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Opensource Curriculum Mapping

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Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic. Grade-book Alternatives - Grade Book is a PHP/MySQL web based database application that allows students and instructors alike to track and manage. Engrade: An Open-Source Online Gradebook. March 2008 — Volume 11, Number 4 On the Internet by Nina Liakos SIZE="-1">Maryland English Institute University of Maryland, College Park <nina.liakos> Many schools now use online course management systems such as Edline [ School Fusion (K-12) [ or Blackboard Academic Suite (versions available for all levels [ ) for a variety of purposes, from blended learning to basic course management. Figure 1. Creating a free Engrade account is simple.

Figure 2. Each student is assigned an ID number, and from this Engrade creates an individual student ID in the format engrade-nliakos-ID#. The gradebook is probably the most important function of Engrade for students and teachers alike. Figure 3. Something I have found to be very useful is the fact that students quickly catch any errors that I may have made, such as forgetting to record or change a grade or recording the wrong grade. Figure 4. SchoolTool: the Global Student Information System. Visual Understanding Environment.

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Commercial Mapping Systems. TODCM Web Based Curriculum Mapping Open Source Software System.