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Voters Not Politicians NGOs, Business as Agents of Social Change The debate on Corporate Social Investment (CSI) continues to raise the issue of where the line is between the responsibilities of government and the role business can play through voluntary social contributions in socio-economic development. Increasingly social activists are looking to companies to fill, what they perceive as ‘gaps’, a void or failures of state action - particularly in the performance of their public duty and enforcement of a regulatory framework to confine or punish corporate greed. This is leading to a conflict in expectations between what governments should do and what companies can contribute. This conflict has wide implications for all roleplayers. Paul Pereira’s recent article “Avoiding poverty pornography” in NGO Pulse makes insightful and interesting reading, especially as far as making a differentiation between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI), but it is flawed in many respects. Besides, when John D.

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