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Industry Data Models

Industry Data Models
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incompetech | Custom Production Music and also Graph Paper Open Tools for MySQL Administrators by Baron Schwartz 10/19/2006 MySQL provides some tools to monitor and troubleshoot a MySQL server, but they don't always suit a MySQL developer or administrator's common needs, or may not work in some scenarios, such as remote or over-the-web monitoring. Fortunately, the MySQL community has created a variety of free tools to fill the gaps. On the other hand, many of these are hard to find via web searches. Relax! This article is about tools to discover and monitor the state of your server, so I won't discuss programs for writing queries, designing tables, and the like. Tools to Monitor Queries and Transactions The classic tool for monitoring queries is Jeremy Zawodny's mytop. There are mytop packages for various GNU/Linux distributions, such as Gentoo and Fedora Core, or you can install one from Jeremy's website. A similar tool is mtop. Some programmers have also created scripts to output MySQL's process list for easy consumption by other scripts. There are also some web-based tools.

Getting Started with Berkeley DB XML Database Editions and Options Oracle Database 12c comes in three editions and features a wide range of enterprise edition options to meet specific customer requirements in the areas of performance and availability, security and compliance, data warehousing and analytics, unstructured data, and manageability. Oracle Database Appliance The Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered system of software, servers, storage, and networking that provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to deploy, manage, and support high-availability database workloads. Data Warehousing Oracle Database 12c, complete with in-database advanced analytics, introduces new integration, performance, scalability, and analytics capabilities that support data warehouses and big data, providing a fast, cost-effective platform for data warehousing and business intelligence applications. High Availability Storage Management Oracle Multitenant Big Data Database Clouds Database Security Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

Best Requirements Management Software | 2016 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems 2,000+ businesses use Capterra each week to find the right software. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Requirements, prototyping and diagrams - all in one! The iRise collaborative platform helps teams define, communicate, and validate requirements in a visual and interactive way that's far more effective and efficient than traditional methods. We also integrate with the leading ALM tools like Jira, TFS, Rally and Blueprint, so you can bring the value of collaborative prototyping to your existing tool-set. View Profile Requirements, prototyping and diagrams - all in one! DevSpec provides the industry's first two-way MS Word integration for simple creation, editing, and updating of requirements. Requirements management solution that is specifically designed to provide visibility, traceability and validation of your requirements. Get everything you need to successfully gather, evaluate and produce IT, software or services requirements for your company. iPlan LiteRM ReMa

Microsoft SQL Server - Using CROSS APPLY in SQL Server 2005 - SQ By Bill Graziano on 4 May 2005 | 18 Comments | Tags: Queries, User Defined Functions My interest in writing this article was started by an MSDN article titled SQL Server 2005: The CLR Enters the Relational Stage. The article shows how to write a function that returns the top three countries per category. That's always been something that was difficult to do in SQL so I was curious about the approach. First please take a second to read the MSDN article. Note: I also want to mention here that I started out trying to replicate their solution. Let's start at the TOP Along the way to making this solution work we'll discuss a few new features of SQL Server 2005. DECLARE @Rows INT SET @Rows = 10 SELECT TOP ( @Rows ) * FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader This will return the top 10 rows from SalesOrderHeader. SELECT TOP ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Sales.Customer ) * FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader There are 19,185 rows in the Customer table and this query returns the top 19,185 rows from SalesOrderHeader.

The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) A list of sites where you can download royalty free sounds and music. The first list shows those sites that offer free downloads. In case you want to license a “pop song” for your trailer consider to read this interesting article called How to License a Song for your Indie Game Trailer (Hint: It’s very unlikely that you can afford it). ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (free to download) Newgrounds SampleSwap JewelBeat digccMixter 8bitcollective Incompetech Jamendo ROYALTY FREE SOUNDS (free to download) Freesound Project freeSFX Sound Librarian The Guide To Sound Effects – Make Your Own SFX ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (pay to download) Soundrangers SoundDogs JewelBeat Lucky Lion Studios Shockwave Sound Audio Network AudioJungle Premiumbeat ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (pay to download / from game engine marketplace) Unity – Asset Store ROYALTY FREE SOUNDS (pay to download) Soundsnap SoundDogs Shockwave Sounds Audio Network Sound Ideas Sony Sound Series Unity – Asset Store

Optimizing the mysqld variables Time for an update In 2001, I wrote an article entitled Optimizing MySQL: Hardware and the Mysqld Variables. That was almost three years ago, when MySQL 4 was but a twinkling in Monty Widenius' eye. key_buffer_size The key_buffer_size is probably the most useful single variable to tweak. On dedicated MySQL servers, the rule-of-thumb is to aim to set the key_buffer_size to at least a quarter, but no more than half, of the total amount of memory on the server. Scenario 1 mysql> SHOW STATUS LIKE '%key_read%'; +-------------------+------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------+------------+ | Key_read_requests | 3606100254 | | Key_reads | 2594030 | +-------------------+------------+ mysql> SHOW STATUS LIKE '%key_read%'; +-------------------+------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------+------------+ | Key_read_requests | 3606102741 | | Key_reads | 2594030 | +-------------------+------------+ This is a healthy ratio, around 1400 to 1. Scenario 2 The table cache

Primary Keys: IDs versus GUIDs Top 10 Articles for 2015 2015 saw growth for in the number and quality of content on our site. Thank you to all our contributors - we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to our readers for your continued support! Check out the top 10 articles on the site for 2015. Enjoy and all the best for 2016 from everyone a ! Top 10 of 2015 1. 2015 Trends in Business Analsyis & Project Management by Andrea Brockmeiier, Elizabeth Larson, & Richard Larson 2. 3. 8 Tips for the Newbie Business Analyst by Racquel Ellis 4. 10 Essential Apps for the Business Analyst by Josh Maxwell, CBAP 5. 6. 7. 5 Key Soft Skills for the IT Business Analyst by Brad Egeland 8. 9. 10.

Books Online Welcome to Microsoft® Books Online for Microsoft SQL Server 2012®. Books Online contains the task descriptions and reference documentation that describes how to perform data management and business intelligence work by using SQL Server. SQL Server 2012 introduces two significant documentation changes; a new help viewer that changes the way that you install and view the documentation, and the documentation has been restructured to address issues with previous versions of Books Online. SQL Server 2012 Books Online contains a smaller set of foundation content optimized for users who are searching for information about how to complete a task. For more information, see SQL Server Documentation Restructure. SQL Server 2012 Books Online uses the help viewer released with Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). SQL Server includes several data management and analysis technologies. Microsoft publishes additional information about SQL Server in several Web sites.