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Storytelling without limits. Whitey Bulger WBUR Boston Issue 9 | May 2013from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs) by Toby Altman“Father’s Day” by Bobby Fischer“The Beast Deer” by Cassandra de Alba“[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]” by Katie Byrum“If You Never Get to Mendocino County” by Matthew Wade Jordanfrom Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)Toby Altman(a) Do not allow insult:language should be a thimbleto shield your brother’s thumb. Bodega: Issue 9 The Rider’s Prayer Sarah Menkedick Make beautiful multimedia stories for apps, ebooks, and the Web with a free Creatavist account . This handle is already taken. By creating an account, you agree to the Creatavist Terms of Service Send Us Feedback Send

Hive Plots - Linear Layout for Network Visualization - Visually Interpreting Network Structure and Content Made Possible AppMakr :: iPhone App Maker | Make your own iPhone App | Free iPhone App Maker The use of low-code/no-code application development has jumped to 75% from a meager 45% in the span of two years . Moreover, it is predicted that low-code/no-code application development will dominate the application development activity by as much as 65% . Until quite recently a business would have to invest heavily to acquire IT resources for application development. Traditional app development methods were expensive and time-consuming, taking about 4-12 months to get the app into the production environment. In stark contrast, about 8,000 to 10,000 apps are built every single day on Appy Pie’s no-code app maker. While there is no dearth of low-code or no-code platforms in the market, most of these are focused on accelerating traditional app development processes. With a visual drag-and-drop editor powered by NLU/NLP based on our proprietary AI and ML algorithms, Appy Pie’s no-code app maker offers you a DIY experience. So what are you waiting for?

NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel - Home Free Blog App Maker Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software App Builder, Make an App, Mobile App Maker Software, App Maker Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. It contains tools for data preparation, classification, regression, clustering, association rules mining, and visualization. Found only on the islands of New Zealand, the Weka is a flightless bird with an inquisitive nature. The name is pronounced like this, and the bird sounds like this. Weka is open source software issued under the GNU General Public License. We have put together several free online courses that teach machine learning and data mining using Weka. Weka supports deep learning!

The R Project for Statistical Computing Polymaps Tangle: a JavaScript library for reactive documents Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Your readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately. Tangle is super-simple and easy to learn. This is a simple reactive document. When you eat 3 drag cookies, you consume 150 calories. This is the HTML for that example. When you eat <span data-var="cookies" class="TKAdjustableNumber"> cookies</span>, you consume <span data-var="calories"> calories</span>. And this is the JavaScript. Write your document with HTML and CSS, as you normally would. Try out some examples. Proposition 21: Vehicle License Fee for State Parks The way it is now: California has 278 state parks, including state beaches and historic parks. What Prop 21 would do: Proposes to charge car owners an extra $18 on their annual registration bill, to go into the state park fund. Analysis: Suppose that an extra $18 was charged to 100 % of California taxpayersvehicle registrations. Fc = 2 KHz Q = 0.8 Unstable