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How to Set up a Facebook Custom iFrame Landing Page Application Editor's Note: We wrote a more up-to-date article about creating custom Facebook tabs here. Facebook recently announced that they would be discontinuing their support of the Static FBML app in favor of iframes. From a marketing perceptive this is actually some great news as FBML was pretty restrictive on what was and wasn't allowed within Facebook. List of content management systems Wikimedia list article This is a list of notable content management systems that are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. Many of them are built on top of separate content management frameworks. Open source software[edit]

The Persuasive Power of Swearing Light swearing at the start or end of a persuasive speech can help influence an audience. Lack of passion can be fatal to our attempts to persuade others of our point of view. Even if all the right facts are trotted out in an intelligible order, even if the argument is unassailable, when the speaker doesn’t appear to believe it themselves, why should anyone else bother? Show your passion, however, and people have one more emotional reason to come around to your point of view. But how can we convince others of our conviction? 20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages Marketers are becoming more and more interested in measuring the ROI of social media. According to eMarketer, four out of five US businesses with at least 100 employees will be using social media for their marketing efforts this year. This makes measuring the effects of these marketing efforts even more important. Up to this point, the top metric for social media marketing success was site traffic, but more and more focus has been given to other values such as fans / followers and positive buzz. Although only 15.4% of respondents to an eMarketer survey felt that Facebook had a significant ROI, this number is growing rapidly.

Dallas Texas, Oak Lawn  Real Estate -Condos and Townhomes for sale. Dallas Texas, Oak Lawn Area Homes, Lofts, Townhomes, and Condo Information Dallas Oak Lawn Area Property Beautiful Turtle Creek is located adjacent to Oak Lawn, the closet neighborhood north of downtown Dallas. Oak Lawn includes both single family homes, new, upscale town homes and high-rise condominiums that offer spectacular views of the creek and surrounding parks. Oak Lawn is a few minutes away from the West End and Arts District, home of the Dallas Museum of Art, Morton H. 7 Awesome B2B Facebook Fan Pages A little while ago I wrote a post about 20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages . Most of the HubSpot blog readers found the examples eye-catching and inspiring, but many of the comments contained a similar yearning to see if these same concepts could be applied to B2B businesses. Like the general idea of inbound marketing can be applied to both B2C and B2B companies, so too can the Facebook marketing techniques portrayed in the previous examples. In order to understand how to incorporate these principles into a B2B Facebook Fan Page , we must first make sure that we understand the objectives of these pages. Engage Your Audience One of the main reasons that people "Like" a page is because they want to stay up to date with the latest happenings at a particular company.

10 Top Small Business Facebook Page Designs to Inspire You Facebook pages is the place where a lot of inspiring innovation, marketing and design is happening on the social web. Major brands are often worth checking out as they can wow you with the the latest in innovation such as Facebook stores, inspiring embedded videos and designs that look like they cost a fortune. If you want to obtain some good ideas it is a good business practice to emulate elements of the most popular Facebook pages in the world such as Lady Gaga or one of the top company Facebook pages StarBucks.

Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages: 2011 Winners! Small businesses can stand out in a big way with Facebook. If you’re looking for some creative examples of Facebook pages from the small guys, look no further! More than 1400 nominations came in from our contest.