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Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak
Stash it in a trunk. Check it on a plane. Stow it on a sailboat. Hike it in to remote waters. No garage, SUV or roof racks necessary. The Oru Kayak makes boating simple, easy, and accessible— so you can spend more time on the water.

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Sam Buxton From the MIKRO series of fold-up sculptures to his electroluminesent tables and clocks, the work of the British product designer SAM BUXTON is dominated by his experiments with advanced materials and technologies. When Sam Buxton needed a business card rather than make “a boring printed card?, he decided to devise one which would reflect his work as a product designer. By deploying a chemical milling process he had discovered in the electronics industry, Buxton created a flat fine stainless steel card the various parts of which unfolded into a 3-D replica of himself working at his computer.

DIY Electric Skateboard Firstly I would recommend a longboard deck rather than a skateboard as this gives you more stability, a smoother ride and more space for your components. It needs to be solid with little flex and topmounted rather than drop through trucks to give more room underneath for the electronics enclosure and motor. The diagram from explains the different choices. It is the top one that is ideal. . As for the wheels you need a relatively large diameter and about medium softness to give a smother ride. Some wheels come with plastic hubs such as the orangatang kegel, which is ideal for mounting the pulley wheel onto. Moves ★★★ Google Play selects Accupedo pedometer as 2014 Best 30 Apps at Google Play Store in Japan and Korea. [Dec. 2014]"Accupedo Pedometer Widget made good walking buddies in our last tests." [Washington Post, 10/1/12] "Among cellphone apps the Accupedo pedometer widget for Android phones had the top spot." [LA Times, 12/28/11]

Faraday Bicycles We are sorry to say that Faraday's pilot production of the Porteur, scheduled to begin shipping in March, 2014, is entirely sold out! Our second production run will begin shipping by late summer, 2014. Reserve your Faraday and ensure the earliest delivery possible by reviewing our terms and conditions and clicking the "pre-order" box below. Our flagship product is the Faraday Porteur – the bike that was dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bike” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition. The Faraday Porteur will surprise your friends when you tell them it’s electric, and it will surprise YOU when you realize just how much is possible on a bicycle with a little “boost”. Everything you need to ride safely and comfortably has been considered, from integrated front and rear lights to a sturdy, frame-mounted front rack, wood fenders, accessory bag, and 8-speed internal hub.

Sustainable Egg Packaging Brooklyn-based Emiliy Zirimis, a Senior Communications Design student at Pratt Institute, was assigned to create a sustainable package that is meant to house four duck eggs that come from Cowberry Crossing Farm – a biodymanic farm established in upstate Claverack, New York. “In regard to the farm’s logo – I was inspired by the farm’s biodynamic methodology. Biodynamic agriculture is based on astronomy and on the alignment of planets which dictate the ideal crop times throughout the year. And so with that said, my logo is inspired by circular astrological calendars. I added overlapping lines to give the logo a more earthy and farm-like apeal,” explains Zirimis.

DIY Electric Longboard for $300 An electric longboard is a great way to get around! It’s also easy to make, lightweight, and it can be charged relatively quickly (with the right charger). This longboard can get up to 29km/h using the motor before it gets wobbly and dangerous. The acceleration is also great, and the controller can be programmed to eliminate any wheelspins that may occur from a standing start. As for range, it can get a solid 10km range on a full charge; however, it is not-recommended to discharge lithium batteries more than 80% as it wears down their life. A benefit of this design is that the trucks can be put onto virtually any longboard deck.

Retrovelo Klassic Klaus A Retrovelo is just more than the sum of its technology, but an attitude and belief in beautiful bicycles for everyday life. Your trusty companion will join you on Sunday morning trips to the bakery, as well as on your Monday morning commute. Their three-speed Klassic Klaus is the perfect sturdy yet stylish bicycle for a relaxing ride through the country or at the beach. Wide handle-bars and an upright posture ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Fully outfitted with fat tires that give a comfy, smooth ride over any terrain. Available in one size frame, all three colors are usually in stock.

Designer Packaging for Meo Eggs April 18, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design If you appreciate well designed packaging, you’ll love Meo egg packaging by California-based designer, Chi Hey Lee. To see more of her work, head over to her website here. Meo egg packaging was designed for children to encourage them to eat more eggs. This packaging line has six different characters, and each one has unique name. They are Hungry BBQ, Crying Chili, Wild Ranch, Sexy Honey, Baby Island, and Salty Pepper.