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Ecrits et ressources sur l'image

Ecrits et ressources sur l'image

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The DEVELOP Tube Photography Video Channel on YouTube Peter Dench is raising funds for his photobook project The British Abroad; the merry antics of the [young] British abroad photographed in all its glorious splendour and excess. To help: This project will only be funded if at least £6,000 is pledged by Sat, Apr 4 2015 7:00 PM EST. From Peter: Hello! Sitographie Design 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

12 Must Have Resources for Free Public Domain Pictures to Use in Class January 23, 2014 Images speak louder than words. We all have recourse to images as visual aids in our teaching but the search for such images is not always an easy one. Most often, you spend a decent amount of time looking for pictures only to be disappointed that they are copyrighted . This is where the importance of having a ready made list of public domain image sources comes in handy. I have gone through some of the resources I have reviewed before and compiled the list below. 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work) In photography, it’s not just what you shoot that counts – the way that you shoot it is crucial, too. Poor photo composition can make a fantastic subject dull, but a well-set scene can create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations. With that in mind, we’ve picked our top 10 photo composition ‘rules’ to show you how to transform your images, as well as offered some of our best photography tips from the experts who do it on a daily basis. Don’t feel that you’ve got to remember every one of these laws and apply them to each photo you take. Instead, spend a little time practising each one in turn and they’ll become second nature.

Sitographie de musées 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

Nearby Café: History of Photography Calendar We produce it with the assistance of assorted nabobs, know-it-alls and scalawags -- a motley crew that could include you. We consider it unfortunate that notable events -- even including the births and deaths of historic figures in the field -- too often become reduced to the year of their occurrence. Something of the resonance of their specific moment in time gets lost in that process. And it frustrates the commemorative impulse that many of us feel. Not to mention our curiosity as to what of photographic note might have happened on days significant to us.

Infographic: Evolution of Camera and Photography Information Graphics (commonly known as infographics) present a great way to bring in knowledge into a web reader’s mind. This is because people don’t read text on computer screens. Graphics make the information intuitive, fun and most of all, readable. That’s why we publish infographics from time to time and today is one of those days.

How to write about your photographs I frequently run into being asked by photographers how they can become better at writing about their own work. This is not an easy topic to talk about, certainly not without using specific examples. But I thought I’d do so anyway, in the hope that those who are interested in it might get something out of it. Before going into any of the details, I will have to make a disclaimer: I wrote a piece about statements before. Discussions and More: Say things about a picture All this week we are celebrating the publication of Discussions and More Second Edition, a fully updated and revised edition of Penny Ur’s classic: Discussions that Work. Today we bring you ‘Say something about a picture’, one of the many activities featured in the handbook. Outline Students brainstorm all the things they can think of to say about a picture. Procedure

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