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Innovative Grammar Mind Map Is Perfect For Teaching English I tend to be an extremely linear thinker, so I don’t always love mind maps. Even though each branch can be fairly linear, something about the whole branching visualization of it doesn’t usually speak to me. I ran across this one today, and despite its many branches, I really like it. Grammar can be tricky. We live in a world of self-proclaimed ‘grammar police’, and folks who admittedly ‘judge you when you use poor grammar’.

Key to Poetic Forms Ballad stanza: most commonly, alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter (4, 3, 4, 3 feet), rhyming abxb, although there are numerous variations. Aside from the line breaks, a ballad stanza is metrically equivalent to a fourteener couplet. Note a poem written in ballad stanzas is NOT necessarily a ballad, and vice versa. A SLUMBER did my spirit seal; I had no human fears: She seem'd a thing that could not feel The touch of earthly years. [...]

Bar chart race This section documents API usage specific to this template, so for an introduction we suggest you refer to the generic API documentation instead. template: @flourish/bar-chart-race version: 12 There are two different formats in which you can supply data to this template. Which one will be more convenient for you likely depends on the source of your data, as described below. Array of objects with arbitrary keys, and a bindings object Spanish language and culture links Asis Spanish Institute Costa RicaLearn Spanish in a private ecological reserve in the rainforest. Spanish for all levels, small groups and warm environment. Professional language services and translation services My site offers professional language services as: translation, conference interpreting and Spanish for Foreigners as core activities, among others related. Español al Sur - Institute of Spanish Language and Culture Español al Sur is a Spanish language institute located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focussing not only on the language, but also the culture. We also offer a wide range of options in the field of the Tango and tourism. Learn Spanish on your Own A guide for the aspiring Spanish-learner that isn't able to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive immersion trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

9 French Words We Should Be Using in English When learning a foreign language, new words stick with you for different reasons. Some words express a cultural concept, an idea intrinsically bound with the language and culture that you are learning. Other words express a concept or idea that is familiar, but for which there is no equivalent word or expression in your own language. 15 Tips and Tools for Teaching Grammar Who doesn’t love grammar? Well, most people as it turns out. The subject is often regarded as tedious by students, if not also by many teachers. Learning a set of rules that should govern the language you already thought you knew can be frustrating work. Some of that comes from the subject itself, but some if it has to do with how grammar has been traditionally taught. Memorizing parts of speech and the proper rules for using each one just isn’t the most fascinating of tasks.

Faculty of English In this section of our web site, we try to give you a taste of some of the many approaches to literary criticism which are practised in the Cambridge English Faculty. We hope that our virtual classes will help you enjoy your reading more and introduce you to some new ways of thinking about literary texts. We hope in particular that A Level students will find the classes helpful in building on the knowledge and critical skills that they already possess, and that teachers in schools and other institutions of higher education will find them a useful resource. As this is an experimental attempt to use electronic media in a traditionally bookish subject, we would very much appreciate your feedback. Also, much of the material presented here can be viewed in a different format, along with a large number of further resources for the study of English, at the Converse site for A Levels. These virtual classes are designed to become progressively more advanced as you work your way through them.

Board Game Makers and Templates to use as resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable materials for English classes. More game board templates listed below! The board game maker is a worksheet wizard that allows you to create boardgames on any theme with your choice of 1000+ pictures.

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