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Mr Mac's Blog-Thing - “Do you have a licence for that pen?” During a discussion with Year 3 and 4 today, some really happy students who recently got their pen licences were sharing this news with me. I asked them where their licence was, knowing that in most cases you do not get a physical licence – a certificate at the most, but nothing that looks licencesy (that’s a word now). So I asked them if they’d like a licence. Here it is! The design is based on the New South Wales driver’s licence. Customisable header colour. All text can be edited. You can also include a picture of the student by replacing the image of the pens on the right hand side, or leave them there for a symmetrical feel with the faded others on the opposite side. These licences print out to be a little bit larger than an actual driver’s licence. Hope you get some use out of these. Having trouble saving the file and editing it? When you click on the ” Here it is! This window is saying that it will open the file directly into Microsoft Word.

Weebly Forums Weebly Tutorials and Weebly Discussions cnps2's Blog « We are going to have a great year! Miriam Lord 100 Word Challenge Nisar – Hughes Year 2 – Week 29 When I woke up this morning I checked the calendar and it was the day I wished every day was…… EASTER HUNT DAY! People from all around the world come to Bradford just for the grand Easter egg hunt. Every year I am unsuccessful but this year I am determined to win the cool Easter egg! Everything starts at 5pm…….. At 5pm I was so nervous my sweat was scorching hot. Posted in General Tagged Hughes, Nisar Alisha A – Horowitz Year 5 – Week 29 As the sun began to disappear behind the misty clouds, night came fast. 100 Word Challenge – Week 29 Well done to the children who entered the 100 Word Challenge last week. Don’t forget, everyone who enters the 100 Word Challenge earns House points now as well. Now for the next challenge! As it is Easter week-end the prompt is: …but I couldn’t find the egg… Remember to use only 106 words and do read through your work before you post it. The prompt is open until Saturday 26th April. Posted in General Tagged 100WC, writing For who…

Planet Zoe DEC Digital Programmers Learn HTML! | 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School Thanks to Mrs Yollis for some of this information about HTML. HTML can really help you take your commenting to the next level! What is HTML? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a special computer language. You can build a whole website out of HTML but you can use HTML in your comments to use things like italics, bold and hyperlinks by using special symbols. It is somewhat easy to learn HTML and, with a bit of practice, you’ll have your comments standing out and looking great in no time! The less than symbol < The greater than symbol > The backslash / Use these keys on the keyboard below for HTML code… (Note, you will need to hold down shift to use < and >) You might use italics to emphasise certain words to make them stand out eg. To make words italic, use this HTML code around the text <i>text</i> eg. The text will look like this… I love blogging! You might use bold to make certain words stand out eg. To make text bold, use this HTML code around the text <b>text</b> eg. I love blogging! 1. 2. 3. 4.