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Downloadable lesson materials CrowdWish Level: B2/Upper Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking, reading and listening Language: idioms (dream come true, like magic, step in the right direction etc) and wish (including wish + would) ELT Resourceful – Crowdwish The lesson is about a new online service, CrowdWish, which invites people to post their wishes on their website. You’ve got to have a dream Level: B1/Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking and writing Language: reason and result linkers, adjectives of personality A free downloadable lesson, based around a Russian advertising video for shampoo. ELT Resourceful – You’ve got to have a dream Orangutan asks for help in sign language Skills: speaking and listening Language: environment vocabulary (e.g. deforestation, consumers, sustainable) ELT Resourceful – Orangutan asks for help in sign language The lesson starts with an activity to find out what students know about orangutans. Gratitude Skills: Reading, speaking, listening and writing ELT Resourceful-Gratitude A good deed To R.P.

KS1 Resources PowerPoints and teaching resources for KS1 and KS2 :: Home Leoxicon School Report Comments Bank SCU - Centre for Children and Young People Intensive Module | TEYL Distance Online | Norway | Switzerland | Singapore - Education Programme leader: Dr Annie Hughes Intensive Modules At the beginning of each year of study there is a compulsory Intensive Module, in which students prepare for the year of study ahead with their supervisors and colleagues. This module can either be taken as a face to face course in August (Switzerland), or as an online course, in October, December or March. The opportunity to attend the intensive module abroad for the TEYL qualification is unique to the University of York. A. Face to face Intensive Modules are 7 days long. Switzerland: The Intensive Introductory Module for the MA in TEYL in Schwyz, Switzerland will be from 12 August 2013*. Students will be provided with a list of accommodation options, at their request, offering a range of options to suit different budgets and requirements. * Please note that dates are provisional at this stage. B. The MA in TEYL online Intensive Introductory Module is 2 weeks long, but there is no requirement to travel, as students can study from anywhere.

Teachers Report Assistant - FREE time saving utility for teachers User Comment:"Thank you for the awesome report writing tool. What can I say but Ka mau te wehi! (fantastic)" Geno (New Zealand) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) View Screenshot Download Comment Bank Completely Free Software review: "We cannot imagine a teacher, who word processes student reports, not finding this tool invaluable." Excellent **** rating from the File Transit Four star award from Report writing utility for teachers which: produces professional sounding, individualized report cards in the shortest possible time. A guaranteed time saver! User Comment:"I am joining the (on what must be millions of) teachers congratulating you on your school report writer. Features Include: ultra quick combining of statements. You won't believe how quickly complete reports can be written! User Comment: "If you are writing reports and need a 'FREE' comment library that works in Windows.

The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Educator Jessica Hagy, a contributor in Forbes, has made an excellent account of the 6 main characteristics of people you should be around. While checking her article I instantly remembered the article I wrote a year ago called the 21st century teacher skills. There is a huge similarity between the two but what really attracted me in Hagy's post and which pushes me to share it with you here is the awesome illustration she employed. Going through her list I found out that those are the same characteristics educators and teachers need to look for and hence we entitled this post The 6 Characteristics of a Successful Educator. Read and share with your colleagues. 1- The Instigator This is someone who motivate you, fills you with inspiration, boost your moral, inspires you, pushes you to act, and always show you the filled part of the cup. 2-The Cheerleader This is normally your supporters and fans . 3- The Taskmaster 4- The Connector 5- The Doubter 6- The Example