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Professional Development / Training

Professional Development / Training
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Laborator virtual de Informatică şi TIC - Acasă - Bine aţi venit! Part 1… Creativity In The Digital Classroom… Over 40 Resources… Are They in Your School? I hope you enjoyed the past post and welcome you to a series of posts dedicated to Creativity in digital classroom. I have some reflections, ideas, and some amazing resources to share. Please enjoy and share this post via email or a retweet. While you are at it, I would appreciate that you take a moment to subscribe to this Blog by RSS or email and follow me at (mjgormans). Also, feel free to contact me about any conference, in-service plans, or PD you might wish to include me in. I believe that creativity is necessary in today’s classroom. Free software that is stored locally on your classroom computers or network - Current PostWeb 2.0 applications accessible using the internet… with just about any device - be sure to subscribe! 15 Free Software Programs Stored on a Classroom Device to Promote Creativity… Are They In Your Classroom? Free software includes those programs or Apps that are downloaded to the local computer or device. Scratch – I could write post upon post about Scratch.

8 Awesome New Web Tools Teachers should not Miss Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you here with another list of some excellent web tools to try this week. We have handpicked these tools from several blogs and websites over the last 10 days and we hope that you will find this collection useful to your teaching. As we always say in this section of web tools in review, our aim behind such lists is to provide busy teachers and educators with a platform from which they can discover and keep updated with the recent releases in the world of educational technology. Check out these tools. 1- Gnowledge Gnowledge is a free to use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take test, exercises and assignments. 2- Moonberri Mooberri is a cool website that allows users to share file with close family and friends via URL links. 3- Real Time Board This web tool allows users to create simple sketches and complex infographics using text, shapes, and mark-up tools. 4- Sendhub 5- KidRex 6- United Class 7- Planboard

A List of Great Checklists Every Teacher should Have Checklists are tools that we the teachers and educators use probably on everyday basis.Obviously, they have several advantages as shown below and I personally love them. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been publishing some great checklists over the last couple of years. We have decided to go through all of them and come up with the list below. Some of the checklists are new and have been included here for the first time. Some advantages of Checklists ? As we said before, checklists have several pluses and here are some of them : Checklists provide you with a roadmap of the trajectory your work, plans..etc will takeThey organize what should be accomplished so that nothing is left behindThey give a sense of priority to the things that need to be done firstThey also help you attain your objectives and plan for next ones Here are some important checklists you need to have . 1- Teaching with Technology A Basic Checklist Download it HERE

Explore the Google Cultural Institute The Google Cultural Institute launched 42 new online historical exhibitions yesterday. The new exhibitions feature images, documents, and artifacts from some of the most significant cultural events of the last one hundred years. The exhibitions are built as interactive slideshows that you can scroll and click through to discover the artifacts and stories. Applications for Education The new historical exhibitions in the Google Cultural Institute and to some of Google's other resources like the World Wonders and Art Project. These resources can be used to spark a student's curiosity about a topic. As a supplement to your lessons these resources are excellent too.

Inquiry Teapots.. Indo Style | The Learning Journey So earlier this year @dwyerteacher from Japan asked me if I’d like to receive an Inquiry Teapot. I knew a bit about this Inquiry Teapot initiative from @Namastececi and Craig’s blogpost on Inquiry Teapots . My grade one class and I accepted and were pretty excited. Actually I didn’t tell them anything except that we were to expect something from Japan. This piqued the students interest from what could it be to why would someone from Japan be sending something to Indonesia? Before opening it, even before unwrapping the DHL packing we examined it. We left the box for a day. So what did we do with this teapot? made some tea (Writing to Instruct)weighed the teapot, lid and box and found out the differences between each ( numeracy)used the concept ‘Connection’ to inquire into how tea might be cultural, how it is connected to other things in life? We also worked together communicated, shared and used our creativity, all as a result of this one teapot. Like this: Like Loading...

11 Free Tools for Creating Websites and Simple Webpages Last week I wrote about Codecademy's new programs for teaching basic HTML, CSS, and other fundamentals for building websites. But if you don't have the time or desire to build webpages from scratch there are plenty of free online tools that will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can concentrate on just adding useful content to your course webpages. Here are eleven free services for creating websites and simple webpages. Wix is a free service for creating and hosting beautiful websites. Whatfolio is a free service for creating online displays of your digital works. Weebly was one of the first website building tools that I played around with when I got started on my technology integration journey. Webs is another service that I have first-hand experience with in a school setting because a couple of my colleagues have used it for their classes. Yola is the tool that I used a few years ago to build websites for my department at school. Web Node is a simple way to build a website.

12 Must Bookmark Sites for Teachers Always Prepped Blog The amount of online tools available can seem overwhelming Below are 8 must bookmark sites for teachers (we did the research, so you can spend more time teaching!): Common Core Help: CommonCore Website - Look up all of the standards, as well as, look at various resources.P21 Toolkit - Comprehensive Toolkit to Implement The Standards Lesson Planning: ReadWriteThink - Great resources for lesson plans. Personal Learning Network/Professional Development: Twitter (only if you participate in the various Education hashtags)Claco – The Premier PD website for TeachersEdmodo – There are some great communities on Edmodo to connect with other educators Websites/Blogs: EffectiveTeachingPD – Julie Adams writes some great content about teaching/PD. Looking for some tech tools? What are your thoughts? Beautiful classroom reports, designed to save teachers time.

10 Innovative Ideas for Class Blogs With the advent of education technology, thousands of schools have taken the great step of signing up to class blogs, giving students and teachers a chance to flex their creative and technological muscles simultaneously. But after the first few exciting weeks, class blogging can become something of a drag, as the initial flood of ideas slows to a trickle and students and teachers find it difficult to think of inspiration for new posts. Whether you want to breathe new life into your blog or stimulate your students with new and exciting blogging assignments here are 10 innovative ideas for classroom blogs… 1. Video Remember blogging doesn’t have to be restricted to long written posts. 2. Many classrooms start out with great education technology intentions when they decide to launch a blog but never really push it to its full potential. 3. A great trick for getting readers to keep coming back for more as well as engaging your students with an on-going project. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What Students And Parents Think About Mobile Technology Look around at any restaurant or mall and it’s easy to see: adults are always connected to their mobile devices. But as this technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, what can we expect for our children? Studies show that – used wisely – technology can be an important part of their everyday lives as well. Check out the infographic below to see how mobile technology is integrated into the lives of even the youngest kids. Over 1/2 of children under 12 who use iPads use them for educational purposes. 10% of children under 1 use mobile technology, 39% of kids age 2-4, and by age 5-8, 54% of kids are using mobile technology.