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Profs & Soeurs - Ressources Pédagogiques pour PROFS & Parents

Profs & Soeurs - Ressources Pédagogiques pour PROFS & Parents

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Forty Ways to Learn a Language EdSurge Newsletters Receive weekly emails on edtech products, companies, and events that matter. We're paying tribute to the very first issue of ES-Instruct by reviving this cheat sheet of language-learning tools. The selected "twitteristics" come from needs voiced in our (dearly departed) #esinstruct language learning chat. The "Practice with native speakers" rating indicates some level of functionality for live online chat or audio exchange. "Cultural exchange or immersion" indicates which products provide an understanding of language in some context of the native country.

The Best Free Education Web Tools Of 2013 There’s a wealth of education related web tools out there that can make your life easier and turn your computer, phone, and/or tablet into a teaching and learning powerhouse. But because there are SO many tools out there, selecting the best ones can turn into a full time job. Downloading a ton of apps, researching, and testing different web tools can take hours – hours that you probably don’t have if you’re busy teaching and having a life. The Best Education Apps (Android) English, German, Spanish, French and Italian with just one application! Courses123 is a new hi-tech language learning application. Need to learn English? We can help you!

Primarily Speaking: Word Work Fun! Today I did not set out to work on Literacy Centers, but that's where I found myself obsessing (yes, obsessing). Of course, I have now run out of colored ink and white cardstock and a trip to Target, Staples, Office Max, or all 3 is in order. The hubs agreed to babysit tomorrow so I can run out solo (what's that like?), but quite truthfully I want to go now!!! I have to remind myself that tomorrow is right around the corner.

Free Printable Skip Counting Cards for 2s Advertise with us Report this ad All Custom Graphics & Design © 2014 The 3AM Teacher All Rights Reserved © 2014 Kim Staten All Rights Reserved How To Use Chrome To Learn A Foreign Language While Browsing The Web Knowing a second language fluently is a good career move. Who knows, it could win you a foreign posting or the very least help you start a small career on the side after retirement. Sites like Duolingo and Busuu make it easy to get rid of any excuses not to learn a new language.

Advanced Human Technologies Social media such as blogs, Twitter, social networks, content sharing and far more give customers a voice and organizations a powerful tool for value creation and competitive differentiation. Advanced Human Technologies has extensive experience helping organizations to understand social media, build effective strategies, and implement these to create value. Social Media Strategy Framework Download our Social Media Strategy Framework to gain insights into the key steps in building an effective social media strategy. Click on the image to download pdf We use our Social Media Strategy Framework primarily to help our clients who are early in the process of engaging with social media to understand what is required to create a social media strategy.

First Week's Fun - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits We have launched our writer’s workshop. Today was our first real try at it. I am thrilled. Because it’s probably my favorite subject to teach! Pasta Crafts: Stained Glass Pasta A classic art project for kids is the macaroni necklace and for good reason, pasta is a fun material to use in art because it’s inexpensive, the shapes are diverse and beautiful, and it’s so tactile. Recently the Rockin’ Art Moms challenged each other to come up with pasta crafts; we called it The Macaroni Challenge. Today we are unveiling the results and I have to day that these are some of the coolest pasta projects I’ve ever seen. And better yet, we want YOU to join us in this challenge by making your own pasta creation and sharing it with us! See below for details on The Macaroni Challenge. To get this challenge started here is how we tackled it: Stained Glass Pasta

Periodic Table Battleship I have posted a lot about Chemistry lately. My oldest has been studying it and really enjoying it. I love his science-y mind! Today I have a really fun & simple chemistry game to share. We played Periodic Table Battleship! This game can be played even by kids who know nothing about the Periodic Table Yet.

Resources for Learning French This is a summary of resources I've found useful in learning French in order to survive in Neuchâtel. The selection of resources is slanted explicitly toward the goal of survival: mastering the language sufficiently to be able to buy a car, read the newspaper, get your furnace repaired, and all the other fun-filled components of day-to-day life. From that base, you can proceed to a deeper understanding of the literary language and more effective ways of expressing yourself but it doesn't make sense to worry about such refinements until you're able to warn that pesky neighbour kid that if he rings your doorbell one more time and runs away, you'll tear off his fingers and toes and feed them to your vicious dog. French in Action French In Action is a video-based course created by Pierre Capretz of Yale University. This course is so excellent it almost justifies the invention of television.

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