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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones
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How Can I Set Up a Home Recording Studio on the Cheap? also, keep in mind that not everyone needs an audio interface. if you are only recording one track at a time or are recording more than one track but are fine with mixing it as you record you can use a much cheaper and oodles simpler analog mixing board/mixer. i struggled for over a year with a USB audio interface box i bought for home recording and it was ALWAYS a hassle - either really high latency, dropped sections, or it would take 15-20 minutes of fiddling with system prefs and settings in software to get it to work right. i finally went to my local music store and picked up a behringer analog mixer for $49 which has 8-Inputs (2 mic, 2 stereo, 1 stereo tape/CD), builtin EQ, effects send/receive, and the mic jacks have phantom power and the line inputs work great for electric instruments, a headphone out and I use an RCA-to-mini-1/8th-stereo plug to connect directly into the mic jack on my mac mini. It's simple, always works, and has real knobs and buttons.

Shootout: 96 Portable Headphones Reviewed (V-Moda M-80 added 11/27/11) Tier B ($50-100) (B1) Koss KSC75 (modded): Besides adding some style points to the plasticky KSCs, the common KSC75 mods do improve the already-great clip-ons, but at a price. List of parts used: Mogami-recabled KSC75 ($30 from head-fi FS forums). 68 Ohm impedance adapter ($18, ebay). Build Quality (6.5/10): Naturally, build quality depends largely on how good the recabling job is. Comfort (8/10): Not much difference in comfort between these and the stock KSCs. Isolation (2.5/10): Though the leatherette pads may help sound leakage around the ear these are still open headphones so the difference is minute. Sound (6.75/10): The sound changes quite noticeably with modding. Value (7/10): Even though I prefer the sound of these to my stock KSC75s, I cannot say that for the average listener the price tag and time investment would be worth it. (B2) AKG K81DJ (a.k.a. Comfort (6/10): With a bit of adjustment when donned the K81s can be comfortable for several hours. Value (8.5/10). Value (9/10).

The Secret World of Serge Gainsbourg Paris, May 23, 2007: Carefully avoiding eye contact with the tourists in the street, Charlotte Gainsbourg quickly lets me into the small, graffiti-covered house at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil. Two blocks from Boulevard Saint-Germain in the Seventh Arrondissement, the house is where her father, Serge Gainsbourg, lived and, on March 2, 1991, died at the age of 62. In the days following his death, France went into mourning, fans crowded the tiny street singing his songs, and the women closest to him sat in his bedroom with his body for four days because Charlotte didn't want to let him go. For 16 years this house has been shuttered and locked, with only the housekeeper or occasional family member allowed inside. Charlotte, an actress and a huge star in France, is now the owner of the house and wants, with the help of architect Jean Nouvel, to turn it into a museum. The Man with a Cabbage Head statue in Gainsbourg's house. "Manners were very important to him," Charlotte says.

DIY smartphone headphone adapter (with MIC & control button) Do you happen to own a very expensive and personal set of headphones?Do you have a special connection with your personal headphones such that you cannot listen to music without them?Do you wish your personal headphones have the feature of the remote control (buttons) and MIC that smartphone earphones usually have? Do you have an AUX line in your car's radio and you like to listen to your smartphone's music in your car?Are you bothered when you receive a phone call while driving because you'll have to unhook your phone from the AUX input to answer, which can get you into an accident?Are you like me and you prefer not paying tens of dollars for something that you can build yourself and will only cost you time (and a few dollars). Ja3far had the same problems mentioned above and in the video below he will show you the solution he came up with. In the video, Ja3far decided to make an adapter which he can hook up to his expensive headphones (or any other earphone/headphone). 2- Wires*

How To Make Any Pair of Headphones Smart Phone Capable You know what's handy? Devices that perform more than one useful function. Take smart phone headsets, for example: They have headphones which give you the ability to listen to music without annoying your fellow public transit passengers, and the in-line remote and microphone allows you take calls without needing to put your phone to your ear. Unfortunately, the ear buds included on most bundled headsets are almost uniformly low quality. If you've ever wished you could use a pair of headphones you already own with your phone without sacrificing the features of your headset, you're in luck. This guide will show you how to mount a female headphone socket to your headset, giving you an in-line microphone compatible with any headphones you'd care to connect. Tools You'll Need Soldering Iron, solder, good quality wire strippers (or very sharp knife), shrink tube (4mm), needle-nose pliers (preferably with wire-cutters, female jack socket. Cutting and Preparing the Cable Attaching the Jack Socket

The Best-Kept Secret about Aging Looking for the best advice for living? We asked over 1200 older Americans to give their advice on how to be happier, healthier, and and fulfilled. The goal of this book is to make these lessons for living available to people of any age. The book, 30 Lessons for Living, was featured on the PBS Newshour and in a feature article in the New York Times. 30 Lessons for Living has just made a number of “Best in 2012″ lists, including: Bloomberg News, Best Books of 2012: In the words of the reviewer: “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice From the Wisest Americans by Karl Pillemer reminds us of what’s important in life. Rhode Island Bookstores, Best Gift Books of 2012. Next Avenue’s best books to boost your career. And you can meet some of the elders on video at our YouTube channel. One secret the Legacy Project elders revealed was this: Being old is much better than we think it will be. Ursula, 94, is surprised when people comment about her longevity. Worry about aging?

Foobar2000 A Guide To Set Up Foobar2000 is a media player very popular in the world of Head-fi for good reason. If you’re reading this it is assumed you know more or less what it is. This is meant as a guide to get a functioning and reasonably good looking foobar up and running with minimal fuss. This guide is far from finished, there are many subjects which still need to be addressed. Contents: The Guide Layout Editing Optional Customisation Install an optional component Output plugins mp3 player management Album Art The Guide Like a lot of freeware and open-source programs, foobar2000 downloads as a .exe file which is an executable program, depending on the firewall/virus software you have on your system, your computer might not like this, it's generally just a pop-up saying "this file could be harmful to your computer" Scan it if you're worried but you needn't be. When you run set-up you'll get two options. Components Included in the Download: When you install you’ll be faced with this screen and window: [back to top]

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