosystem by balancing producers, consumers, and decomposers. You’re in control as you work to create a functioning ecosystem from the ground up, problem solving to learn life science principles. Tyto Ecology Review for Teachers. Tyto Ecology is an ecology simulation game where students build their own biodomes filled with plants, animals, and fungi in an effort to balance each ecosystem.

Tyto Ecology Review for Teachers

The base game comes with three biomes to choose from: Mojave Desert, the Great Plains, and the Amazon Rainforest. Expansions are also available for the Himalayan Forest, Alaskan Tundra, and Cretaceous Mongolia (which includes dinosaurs). As students add life to their biodomes, they must balance producers, consumers, and decomposers in their own built-from-scratch ecosystem. If the balance is off, plants or animals will die. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

Spaceflight Simulator - To infinity and beyond! Eller… til månen og tilbake er vanskelig nok!

Spaceflight Simulator - To infinity and beyond!

Innledning Spaceflight Simulator er det du tror. Osmos. Bomb Squad Academy by Systemic Games. Video games that teach science. ‹ Previous Next › Game: Cell Command In Cell Command, students embark on a series of exciting missions aboard a microscopic "cell ship.

Video games that teach science

" At the outset, students operate a single station (e.g., the "ribosome station"), but eventually command all the ship's functions (e.g., duplication, membrane, mitochondria, golgi complex) simul...