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Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

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How to Totally Troll someones Computer [pic] Email If you have ever wanted to carry out the ultimate practical joke using someone’s computer as your tool then this guide on how to troll a persons computer is something that you must read. For more hints, tips, news and all things technology and geek related please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our feed. [via - neatoroma] For the price of a TV you can start a FabLab This Christmas season you could buy a loved one an HDTV, a low end MacBook, or a suite of tools that enable them to create anything they can imagine. MIT Media Lab professor Neil Gershenfeld coined the term “FabLabs” to describe such a set of customization manufacturing tools (CNC mills, 3D printers, etc.) that would theoretically enable people to make almost anything. His vision was that these labs could be deployed to the inner city or developing world helping people fashion appropriate technology.

First, Let's Fire All the Managers Management is the least efficient activity in your organization. Think of the countless hours that team leaders, department heads, and vice presidents devote to supervising the work of others. Most managers are hardworking; the problem doesn’t lie with them. The inefficiency stems from a top-heavy management model that is both cumbersome and costly. Hyperloop: High-Speed Travel the Open Source Way High-speed rail systems like France’s TGV and Japan’s “bullet trains” are symbols of national pride and the envy of many countries including the US. Every few years the topic resurfaces but then fizzles out. The last time was in 2009 when the Obama administration called for a collaboration of government and private industry to transform the transportation industry. Collaboration may have been the right approach, but how about an open source style of collaboration?

Open Source Ecology My Blogspot: My Matrix Solutions Affiliate link: My Zeolite Affiliate link: Winning With Code Pleading Interview w/ David Williams: ­485695&cmd=apop The Right of Self-Determination is about Self-governing. Massively Collaborative Content Identification - We need YOUR help in finding appropriate content SUPORT is a FREE learning resource helping small businesses to understand and access University expertise, and helping University research staff to access and understand small businesses. The SUPORT Project is moving into the creation of it's e-Learning deliverable. In an open spirit we are inviting you to participate in sharing with us the best content you have come across on the Web.

Digital badges could help measure 21st-century skills Government, industry launch nationwide call to innovators to create ‘digital badges’ that can verify digital skills By Meris Stansbury, Online Editor Read more by Meris Stansbury TopCoder, an adviser for the MacArthur Foundation’s competition, currently has a badge system for its community members that validates skills and competencies. Stop Competing to Be the Best - Joan Magretta by Joan Magretta | 12:09 PM November 30, 2011 With Cyber Monday, the tablet wars kicked into full swing. Which one is the best?

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