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The original DSLR camera simulator

The original DSLR camera simulator
Lighting Lighting is the single biggest determinant of how your camera needs to be set. With only a few exceptions, you can never have too much light. Use this slider to experiment with different indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Distance Use this slider to simulate how close or far you are in relation to the subject. Focal length Moving this slider is the same as zooming in and out with your lens. Mode The exposure modes of an SLR let you control one setting while the camera automatically adjusts the others. ISO refers to how sensitive the “film” will be to the incoming light when the picture is snapped. Aperture Aperture, or f-stop, refers to how big the hole will be for the light to pass through when the shutter is open and the picture is snapped. Shutter speed Shutter speed is how long the shutter needs to be open, allowing light into the camera, to properly expose the image. Happy simulating!

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Single Picture Explains How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Work In Photography If you’re a beginner photographer, it can be helpful to have a simple guide that helps you understand the different settings that you can toggle on your DSLR camera. While this helpful exposure chart by Daniel Peters at Fotoblog Hamburg won’t explain HOW the optics of photography work, it will show you exactly what happens when you tweak your camera’s settings. The three settings in this chart are part of what photographers like to call the exposure triangle. ISO is the digital camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. The aperture is a structure in your lens that works much like the iris in our eyes. It opens and close to let more or less light in, and also changes the depth of field, or how many different objects can remain in focus in the shot at the same time.

7 Pieces of Advice for Beginners, from a Hobbyist Like You Matej Sokol is a self-taught hobbyist who loves nature, mountains, and travel. To see more of his work, give him a follow on 500px. I’m not a pro photographer, maybe just an average hobbyist who has found lots of great tips, tutorials, reviews, and inspiration on 500px ISO and many other photo related sites, forums, and galleries. Exposing to the Right Explained Exposing to the right, or “ETTR,” is an approach to photography that is as helpful as it is controversial. On one hand, exposing to the right is yet another technique to remember while shooting, and it can potentially ruin your exposure if utilized incorrectly. On the other hand, at least in theory, ETTR is the epitome of digital exposure. With proper ETTR, your images have as much detail in the shadows as they possibly can, without any of the highlights losing information along the way. It is important to know that this article is not for beginners.

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What are LV and EV Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact What are LV and EV © 2013 All rights reserved. 33 Images that Exemplify Compositional Elements This week on dPS we’re featuring a series of articles about composition. Many different elements and ways to compose images for more impact. Check out the ones we’ve done so far: Here’s how some other photographers do it and work with various compositional elements. The Invisible Black Backdrop - Photography Technique - Glyn Dewis Over the past few weeks in preparation for the launch of my new ‘InSight Photography Workshop’ I’ve been running ‘testers’ (mini workshops) with groups of photographers to teach a range of lighting techniques and also to get brutal honest feedback. One of the techniques I’ve been teaching has become affectionately knows as ‘The Invisible Black Backdrop’ and without doubt has proven to be one of the most popular techniques amongst attendees. So, this got me thinking…why not write a tutorial, post it on the blog and then encourage those who give it a go to submit their photographs?…I mean, what better way to judge your teaching than by seeing the results achieved by others?

365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc Becomes the World's Largest Photo Say hello to the new largest photo in the world. An international team led by photographer Filippo Blengini has published a gigantic panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. This new record-holding image weighs in at a staggering 365 gigapixels. kfwb630316 KFWB/98 Number 1 in Los Angeles Fabulous Forty Survey For Week Ending March 16, 1963 Survey courtesy Mike Devich LW TW 1 1 THE END OF THE WORLD- SKEETER DAVIS- RCA VICTOR* 10 2 HE'S SO FINE- Chiffons- Laurie * 5 3 OUR DAY WILL COME- Ruby & the Romantics- Kapp * 4 4 ONE BROKEN HEART FOR SALE- Elvis Presley- RCA Victor* 2 5 WILD WEEKEND- Rebels- Swan * 7 6 YOU'RE THE REASON I'M LIVING- Bobby Darin- Capitol * 17 7 LET'S LIMBO SOME MORE- Chubby Checker- Parkway * 8 8 GREENBACK DOLLAR- Kingston Trio- Capitol * 18 9 OUR WINTER LOVE- Bill Pursell- Columbia * 11 10 WHY DO LOVERS BREAK EACH OTHER'S HEART- Bob B.

How To Find Your Lens' Sweet Spot: A Beginner's Guide to Sharper Images Are you tired of blurry images? It’s time to learn how to capture sharper images by finding your lens’ sweet spot. This will give you more confidence, save time, and help you take better photos. In this article you’ll learn: Weekly Photography Challenge - Composition Craziness This week on dPS we’re featuring a series of articles about composition. Many different elements and ways to compose images for more impact. Check out the ones we’ve done so far: