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AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Welcome to

AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Welcome to

KAYAK - Cheap Flights, Hotels, Airline Tickets, Cheap Tickets, Cheap Travel Deals - Compare Hundreds of Travel Sites At Once Virus Bulletin : Independent Malware Advice VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan Need inspiration? Try these example searches... content:"just an example" Search for files containing the string just an example in their raw bodies. content:{CAFEBABE} Search for files containing the binary sequence CAFEBABE (encoded as hex) in their raw bodies. behavior:"gate.php" Search for files whose execution behavior report contains the string "gate.php", e.g. because the sample reached out to a C2C URL using that path name. type:doc metadata:"JGFUNILWC-PC" Search for all those documents where the author metadata field is JGFUNILWC-PC. type:peexe signature:"Freemium GmbH" Return all those portable executables where the authenticode signature details contains the string "Freemium GmbH". type:docx p:10+ tag:attachment Search for all those Open XML word documents with more than 10 antivirus detections that have been seen as an attachment in some email uploaded to VirusTotal.

MindStreet TM BROWSER REDIRECTING VIRUS HELP PLEASE Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far. Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware. If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread. Thanks and again sorry for the delay. We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Information on A/V control HERE And Please download DeFogger to your desktop. Then

Introduction - This project examines security software for Windows OS that implement application-based security model – i.e. most of the products called Internet security suites, personal firewalls, HIPS, behavior blockers, and similar products on the market. A product must meet some fixed criteria in order to be included in this project. The list of products suitable for this project that we are aware of is available on the product list page. The goal of this project is to evaluate various abilities of security products to protect the user's data and the operating system based on the application behavior control and similar features. A product that succeeds in Proactive Security Challenge 64 is able to block well known techniques used by malware to steal or corrupt the user's identity or data, to infect and persist in the system, to participate in botnets, and to circumvent the protection implemented by the security product itself. There are several testing levels in Proactive Security Challenge 64.

iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF Convert Web Page to Elegant Printer Friendly PDFSave, Read, and Print Directly from your BrowserControl Page Size (Letter, Legal, A0-A9, B0-B10, +more)Control Orientation (Landscape, Portrait)Control PDF Mode (Color, Gray)Exclude Web Page Images or Background to Optimize PrintingNo Registration, No Email, Unlimited UsageChrome Extension - Firefox Add-On Printing TipsCheck gray scale for non color printer | Check no images to print text only | Check no background when converting dark background page to save printer toner Bookmarklet Convert web pages to PDF directly from your browser. Drag this button to your browser Bookmarks toolbar Browser Extension / Add-On iWeb2x is a plugin for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. iWeb2x combines both iWeb2Print and iWeb2Shot. ➘ More Productivity Tools i2Clipart Royalty Free Public Domain Clipart suitable for academic presentations and project logos i2Symbol Personalize social messages, e-mails, and tweets with rich graphical symbols i2OCR iPdf2Split

Browser Hijacking & How to Stop It Beginners Guides: Browser Hijacking & How to Stop It If you though Pop-ups were annoying, just wait until your web browser is hijacked! In this guide, PCstats shows you how to regain control and kick out the hijackers, kung-fu style... - Version 1.0.0 Bookmark this PCstats guide for future reference. Browser hijacking is one of the web's constant dangers. Whether it arrives in the form of a flood of obscene pop-up windows assaulting you after a mistyped URL, or malicious code taking over your browser completely, chances are good that every Internet user will be subjected to this practice in some form. Fortunately, avoiding a browser hijacking is not impossible if you stay aware, and take a few simple precautions. To sum it up, this PCstats Beginners Guide will show you how to avoid and defeat these annoying and potentially embarrassing attacks on your computer, starting with seven preventative measures; What's a browser Hijacker? This term covers a range of malicious software.

» It’s time to toss out your antivirus software | George Ou | There's been plenty of debate lately that maybe with the release of Windows Vista, we might be able to get away with not using antivirus on our computers. Running antivirus on a personal computer is like having the bomb squad inspect a suspicious package inside the house right next to you. Well I'm about to make an even bolder assertion, that running antivirus or even additional third party security software such as firewalls on your computer makes you even less safe! Now before you start the flaming, hear me out first. It's well understood in the security community that every additional piece of software on a computer system is another potential target for attack. Every third party firewall product such as ZoneAlarm and Kerio have exposed the very users they're suppose to protect to complete system level compromise. Does this mean there is no place for antivirus scanning in the world?