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Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week
Minecraft Hour of Code Grades 2+ | Blocks Create your own Google logo Grades 2+ | Blocks, Scratch codeSpark Academy with The Foos Pre-reader - Grade 5 | Blocks Play That Tune App Grades 6+ | Blocks Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code Grades 2+ | Blocks, JavaScript The Processing Foundation - Hello Processing Grades 9+ | Java Vidcode: Code the News Grades 6+ | JavaScript Make a Flappy game Gumball's Coding Adventure Grades 6-8 | Blocks, Scratch Make "Don't Drop the Phone" on iPad/iPhone Grades 2-8 | Hopscotch Switch & Glitch: Robot Adventure Grades 2-5 | Language independent Actimator: Myra's Dream Grades 2-8 | Blocks Globaloria MakeQuest Khan Academy: Drawing with Code Wonder Woman Grades 9+ | Blocks Box Island All ages | Blocks Lightbot Make Music with Scratch Grades 2-8 | Blocks, Scratch Code with Anna and Elsa Kodable (pre-readers welcome) Pre-reader - Grade 5 | Blocks | All modern browsers, iPad app Candy Quest Pre-reader - Grade 5 | Blocks, Tynker Animate Your Name with Scratch Adventure on the High Seas Space Quest

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Made with Code MWC BlocklyLevelsYou solved this level with 1 line of JavaScript:You solved this level with %1 lines of JavaScript:Are you ready for level %1?You completed the entire project. Check out more projects and resounces?Save and link to blocks.Run the program you wrote.Run ProgramStop the program and reset the level.ResetHelpOKCancelHere is a basic error message.LogicLoopsMathTextListsColourVariablesFunctionsThere was a problem with the request.Share your blocks with this link:\n\n%1Sorry, '%1' doesn't correspond with any saved program.Could not load your saved file. Screen Recorder With our easy-to-use, free screen recorder for Windows and Mac you can capture any area of your screen with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam. You can record lectures, webinars, demos, games, Skype calls, etc and share free on, YouTube, or save directly to a video file. US - English Brasil - Português (Beta)Deutschland - Deutsch (Beta)España - Español (Beta)France - Français (Beta)US - EnglishWant More? Sorry this device isn't supported for recording. Please try on a Windows or Mac PC.

Education Apps – Apps for Coding on Tablets Updated 15/01/2015 - Apps for Coding on Tablets With an increasing focus on programming and coding finding the way onto the curriculum in many different countries across the globe, developers are creating materials which can help educators skill themselves, and also to support pupils in this area. Coding and programming allows for individuals to show their creative side, but also embodies key, logical skills which need to be understood and mastered to create a successful programme.

Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents Introducing computer programming to your kids can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the nuances of code. Fortunately, in the last few years, a number of apps, software, and guides have been produced that make the often-complex subject of computer coding easy to grasp for young learners. So where to begin? Four Video Apps To Help Parent/Teacher Communication Teaching is not an easy job. We all know this to be true. I have a sure fire way to make your job easier. Take out your smart phone and take video of the interesting things you do in class. It doesn't even have to be interesting, just take some videos of students doing their regular daily work.

Free online Creative Computing workshop for teachers If you’ve always wanted to know more about Scratch, then why not sign up for a new free workshop? Creative Computing is a six-week online workshop for educators open to anyone who wants to learn more about using Scratch and supporting computational thinking in the classroom and other learning environments. No prior experience of Scratch or computer programming is needed. The workshop hosted by the Scratch Ed team at Harvard, is free and runs from Monday, June 3 to Friday, July 12. It will involve 10 to 12 hours of activity a week.

How To Raise The Next Zuckerberg: 6 Coding Apps For Kids If you want to give your kid every opportunity to succeed, it’s hard to argue with teaching them to code. Some of the wealthiest and most influential people of our time began programming young, and who wouldn’t want that kind of future for our kids? Yesterday, we reviewed Hopscotch, an iPad app that teaches children the basics of any modern programming language. All Kids Can Code: 4 Factors for Success Recently, all of the 9 schools in the Avondale Elementary School District have jumped into the 21st Century and replaced their outdated technology classes with year-round coding courses required for all students. The change happened on the first day of school in 2014. Students walked into their computer labs that day without knowing that their special area technology class would never be the same. They came to learn that we replaced their old lessons with coding curriculum.