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BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine): Hit List Loading Error: Cannot Load Popup Box Mobile | A A A | | Login Home » Search: don quichotte New math and quantum mechanics: Fluid mechanics suggests alternative to quantum orthodoxy The central mystery of quantum mechanics is that small chunks of matter sometimes seem to behave like particles, sometimes like waves. For most of the past century, the prevailing explanation of this conundrum has been what's called the "Copenhagen interpretation" -- which holds that, in some sense, a single particle really is a wave, smeared out across the universe, that collapses into a determinate location only when observed. But some founders of quantum physics -- notably Louis de Broglie -- championed an alternative interpretation, known as "pilot-wave theory," which posits that quantum particles are borne along on some type of wave. According to pilot-wave theory, the particles have definite trajectories, but because of the pilot wave's influence, they still exhibit wavelike statistics.

Achieve more with ScienceDirect Download the PDF, tables, or images, or export citations to multiple reference managers. Download the PDF, or recommended articles, download a table or image, or export a citation to a reference manager. Easily read, store or share relevant publications now, for later reference, or to share with research peers.ScienceDirect offers multiple ways for you to interact with the PDF.Export the citation to preferred reference managers such as RefWorks or Mendeley. Use The Relevant Content World Population Clock: 7 Billion People (2015) - Worldometers World Population: Past, Present, and Future (move and expand the bar at the bottom of the chart to navigate through time) The chart above illustrates how world population has changed throughout history. View the full tabulated data.

Wallpapers Of The Earth That Captivate You Space is something wonderous isn’t it? And with the possibility of space travel being made commercial in the future, there are various things that we as humans could potentially experience and gaze upon. You wouldn’t really believe it but one of the most amazing things that you could ever look at is our planet Earth. After all, even Frank Borman, an astronaut aboard the Apollo 8, had this to say, "[The Moon] was a sobering sight, but it didn’t have the impact on me, at least, as the view of the Earth did." Stop Thieves From Recovering Your Data After A Factory Reset Android’s factory reset feature is supposed to wipe all the data off your device, ensuring none of your personal data is left. You should be able to sell or dispose of your device in confidence after using it. Unfortunately, Android may not always wipe everything — and people who are determined enough may be able to recover some of your personal data afterwards. But you can ensure your personal data is completely wiped if you know what you’re doing. Why Can Data Be Recovered? When you delete files from any hard drive or flash drive (whether on an Android phone, computer, or elsewhere), the files aren’t actually wiped from the drive.

Best Android apps for writers Whether you’re writing your next college essay or the next Great American Novel, a work memo or a graduate thesis, you won’t have to look much farther than your Android smartphone or tablet for help. From inspiration to reference materials, apps for composing a draft and more, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never want to write again without these great Android apps at hand. Apps to Inspire Goodreads Every writer starts as a reader, and every reader needs a few good books to keep them on their toes at all times. A Practical Guide To Critical Thinking A Practical Guide To Critical Thinking By Greg R. Haskins Acknowledgment: Much of this paper was based on two sources, both by Robert Todd Carroll, Ph. Arts and Humanities Explore our ever-growing collection of Open access articles today! To make it as quick and as simple as possible for you to keep up-to-date with the latest open access research developments we have created this useful Open access resource. Bringing together recent articles that have been published in our Media, Cultural & Communication Studies, Visual & Performing Arts, and Humanities portfolios, using our Routledge Open Select hybrid model, these articles are all freely available to read online from publication.

6 Must Read And Easy To Understand Science Books - WhytoRead Science Books Science can be a daunting subject to tackle, and if you’re not someone with a scientific background but you’re interested in the specifics of how the universe functions, the books below are for you. They are written by leading scientists in their field, who not only the best people in their area of expertise, but they are expert communicators who are able to get the message across to you without too much fluff.

1 - Introduction: writing, literacy, and the origins of Japanese literature Cambridge Histories Online Numerous problems of definition and scope confront any survey of the beginnings of Japanese literature. We obviously have no direct access to the stories and songs that circulated before the advent of writing. Some features of this preliterate world can be extrapolated from later sources, but this is difficult to do with any confidence because the writers of many early texts deliberately engineer an impression of orality.

The 18 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers No one wants to hear their music through those scratchy sounding smartphone speakers. It’s time to invest some money into a nice set of speakers for your mobile device, and seeing that connectors are continuously changing, wired speakers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While both AirPlay and Sonos offer some outstanding speakers, we are going to focus on Bluetooth wireless speakers, specifically portable ones. While there are a ton of uses for speakers, we decided to focus on the ones that you could easily bring with you, everywhere you go. Introduction: The Aesthetics of Japanese Fascism - California Scholarship Introduction: The Aesthetics of Japanese Fascism DOI:10.1525/california/9780520245051.003.0001 This introductory chapter first sets out the purpose of the book, which is to explore the aesthetics of fascism in 1930s Japan. The works examined in this study—the writings of the Romantic essayist Yasuda Yojūrō, of the novelists Kawabata Yasunari and Shiga Naoya, of the folk-craft theorist Yanagi Sōetsu; of the culture critic Kobayashi Hideo, and of the postwar novelist Nakagami Kenji; a propaganda tract written by a governmental committee; a popular movie; and the singing of the postwar chanteuse Misora Hibari—supplied the permeating stream of ideology needed to promote goals more overtly elaborated in the political realm.

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