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FLOSS Manuals Daze of Our Lives 40+ awesome free Windows apps Depending on your internet connection you might be able to download a lot more (or a lot less) than 1Mb in two seconds - but calling this a post about apps under a meg just isn't quite as much fun! No, you don't really need to pay too much attention to an application's hard drive footprint any more. After all, when you can buy a 1.5Tb drive for less than $150US, what difference does a few megs here or there make? On the other hand, it's amazing to see what some developers are able to accomplish with a very small amount of code. There are a ton of great, free applications that have been created in less than 1Mb - I didn't fully realize just how many until I started putting this list together. Desktop/Shell Enhancements Launchy (408Kb) - Hotkeys FTW! Open++ (114Kb) - Helps you tweak your context menu six ways from Sunday. ViGlance (198Kb) - Want Windows 7's iconized taskbar in XP or Vista? VirtuaWin (385Kb) - Most Linux distributions enable multiple virtual desktops by default. Encryption

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