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(Free!) Buttercup Bag Sewing Pattern

(Free!) Buttercup Bag Sewing Pattern

4 Hour Slouchy Summer Hobo Bag I thought it would be fun to do a Slouchy Summer Bag – and this one is super quick!! I did it in under 4 hours – so you could make up your bag in the morning and carry it to your beach party or picnic that evening! It’s a cute lace Hobo bag with a fun bright orange lining and tabs for the strap. I used a bright pink zipper for contrast – I think it’s so fun! Ready to get started on your own? 2/3 yd lace2/3 yd fabric for lining22″ zipper2 D Rings18″ of webbing for strap UPDATE: Click here to Download the Free Pattern if you’d like to use mine. Start by drawing out your pattern. Fold your outside lace fabric in half with the selvedges together. Center the zipper along the top curved edge, between the right side of the lace and the right side of the lining. Here’s what the right sides will look like after you sew that seam. Repeat this step for the other side of the zipper, and the other curved edges of the lace and lining. Open up your zipper before this next step, it’ll be easier.

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Terre d'Olina - Côté couture Tutorial: The Urban Jungle Bag - Sew Sweetness SUPPLIES– 1/2 yard exterior fabric– 1 yard interior fabric– 2 yards Pellon SF-101 fusible woven interfacing– 1 yard Pellon 520F (or you may substitute 1 yard Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra-Firm Sew-In combined with 1 yard fusible woven interfacing)– 1/2 yard Pellon fusible fleece– 20″ zipper– 23″ – 28″ leather handles (I used size 28″ handles for a shoulder bag)– 1/2″ magnetic snap– zipper foot– seam ripper– coordinating thread– hand sewing needle– fabric marker or chalk 1a. Using the Main Panel pattern piece, cut on the fold. Repeat to cut 2 panels. These will be your Exterior Main Panels. 1b. 1c. 1d. 1e. 3c. 3d. 3e. 4a. 4b. 4c. 4d. 4e. 5b. 5c. 5d. 5e. 5f. 6b. 6e. 6f. 7a. 7b. 7d. 7h. Congratulations, you’ve finished!! If you have any questions about this pattern, feel free to e-mail me directly at, or check out my Flickr Group!

Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag with Free Downloadable Pattern I promised you this free downloadable bag pattern when we offered up the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Giveaway as a great first project for your Homemade Bias Tape, so here goes… I’ve made a couple so far, and I usually don’t like fabric bags (i’m a leather lover) but I actually adore these for summer. They are super quick to whip up (under an hour) and are also reversible, so you can get a couple different looks in one swoop. You could also use store-bought bias tape, like I did for the big one (oh, and you can blow up or shrink the pattern to make different sizes – Scarlet’s been using the littler one as her lunch bag). Get the full Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag Tutorial and free downloadable pattern after the jump…Beginner’s Bias Tape BagThe smaller version is made with the following fabrics: Bias Tape – Heather Bailey Washday Ticking in Dandelion, Amy Butler Sweet Jasmine in Navy, and Kei Barkcloth Woodcut in Teal. , and some white suiting for the lining. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Done…

tutoriel de couture - tuto le livre en… - Tutoriel le doudou… - Tutoriel de couture… - Doudou « cheval de… - Tuto Léopold le… - Tutoriel la… - Elevage de lapin. - Tuto doudou Barnabé… - Tuto testé et… - Tuto le sac façon… Vendredi 4 avril 2014 5 04 /04 /Avr /2014 07:33 J’ai enfin trouvé le temps de vous préparer le tuto de ma trousse vitaminée. la faute au beau temps qui a sensiblement raccourci mon temps d'écran ... Les journées passent trop vites que voulez-vous ! Rappel des petites fournitures made in la Mercerie Chic Il vous faudra Pour la trousse 20 cm de tissu agrume 20 cm de tissu géometric agrume une fermeture éclair 40 cm de galon pompon rose un pompon en laine Pour l’étui De la feutrine rose De la feutrine aubergine thermocollante De l’élastique Du ruban rayé rose Des petits citrons brodés thermocollants Commençons par la trousse. Coupez 2 rectangles de 4 cm sur la largeur de votre fermeture éclair dans la feutrine rose Coupez les extrémités de votre zip pour qu’il mesure 19 cm Cousez à 1 cm de chaque extrémité sur l’envers de votre zip les rectangles de feutrine Pliez et cousez sur l’endroit Coupez 2 rectangles de 20 cm sur 10 cm dans le tissu agrume et dans celui pour la doublure L’étui à lame

Pyramid Wrist Bag Holiday parties all around and you really don't want to be carrying a large handbag that makes it difficult to dance or has you worrying about keeping an eye on it when you leave it aside. That is why I love wristlets! Spacious enough to carry your necessities and small enough to keep it around your wrist at all times. My friend Kostas over at Milloo handbags was kind enough to put together this Pyramid Wrist Bag tutorial so we can all make out own little party wristlets :) This wristlet measures approx 18cm/7'' so adjust your leather size accordingly if you want a smaller or larger version. You will need: - a sewing machine (it doesn't have to be a professional one as in the pictures) - metallic leather fabric (you can use any leather you prefer but do opt for an animal friendly version if possible) - a zipper measuring approx. 13cm/5" long - metallic clasp and rings/links for the strap - scissors - tailor's chalk or a fabric pen - pen and paper Now, lets sew it up. Sew the zipper on the opening.

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Rounded & Embellished {Faux Leather} Zipper Pouches A friend of mine had a birthday……and that gave me a good excuse to make her a little something. Instead of making her a regular ‘ol zippered pouch (like my tutorial here ), I made it rounded. And with Faux Leather…….AKA, vinyl. Ha. If you remember my post here , I purchased a stack of this vinyl on the sale table at the fabric store. But here’s a couple rounded pouch ideas using the vinyl……. ………but these pouches can be made with any sort of fabric . Both pouches are lined with a printed cotton fabric. And adorned with a little label. Just think of what you could stuff these with. And if you are anything like me, you’d appreciate a pouch stuffed with treats. (Good thing this friend of mine is a sugar junkie like I am. Make one for you , a friend, or that neighbor down the street who could use a little handmade love. Would you like to make your own rounded pouch? **Remember, you don’t have to use vinyl…….any fabric would work just fine. First decide on your fabric and prints. Related posts: