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Opensource Curriculum Mapping

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Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic. Grade-book Alternatives - Grade Book is a PHP/MySQL web based database application that allows students and instructors alike to track and manage. Engrade: An Open-Source Online Gradebook. March 2008 — Volume 11, Number 4 On the Internet by Nina Liakos SIZE="-1">Maryland English Institute University of Maryland, College Park <nina.liakos.

Engrade: An Open-Source Online Gradebook

SchoolTool: the Global Student Information System.

This looks like quiet a system. Would require a local server though and someone to manage it. – cbeaverford

Visual Understanding Environment.

Seems that this may be the closest to meeting my needs. – jacobgadikian

Requirements / Wishlist

Commercial Mapping Systems. TODCM Web Based Curriculum Mapping Open Source Software System.

  1. jacobgadikian Apr 13 2014
    It's great-- however, I'm looking for a solution to a very specific problem. In a nutshell: I'm a History teacher for a network of schools in China that is just getting started. Our first class of students is about to finish their 2-year stint, after which they will move on to High Schools & Colleges in the US. I just got a request for a curriculum map from a college. I'm sort of at a loss for how to produce & present it to them. Any help, from any source, would be greatly appreciated! Example questions to further explain my problem: Which tool would get me through the process of creating a basic curriculum map that allows me to show the standards we've been using in planning our courses? Are any of these tools installable on my mac, or do I need to use a hosted solution? Am I overcomplicating-- will MS Visio do just fine instead?