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Apparel « FOUR EYES ARE BETTER THAN TWO. Bacon Flag A early morning twitter conversation with @godmachineuk turned into a great bacon parody t-shirt.


Pre-order now in the webstore Austin City Limits 2010 | official merchandise 2 Shirt designs that work approved. Text based graphic was selected as the official commemorative shirt for the festival. Glamour Kills – Summer 09 Was lucky enough to lend a hand on the new Glamour Kills Summer Line on a Tee Design and swimwear. Atreyu | Custom Hoodie This was a fun piece to design. . * Double patch applique (screenprinted circle with atreyu applique) * All-over print (adapted album artwork imagery) * Inside hood print (adapted album artwork imagery) * Velvet taping on hood opening (Embossed atreyu font) * Custom zipper pull (brushed metal with atreyu logo enamel fill) * Contrast overlock stitching throughout garment.


AprilandmayMINI. NFB/interactive - National Film Board of Canada. At the NFB we like change.

NFB/interactive - National Film Board of Canada

For 70 years we've experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra; Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. Today, the way we create, consume, and connect with each other changes by the minute. And this evolving collection of stories reflects that reality. A Grotto Sauna on the Lake. The result gives the residents an unobstructed view of the northern Ontario horizon Unlike the sleek, angular wood exterior, the interior is a jigsaw of complex, amorphous shapes The windows were fabricated using highly effecient, highly durable double- and triple-glazed annealed glass.

A Grotto Sauna on the Lake


Hipsters, Rejoice! A Company Will Give Your Baby A Cool Name For $32K. Parents want their children to be special and unique.

Hipsters, Rejoice! A Company Will Give Your Baby A Cool Name For $32K

Well now, at least their names can be with the help of a Swiss company called Erfolgswelle. The company claims they can make up a name for your child that has never been used before. And they can do it for the low, low price of $32,000. Boxing Lessons for Beginners - The Ten Punches of Boxing. România fotografiată de Kurt Hielscher. Fotoreportaj din 1933. În 1933, apărea la Leipzig, sub semnătura fotografului Kurt Hielscher, albumul fotografic “România”, un album fascinant care avea să captureze atmosfera anilor interbelici așa cum puține albume asemănătoare au făcut-o.

România fotografiată de Kurt Hielscher. Fotoreportaj din 1933

Hielscher a relatat într-un cuvânt înainte cum a ajuns să realizeze acest album: “În anul 1931, am fost invitat de Guvernul român să călătoresc ca oaspete în România și să alcătuiesc o carte asemănătoare celor despre Germania, Spania, Italia, Țările Nordice etc. În ajunul călătoriei mele un scriitor cunoscut m-a întrebat cu mirare: „De ce să-ți pierzi timpul tău scump cu lucrarea aceasta? Ce-o să găsești deosebit în România?” Mulți trebuie să aibă aceeași părere. Ce puțin se știe despre această țară…” Blog Esprit Design Toga la chaise dans le vent par Reut Rosenberg. Pour les personnes connectées, j’avais partagé sur Pinterest et Facebook une création étonnante, une chaise baptisée Toga toute en légèreté.

Blog Esprit Design Toga la chaise dans le vent par Reut Rosenberg

Suite à mon enquête et discussion avec sa créatrice, Reut Rosenberg, jeune femme designer en provenance directe d’Israël nous présente plus en détails cette chaise originale. Inspirée par le vent, le mouvement, elle s’oriente vert le tissu drapé pour en reprendre sa posture le tout transposé en une feuille de PVC formée dans un moule. Au premier regard, on admire puis on s’interroge sur le processus de fabrication et matériaux utilisés. Cette création était un projet d’études au HIT, Israël. Elle nous indique être actuellement à la recherche de possibilités de fabrication et édition. Plus d’informations sur le designer : Reut Rosenberg By Blog Esprit Design. Typography. Two anonymous art students, who go by the moniker dangerdust, have been creating gorgeous hand-lettered and illustrated chalkboards featuring inspiring quotes from literary and public figures.


Every Monday a new piece, rendered entirely by chalk, appears on the common chalkboard, only to be ephemerally replaced the following week. “Despite our overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design we bring it upon ourselves to create a chalkboard every week,” say the two students, explaining the motivation behind their late-night rogue art. Each piece, with its cleverly placed backdrop and bold composition, is as unique as the quote itself. They’re created in one fell swoop, which can take up to 11 hours. Like the students say themselves, “it’s the best form of vandalism.” Danny Santos II - Professional Photographer in Singapore.

Taken without permission, urban portraits of women who stand out of the crowd while walking along Orchard Road.

Danny Santos II - Professional Photographer in Singapore

Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-Ignition: Streetrod Stuff. Page 1 of 8next » This article was originally published in the January-February 2000 (Volume 10 Number 1) edition of Contact!

Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-Ignition: Streetrod Stuff

Magazine. This magazine is published bi-monthly by the Aeronautics Education Enterprises (AEE), an Arizona nonprofit organization.