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LiberKey - Applications Portables

LiberKey - Applications Portables

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Embedding a PDF using HTML markup PDFObject has been updated to version 1.2, and now supports Internet Explorer 9. It is also now available on GitHub. « Return to PDFObject home Free compession software with the largest user group in China! Efficient! Utility! Fast! * Support virtual CD-ROM mounting * Support directly extract the image which mounted * Powerful dual-core Trojan horse checking engine * MD5 comparison function * Improved the interactive function of "file information" * Improved the interaction when open a file from a large size archive Forever Free! Needn't suffer the limitations of traditional compression software's copyright and functional ?

Article: The Top 100 Indie Games Here's a list of 100 indie games that I've enjoyed. This list includes freeware games, shareware games, japanese indie import games, mods, and works in progress (WIP). It does not include browser games. I've tried to spread different genres more evenly around in the list so take the order as more of a general idea of how they rank than an absolute win/lose situation. This is not an exhaustive list and I encourage anyone with games that I forgot to post them in the forum.

Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files on Your iPad on The Go Steve Jobs was one of the most outspoken proponents of a “no-file-manager” system. In fact, the iOS ecosystem continues to be simple and easy to use because the user doesn’t have to do anything with files or folders. Everything is taken care of by the apps. Best Portable Apps A portable app is a “lite” version of a software, which can be run without being installed on the host computer, and which doesn’t modify the computer’s configuration information. In other words, you can run it, use it, and no-one will ever know you were there. 5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web 5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web You already know that some applications offer portable or "soft" installations, but don't you wish there was some place on the Internet where you could find any portable application? Read More Apart from being more flexible and secure when working on public computers, another good use for portable apps is to keep your number of installed apps to an absolute minimum. Installed programs take up space and can cause a computer to run slower, so the less you have installed the better.

Emulation Products from Marat Fayzullin EMULATORSlibraries, tools, and documentation by Marat Fayzullin Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, GameBoy, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Pocket Printer, GameLink, and DiskSystem are trademarks of Nintendo. SEGA SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, Mark II/III, Master System, and GameGear are trademarks of SEGA. While programs presented at this site attempt to create "compatible" environment for the gaming software, they are not equivalent to the original hardware. Emulators are programs that make old software "think" that it is running on the original hardware, while it really runs on your smartphone or in a window on your desktop.

India Targets Maoist Jungle Stronghold to Win Mining Riches (Bloomberg) -- The hills above Sinu Tati’s village of Tikanpal in central India are known for two things: one of the world’s largest iron-ore deposits, and a jungle full of Maoist guerrillas who attack anyone trying to mine it. The district is a weather vane for a conflict that former premier Manmohan Singh called the greatest threat to India’s internal security, one that has killed more than 10,000 people in the past two decades and raged over a third of the country. It’s also key to current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to modernize India’s economy. AccdbMerge - diff & merge Microsoft Access files (mdb & accdb) What is AccdbMerge? AccdbMerge is an easy to use diff & merge tool for Microsoft Access *.mdb and *.accdb files. This tool allows to compare and import/export database objects and data between two files. There are two versions of AccdbMerge - basic free version described on this page, and paid Pro version that provides extended functionality and overcomes limitations of the free version. Free version allows to compare unprotected files, compare and merge most of the application objects such as forms, queries or modules.

Your new PC needs these 22 free programs In today’s multidevice world, cloud syncing and storage services are practically a must-have, as they allow you to pick up where you left off no matter which PC, phone, or tablet you’re working on. Microsoft’s SkyDrive is thoroughly intertwined with Windows 8.1, but if you’re using Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP, be sure to grab the desktop app for your cloud service of choice to ensure that your files travel with you. OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox drastically increased their available storage in 2014, while simultaneously sending prices plummeting. Heck, OneDrive and Google Drive rolled out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 and Google Apps subscribers, respectively.

China's arms exports over the last decade-and-a-half China's arms export trade has been booming. In the 2010-2014 time period, Beijing rose to become the world's third largest weapons exporter, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), narrowly edging out Germany and France from the top three. The following graphic shows the expanding scope of China's arms exports over the last decade-and-a-half. Skye Gould/Business Insider CustomExplorerToolbar - Add Copy/Cut/Paste buttons to the Explorer toolbar of Windows 7 Description CustomExplorerToolbar is small utility for Windows 7 only, which allows you to easily customize the toolbar of Windows Explorer, and add buttons that were existed in previous versions of Windows, like Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All, and more. This utility also allows you to remove the toolbar buttons that you previously added. Versions History Version 1.05: The last settings is now saved into configuration file (CustomExplorerToolbar.cfg) and loaded in the next time that you use CustomExplorerToolbar. Version 1.00 - First release.

We've Open-Sourced Everything - CodeCombat Blog CodeCombat is a programming game for learning to code; a multiplayer coding challenge arena for sharpening your skills; a Y-Combinator-funded startup; and as of this weekend, the largest open source CoffeeScript project and a fantastic way to get into open source and game development. Whether you’re a novice programmer wanting to figure out this GitHub thing or an open source guru looking for something to sink your teeth into, check out our GitHub and join over two hundred CodeCombat Archmages in building the best programming game ever. Yes, we just open-sourced the last year of our lives–all the code, art, and music for CodeCombat–under the MIT and Creative Commons licenses.

Languages in India - Map, Scheduled Languages, States official languages and dialects India, a potpourri of different cultures, religions and beliefs, is home to not just one or two languages but to an uncountable number of different lingual families. Languages belonging to the two major language families - Indo Aryan and Dravidian - are spoken by more than 90% of the people of India. Know more about the languages of India with India Language Map. According to Ethnologue, India is considered to be home to 461 languages, out of which 14 have been reported to be extinct.

294 applications available in a few clicks! In all areas : Audio, Video, Graphics, Internet, Games, Security, Education, System, etc. by alexio Jun 8

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