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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones - Lifehacker

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones - Lifehacker

The Secret World of Serge Gainsbourg Paris, May 23, 2007: Carefully avoiding eye contact with the tourists in the street, Charlotte Gainsbourg quickly lets me into the small, graffiti-covered house at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil. Two blocks from Boulevard Saint-Germain in the Seventh Arrondissement, the house is where her father, Serge Gainsbourg, lived and, on March 2, 1991, died at the age of 62. In the days following his death, France went into mourning, fans crowded the tiny street singing his songs, and the women closest to him sat in his bedroom with his body for four days because Charlotte didn't want to let him go. The Man with a Cabbage Head statue in Gainsbourg's house. Except for two pianos which have been removed, the house remains exactly the way it was on the day he died. Upstairs, on the second floor, in Serge's skylit study, there is an IBM electric typewriter even though he never typed, books about Chopin, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Fra Angelico, and Velázquez, and a copy of Robinson Crusoe.

DIY smartphone headphone adapter (with MIC & control button) Do you happen to own a very expensive and personal set of headphones?Do you have a special connection with your personal headphones such that you cannot listen to music without them?Do you wish your personal headphones have the feature of the remote control (buttons) and MIC that smartphone earphones usually have? Ja3far had the same problems mentioned above and in the video below he will show you the solution he came up with. In the video, Ja3far decided to make an adapter which he can hook up to his expensive headphones (or any other earphone/headphone). This project requires little knowledge of electronics and soldering. 1- Solder and Soldering Iron 2- Wires* 3- Electret MIC* 4- Push Button* 5- TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve) audio Jack* 6- Multimeter (not necessary, but it is good to be able to perform continuity testing to follow the connections of the Jack) *total cost is about 2$ All these items can be found at your local electronics shop.

soul sides How To Make Any Pair of Headphones Smart Phone Capable You know what's handy? Devices that perform more than one useful function. Take smart phone headsets, for example: They have headphones which give you the ability to listen to music without annoying your fellow public transit passengers, and the in-line remote and microphone allows you take calls without needing to put your phone to your ear. Unfortunately, the ear buds included on most bundled headsets are almost uniformly low quality. If you've ever wished you could use a pair of headphones you already own with your phone without sacrificing the features of your headset, you're in luck. This guide will show you how to mount a female headphone socket to your headset, giving you an in-line microphone compatible with any headphones you'd care to connect. Tools You'll Need Soldering Iron, solder, good quality wire strippers (or very sharp knife), shrink tube (4mm), needle-nose pliers (preferably with wire-cutters, female jack socket. Cutting and Preparing the Cable Attaching the Jack Socket

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ALLOFMP3 May 26, 2008 Music Industry Drops Copyright Suit Against Russian Music Site May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other record companies dismissed their copyright lawsuit against Russia-based Internet music store, which was accused of distributing millions of pirated song files. Members of the Recording Industry Association of... read more November 05, 2007 Court confirms legality of On 24 October a district court in Moscow has confirmed the "no copyright infringement" verdict. Earlier this year, on 15 August 2007 was acquitted of all charges brought up by IFPI. read more October 18, 2007 IFPI - now the International Federation of Pirate Interests? The Pirate Bay has grabbed the domen and is going to turn into a web-site of some International Federation of Pirate Interests. read more Madonna drops Warner Maddona announced that she ends her 25 year long relationship with the Warner recording company. "The... read more October 11, 2007

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