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The TaskJuggler Project Management Software - About TaskJuggler

The TaskJuggler Project Management Software - About TaskJuggler

coolendar Ubuntu Intrepid for the XO From OLPC Alex Belits (alias Teapot) has released a customized version of Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) for the OLPC XO. This is an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use desktop operating system for the XO based on the rock-solid foundations of Ubuntu. It is ideal for G1G1 adult donors who would like to have a real desktop environment instead of Sugar or for children who are already used to more traditional computers. When Ubuntu is installed, the Sugar installation is not affected. The whole OS boots/runs comfortably from the SD card. It also has the most important power management features of Sugar so the XO can be used like a real laptop with it. XO specific customizations Deep suspend/resume works for closing/opening the lid Automatic shallow suspend is supported by a custom script which activates shallow suspend if there is no user input and there is no high load on the system. Notable features Xfce desktop preconfigured with GDM, so the user gets a graphical login and desktop without extra setup. su -l

Online Project Management Software, Project Collaboration Softwa Harvard Map Collection The Harvard Map Collection is one of the oldest and largest collections of cartographic materials in the United States with over 500,000 items. Resources range from 16th century globes to modern maps and geographic information systems (GIS) layers. A selection of our materials has been digitally imaged and is offered both as true picture images and georeferenced copies. This Virtual Collection includes those maps and atlases that are available through the Harvard Image Delivery Service. Only a small portion of the Map Collection has been cataloged and included in Hollis and an even smaller selection are included in this virtual collection as digital images.

Milestone Planner : Home MAGIC 8 BALL : Get answers with Magic eight ball 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online Last August we featured a post with more than 230 online apps for running your business. Since there are hundreds of new apps coming on the market every year, we figured it was time for an update. This year we came up with more than 270 additional apps. Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts LiteAccounting - Invoice and track payment from your customers without a bunch of extra, useless features. Invoice Journal - Free invoicing program. endeve - Issue invoices, manage clients and check revenues all in one place. ContractPal - Take your contracts and forms paperless and have them completed, validated, signed and processed online. Bootstrap - Online bookkeeping software that lets you track sales and expenses, organize your records for tax time, and more. Citrus - An online billing website that allows your customers to view, download and pay their invoices by credit card or direct debit. Mumboe - Online contract and business agreement management app. Calendars & Scheduling Email

Craig 7 Tablet - CMP 738a Rooted - xda-developers For all the Canadians out there, Zellers is selling this tablet for $149 in stores. It is a pretty cheap tablet, so don't expect too much out of it. It is based on the RockChip 2818, and I have created a rooted update image. Summary of changes from stock: Removed FaceBook Removed Kindle Removed Default Launcher Added Launcher Pro Added SuperUser To install, save the file to the internal memory as update.img and remove the usb cable; it will prompt you to update. WARNING: This will erase all your current data, and as always I a not responsible for bricking your device! Release 3: Added back cell standby - causing crashes in wireless and network settings Added working market. Release 4: 1. Release 4.1: 1. Release 4.2: 1. Release 4.3 Removed Launcher Pro Removed Market 5.1.0 Added Zeam Added Bash 4.1 Add ButtonMapper Update BusyBox to 1.18.3 Added symlink to tar Updated BootLoader to 5.05 Added Launcher2 for Wallpapers Market Fix if not working: 1. Initial Froyo ROM - 0.4 NOTE: Flash does not work!

Structured process you must know to develop a web application Developing a web application is a hard work which requires much time you have to spend doing a myriad of things. If you don't use a methodic approach, especially in case of a complex project, you run the risk of losing sight of the project, not respecting times of delivery and wast your time for nothing. This post illustrates a structured process which helps you to simplify the approach to develop your web applications saving time and more efficiently. Download The Woork Papers N1 | Structured process you must know to develop a web application Process main phases In a generic web application developing process you can identify five main phases: 1. Planning and Monitoring is a "cross phase" which follows developing process defining a project plan composed from a list of activities which you have to monitor during project execution. - owner - duration - costs - ... How to organize a project planExcel Gantt chart templateImplement a project plan and manage activities with Google Spreadsheets 1.